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Angels / Demons…?

angels and demons


Angels are inter-dimensional intermediaries.  What does that mean?

From the time we come into this earth, every one of us is programmed in some way to look for answers outside ourselves.  Although this behavioral conditioning applies to all aspects of life and is unavoidable, today, we’re going to focus solely on external spiritual dependence.

For myself, I was indoctrinated and deeply entrenched into the Mormon cult for the better part of 39 years.  We were trained from the start to look to our leaders, the living prophet in particular, for every single answer regarding our life prior to birth, how we should live our lives while we sojourn in the physical, and were spiritually blackmailed into a belief system of false after-life destinations.

Always, always, always we were taught to seek from that which was outside ourselves.  As I made my way out of this all-controlling and pervasive cult, I threw myself into theological studies thinking I’d find the truth somewhere.  What I found, was that each and every one has a slightly different presentation of a very similar theology.  (Learn to see thru the spells of words) Even for those that claim they’ve broken away from their religions, they’re still looking to that which is outside themselves.

Religion in and of itself is the ultimate intermediary.  (Religion in Latin translated – “to bind or tie”).  That doesn’t sound very freeing to my soul.  In fact, it’s a binding or prison that goes beyond the physical world, which actually makes it the worst of its kind.  Religion is an integral part of maintaining this projected reality.

My new favorite cultural meme:  the Angels/Archangels.  This is especially prevalent in the New Age Movement.  People are flocking left right & center to have “readings” done by those who “channel” or to have a tarot layout.  I’m not knocking the tarot btw.  It’s an amazing modality when you’ve studied all 78 cards, understand the astrology, numerology, and all esoteric aspects of the colors and symbols.  This is a study not to be taken lightly and I dare say that most card readers have not put in nearly enough time to fully understand, let alone interpret the classic deck with full accuracy, whereby they can be used as an accurate tool of divination.  As a result, they end up being charlatans that are all too happy to take your money via a card trick.  Buyer beware!  

What I want to address in greater detail would be the channeling of angels.  “Angels” being a loose term.  This is a dangerous practice and one I’m completely opposed to.  Not because I don’t believe in angels, but because I know there are all sorts of angels from many different dimensions, just like there are all strops of “dogs” that are all to willing to present themselves in whatever light they can in order to gain access, even if temporary, to a physical body.  

The history of Angels, with wings, dates back to Sumerian times and are in reference to the Draco reptilians.  These are not benevolent beings.  The modern meme has redefined “angels,” depicted with wings, as Divine entities here to assist us.  That it’s ok to put our trust in them and they’re here for our aide.  This is 100% false and a programmed belief meant to pull you off course.  (The pic below is only one example.)


Angels and Demons


As I’ve studied the process of channeling and have had a few experiences with it myself in the past, my greatest concern lies in that channels are not clear enough on what it is they’re bringing forward.  These channelers have no idea where these “beings” are coming from (which dimension) let alone their true intentions.  These little angels (demons) are much smarter, even trickier than the channelers.  They espouse all kinds of wonderful feel-good sentiments in order to gain access to the physical realm.

I spoke with a woman a few years ago that was just starting her channeling career and she flat out told me she couldn’t help it.  It just happens and she has no control over when or where this “possession” occurs.  She likes the messages that come forth via this “angel” so it’s better if she just surrenders.  It’s her privilege to bring forth such inspiriting messages to humanity so she allows a complete takeover of her body.  As a result, she often times doesn’t remember the session and has no knowledge of what’s been said.  In this, she’s washed her hands of any responsibility and abdicates 100% culpability to the entity she’s hosting.  Can you say “frightening!”

This is not an uncommon attitude from channelers.  What they deem as enlightened, is really a spiritual contest.  Que the ego.  Although this is highly irresponsible, I inner stand the desire to reach beyond the physical world.  We have not been taught the ancient mystery teachings and yet man has within this the desire to expand and access their full creative powers.

Many who have a reading are in awe of the beautiful and sometimes prophetic messages, not realizing that they themselves are totally capable of and responsible for creating whatever reality they chose.  Instead, they put their hopes, (energies) into these channeled messages and that’s actually what then comes to fruition.  Now that’s power!  Just misplaced.

Demonic entities of the 4th dimension in particular, and they have many names, love to trick infantile humans.  Not only is this fun for them, but in this, they further prevent the spiritual and creative development of mankind.  Again, when we look to someone else for answers, even if that’s an “angel,” you might as well be asking a prophet, pope, or pastor of some sort.  What’s the difference if they have a physical body or not?  In the end, it’s outside of you.

Anyone, whether they are a physical being or not, who are offering you the answers to your life, is hindering you from the awesomely necessary experience of receiving and learning to TRUST in yourself.  Ergo, this very act makes them, the angels, nefarious in their actions.  And, if they are nefarious in keeping you from the growth you’re here to experience, are they really all that Divine in nature?  NO, they are demons in disguise.  Stop getting suckered by beautiful packaging and you’ll learn to see the forest thru the trees.  Example:  Victoria Secret Angels.  They look great (packaging) but are they really benevolent, holy and innocent?  This word magic is not by accident my friends and meant to socially engineer the masses into believing it’s harmless.

This is a difficult subject to wrap up in a single post.  We’ll hit this again from a different angle (angel) as we look into the “spell” (ings) of word magic.

Action Steps:  Spend time dissecting your moral compass.  Where did it come from and does it support your soul’s growth?


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