Redefining Reality by Decoding Illusion

A-Pathy or Em-Pathy?

We have a contagious “pathy” epidemic in this world and its raging
infection is spreading daily.  

We see evidence of this each day as we either participate or standby and witness the callousness perpetrated on humanity by our fellow brothers and sisters.  

Pathy – as a suffix derived from the Greek “pathos,” is defined as a feeling or suffering, a disease or the treatment for a disease.  

A – as a prefix meaning “without,” “not,” or “absence of.”  

Em – Mainly of French origin, means “to cause (a person or thing) to be in” the place, condition.  “To confine in or place on.”  

I’m writing this piece after admitting to myself that my tolerance for humanity’s intolerance for one another has come to a festering apex.  As an Earth watcher, I’ve seen the dismantling of humanity by way of deviant machinations designed and carried out for this very purpose.  

Stopthecrime.netpublished an article on their site many years ago entitled, “NWO Plans Exposed by Insider In 1969.”  In this publication, a Dr. Lawrence Dunegan discloses information he received while attending a meeting in Pittsburgh for the Paediatric Society in March of 1969.  At this meeting, a lecturer and former New World Order Insider by the name of Dr. Richard Day, Professor of Paediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York, who also happened to be a former Professor of Dr. Dunegan from the University of Pittsburgh, described Dr. Day as a NWO insider outlining their plans for the New World Order and by what means they intend to implement the total destruction of humanity as we know it.  

In this article, transcribed directly from the tapes Dr. Larry Dunegan took during these lectures, Dr. Day outlines in detail how the globalists plan on bringing down humanity.  I will mention a few of them here but for full documentation, please go to

Tax funded abortion

Population controlTax funded abortion

Blending of all religions.  The old religions will have to go.

Limiting access to affordable healthcare

More time in schools but they wouldn’t learn anything.  (I think we can all see what self-absorbed idiots most of these kids are.) 

Euthanasia and the “Demise Pill”

Suppression of cancer cures as a means of population control

Redirecting the purpose of sex

Families to diminish in importance

Encouraging homosexuality

The encouragement of drug use

Books will disappear from the libraries

Food control

Alcohol Abuse

Weather control


Television as a weapon

Sex and violence inculcated through entertainment


Falsified Scientific Research

Financial control

I’ve listed only a few but as we observe our current state of humanity’s carnage.  It’s accurate to say the globalists seem to be on target and are gaining ground with their destructive plans to take down the human race.  Remember, this lecture was given in 1969.  This was not a prophetic statement, this was an insider spilling the beans.  Maybe we ought to be paying closer attention as the temperature of the water has reached a boiling point.

Over the last few years, I’ve had a number of fellow empaths contact me regarding the difficulties they have in being around others or in a public venue.  Although there are varying types of empaths, the most common of these, is one who feels and picks up on the emotions of others as though it’s themselves.  When you have an apathetically selfish society whose primary concern is for themselves, they develop an emotional callousness towards somebody else’s feelings and their behavior inevitably follows suit.  

The number one problem Earth faces is a lack of CARING towards one another. 

Case in point, most people seem numb to the fallouts of war and the millions of casualties as a result.  They also seem to be mind-numbingly clueless and/or blatantly ig-nor-ant to the ramifications modified weather warfare is having on all species and the Earth itself.  When was the last time you bent over and picked up somebody else’s trash just for the sake of helping to keep things clean or is that somebody else’s job?  

So now a dichotomy is created between those that excessively care vs. those that don’t seem to give a shit.  

I’ve recently gone back to work in the public sector and to say I regret that move and am shocked and alarmed by people’s behavior, is to grossly understate my observations of humanity’s viral apathetic state.  People are beyond rude, have extremely unreasonable expectations, are not considerate to those around them especially if they have to wait their turn, cut others off in traffic, destroy property, let their dogs crap in other people’s yard, lie, cheat, steal, have affairs, and I’m just getting started.  

Why does humanity now think they’re justified in these kinds of behavioral attitudes?  Are you guilty of being a prick in your dealings with others and just don’t care?  Maybe it’s time you took a look at your day to day dealings with others and evaluated whether or not you’re contributing to these social problems or taking measures to correct it.  

The Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have done unto you seems to have backfired. 

Instead of treating others the way you want to be treated, people have moved into retaliation mode and feel justified in an eye for an eye mentality.  Not every situation calls for fire but we seem to have lost our compassion for some of humanity’s plight.  

The struggle for the empath is to remain emotionally and physically healthy in the face of such apathy and not take on the negative emotions and problems of those around them.  Many empaths are introverted in nature and prefer to spend time alone or in small groups where their environments are more easily controlled. Removing yourself from these people and environments is the best way to protect yourself from the cold-hearted cruelty of the soulless sadsack.   

Don’t lose hope and don’t allow yourself to become jaded. You are however, correct in protecting yourself from the societal maladies and mental illnesses we now call “progressive thinking” that are clearly and deliberately being perpetrated on all of humanity.  It’s just another divide and conquer tactic used to create an ever-widening gulf within the human family.  The more fractures they make within the human race the closer it moves the globalists towards their goals.  

Don’t let them steal your ability to care for others thereby further removing you from that which makes you human, your spirit. Do something kind for someone else today without expectations of reward.  Be grateful to those that do for you and remember…

Manners Matter!!!

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