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127,296 Hours……TV Mania!

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That’s exactly how many hours of television the average Joe will accumulate over the course of a typical 78-year lifespan.  Today we’re going to be discussing “television programming” and what possibilities might exist for your brain if you channeled even half that time into reading, experiencing life, and nurturing relationships.

Covered in a previous blog, was the difference between being a nerd vs. a bookworm.  I still think I’m a total nerd, without the technical skills, but an avid bookworm despite nonetheless.  It’s not a secret that America’s education system is the laughing stalk for all first world countries thanks in part to “No Child Left Behind” and now “Common Crap! (Core), but this, of course, is by design. (We’ll be covering the deliberate dumbing down of America soon) TV is not only addictive but it’s harmful to our health.  We can justify all we want about how we watch tv while doing the laundry, fixing dinner, or insist it’s just there for background noise (“Discover The Silence” blog) but the reality and nature of tv, is to increase consumerism, your elementary children are the prime targets btw, “program” your subconscious minds, and influence your behavior and thought patterns.

Research has shown, the subconscious mind does not distinguish between the reality of your life and the reality it’s perceiving on the television and movie screens.  The upper region of the brain (neocortex) shuts down while the lower portion (limbic system) becomes more active.  The lower regions of the brain cannot process information that way the neocortex does.  Therefore, the ability to discern reality from television programming and real life is greatly diminished.  Example: This is why we find ourselves on the edge of our seats in a thriller, body tense with anticipation, and I know we’ve all cried in a movie.  We’re responding physiologically to what our subconscious mind is taking in and responding to.  Although we think we’re just watching a thriller, our body still produces the hormone cortisol, preparing us for that flight or fight response.

When we’re sitting and watching TV, our brainwaves slow down from an active and alert beta state to a slower alpha state that makes us susceptible to suggestions and subliminal messages.  Enter; the commercials.  How many times have you been completely engrossed in a program (replete with subliminal programming), only to be interrupted by the irritatingly long commercial breaks?  It’s really only a matter of seconds before you’re caught up in advertisement jingles or find yourself buying from an unnecessary infomercial.

Commercials are suggestive programming, so go grab that beer and eat the entire bag of chips.  You may not have been thinking about it previously, but the commercial’s right, that would be tasty.  I’m not going to get into the frequency waves being emitted by the TV or the fact that the camera inside your television goes both ways, allowing the NSA to see right into your house.  You can look into that stuff yourself.  Instead, I want to pose the question: How much more learned would you be at the end of your life if you gave up half the TV hours for reading something amazing, entertaining, educational, spiritually uplifting, comedic, or biographical?

If the average reader disciplined him/herself to reading only 10 pages of something each day, that’s 300 pages per month.  If we continue with the math, that’s a total of 3,600 pages each year, which is roughly 14  books.  If you lived to be 78 years old like everybody else, that’s 1,092 books!!!  From the time I was a small child and forced to read The Nancy Drew and The Little House on the Prarie series, I often thought of how cool it would be if I could slide a book under my pillow and download the information each night through osmosis.  I’ve always had stacks of books around and never seem to get to the bottom of the ever-growing pile.  I do from time to time, take a break from myself and enjoy a movie or watch a show with the fam, but we all know just how quickly the time will pass when flipping through the channels.  Be careful not to let 5 hours a night slip passed you.

There’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained through experiencing life.  If you think the “reality” shows on television are of more interest than your own life, then you’ve got a serious problem on your hands.  Absolutely nothing should be of more interest than your own life.  Send the kids outside to play and get dirty.  Book a trip and go explore firsthand the ruins…any of them.  Go dancing, take a walk, make love, learn a new hobby, and for Christ sake, spend time with your family.  Think about what kind of master of anything you would be if you dedicated 127, 296 hours into anything.  Meditate on that and see if in that time all the secrets of the universe would be revealed to you.

If that’s not your thing, find something else.  The point is, stop wasting your life away and throwing your energy into fake “people” living out fake lives.  Maybe we’ll cover cyborgs, clones, robotoids, and synthetics down the road.

Pop Quiz:  “What’s the name of the last book you read?”  Uh, oh….you better go get one.

Action Steps:  Select a book of interest, curl up with a blanket, a beautiful warm beverage, and dive into the pages. Enjoy!

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