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A Master’s Journey……That’s You!

Mastering ones self  


One of the several books I’m reading right now is, “The Great Master” by Toby Alexander, whom I’ve previously mentioned.  This book reveals his awakening journey into becoming a Master of himself thru the uncovering of his spiritual nature.  It’s a single example of what’s required from each of us.

For some that might sound arrogant, egotistical, or maybe even sacrilegious.  But ask yourself, what does it really mean to become a master of the self?  We accept the mastering of a sport, a hobby, a career, our physical fitness.  Why not then, the mastering of our minds and spirits?  Where does this limit of one’s self-come from?  Religion has done a bang-up job in indoctrinating us with the belief that we must look to another to do for us, that which we, the children, are not capable of managing for ourselves.  It’s a very myopic frame to view another as knowing us better than we should know ourselves, even blasphemous.  All religions deify a single man such as the Buddha, Allah, Zoroaster, or Jesus, to name a few, as masters that mankind is then supposed to worship and strive in emulation.

Why do none teach how to master the self?  Two reasons.  First, this is a monetary structure.  All organized churches require some sort of tithing as part of the development of the spirit.  Apparently, God needs your money.  Secondly, by abdicating authority of self to another, you empower them while dis-empowering yourself.  This is a power-play for control.

There would be no point in putting forth such an effort if we were not meant to rise to the occasion and obtain individual masterhood.  As I’ve reflected many times on various spiritual masters, one of the many things they’ve had in common, is their journeys have been solitary ones.  The path to mastering oneself, and we’re all capable of it, can be a horrifically lonely one.

This is by Divine design.  The appearance is that the entire Universe has abandoned you in your greatest hours of need.  It’s likely you will experience that those around you are incapable of comprehending your current state and are not able to support what they do not understand.  It’s usually where you’ll find the Dark Knight of the Soul has begun.  This can be a painfully lonely time in which years of inner solitude can drag on feeling like forever.  (A little Leo drama there.  True nonetheless.)

The mastering of one’s self requires that we expand our current paradigm of this material world and learn to see in greater perspectives through knowledge of what we can and can not see in this plane.

It wasn’t but a few decades ago, if one wanted a truly spiritual life, you’d forsake the temporal world by joining a convent, take up the cloth, or surrender to a monastic life in a monastery somewhere.  Although that type of sacrifice is no longer necessary in self-discovery, when one changes their vibration to a higher state, the irony is, although you may be living amongst ordinary folk who are not as driven to awaken themselves & connect with higher consciousness, you still end up being or feeling isolated.

When you break free from outside attachments it causes (or forces) you to go within and rely solely on the prime creator.  The Great Master is accessible within each of us.  There are benevolent beings who are in service to others and support our personal transformations.  The harsh reality is, you are not as likely to find such support in your day to day life amongst family and friends.  If you did, that wouldn’t be a sufficient test of the strength of your spirit, character, and resolve.

Gandhi once said, “Even in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”  Now that’s a hard truth to swallow.  When the truth is the most important state of being, above all else, you may be required to stand alone.  And although you may experience bouts of extreme loneliness and doubt, we are indeed being Divinely supported in our journeys.  Free yourself from yourself…that’s when Master-hood can come forth.

Action Steps:  Study the journey through the “Dark Knight of the Soul.”  For those serious students of the self, Dr. Carolyn Myss will tell it to you like it is and take you right to the core of yourself.  

“Dark Knight of the Soul.”


“The New Monastery”  


Dr. Carolyn Myss        



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