Redefining Reality by Decoding Illusion


"There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self."
~ Benjamin Franklin
"Even if you are in the minority of one, the truth is still the truth."
~ Mahatma Gandhi
"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It's just a god damn piece of paper!"
~ Pres. George W. Bush
"All learning is in the learner, not in the teacher."
~ Plato
"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."
~ Voltaire


Welcome to the Galactic Storyteller




Caution…..this site isn’t for everyone.  Before entering, consider if you are completely comfortable and at ease in your world, are experiencing vibrant health, fulfilling relationships, spiritual awareness, and in general, satisfied with the global state of humanity?  Moreover, do you CARE about our planetary issues and the world our children will inherit?

This material is designed to decode the illusions of planet Earth, by ripping back the curtain and exposing the puppet masters.  We are going to learn to see with more than just our eyes.  We will be decoding the languages of symbolism, colors, sounds, legalese, and the roles they play in the marketing of religion, politics, medicine, education, and so on.  As a result, your beliefs may be challenged and not everyone is ready to come out of their sleep. 

“Magna est veritas et praevalet.”  Latin for, Great is Truth, and mighty above all things.

Also, if you feel that you may have been injured through trauma-based mind control, or MK ULTRA, I would caution you to proceed with care.  Not all material will be acceptable for you.  Please pick and choose carefully and take on only what you feel you’re ready to handle.  If you have questions or are wanting to schedule an appointment for a reading and life analysis, you may do so by clicking on “Services & Contact.”  Follow the booking instructions.   

Your life and this 3rd– dimensional presentation is a tapestry.  A culmination of our beliefs, how we feel, and what we think we know which manifests as our physical reality.  Our studies of the Ancient Mystery Teachings will take us right into the practices & beliefs that once prevailed in ancient civilizations that are now hidden (occulted) to all but to those who seek with a mind single to higher knowledge.  This powerful information is sacred and was revealed only to those chosen initiates who exhibited greater conscious awareness with a propensity for advanced spiritual development under long-standing tutelage.

What was once withheld from the masses and revealed only to those chosen few, has been used unknowingly on us for many centuries.  You have been participating in rituals via your subconscious mind the whole of your life.  There is much evil in this world.  Paradoxically, there is also a greater need and thirst for the unveiling of spiritual expansion.  The cry for truth has been heard and the Universe is required to respond in accordance with Natural Law.  Let us travel back to the beginning, that we may bring the wisdom and knowledge of the ancients forward, shattering these illusions of a false paradigm which have been foisted upon us. 

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  George Santayana

 There is much to learn by way of the neurosciences and how this affects our beingness.  As we practice self-mastery through ancient mystery philosophies and various tools, the gnosis of our true identities will emerge.

We will discover how powerful word magic is why it’s important for us to learn our “spell-ing.”  We will dive into the creative power of color, shapes and symbols, meditative practices, and cymatics to name a few.  You will learn how these frequencies have been used to control and manipulate your world.  A hammer can be used as an instrument of destruction or that of construction.  Use this knowledge as a creative tool of empowerment to become sovereign of your own experience. 

There exists an overwhelming volume of spiritual misinformation, not by accident, that has permeated mankind for centuries now as a control mechanism.  In order for “Them” to have control of humanity, you must forfeit your Divine creative potential. 

Many threads make up the tapestry of your life and dissecting it all will take time and courage.  As the great researcher Mark Passio says, “There are only 2 mistakes you can make, not getting started and not going all the way.”  Choose a topic of interest and move along from there.  At some point, the information will lead you down a very deep and broad rabbit hole as the tapestry begins to unravel and the lies of this world are exposed. 

We’ve been led to believe in false prophets rather than to recognize our true nature.  Our task is to dispel dogmatic misperceptions and shine the light on these dark and dangerous rituals we’ve unknowingly participated in.  Whether it’s war or religion, all of us by virtue of being born into this realm to have participated in dark magik rituals.  Some knowingly, most in ignorance.  It’s time to expose this hidden information and practice true discernment.  (Meaning, to separate or be apart.)  (Think of polarity, light vs. dark)

“The only way to free the soul from being recycled back into the Earth’s matrix is to become cognizant of what’s going on and how you keep landing back here in the first place.  When you accomplish this task, you have become the master of the self and therefore the conscious creator of your before, during, and afterlife.”

 This my dear friends is why you are here and what each soul is required to do.  Whether it takes you one lifetime or many, it’s entirely up to you but the lessons will be learned.  As for me, it’s one time in and one time out.  There are too many places to explore in the multiverse to be recycled here forever.  So let the re-education begin!



Disclaimer:  To be clear, I do not present myself as the expert on anything.  I have spent many years and thousands of hours studying a plethora of subjects and have come to a pretty good inner-standing of how our world tapestry came to be.  With that, this is Earth school so the evolvement of knowledge should always be expanding.  What I present to you, is the shortcut.  As a temporary volunteer to the Earth, I do offer insight to the subtle energies at play and will help you navigate the metaphysical aspects of the energetic matrix and how they affect the physical plane so that you can increase in consciousness and become a proactive creator.  I have provided many experts and references for you to do your own homework.  You are responsible for thyself.  As a legal disclaimer and as a writer, consider this material fiction.  Your higher-self will do the rest.



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