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Are you a Robot?



In the new age world, there’s a pervasive tenet that everything has to embody love and light and that we choose every single aspect of our world.  Well, I say horseshit to both of those things.  We lie to ourselves and to others when we are not recognizing that we all have free agency and that sometimes, through no fault of your own, you are put upon by another, maybe even experienced a violation.  Children experience the betrayal of sexual abuse every day.  Does that mean they’ve invited these horrific events into their lives and should embrace these “lessons” with love and light?  

We’re going to talk about what it means to have the human element of emotion.  Allowing ourselves to experience the full spectrum of emotions we, as humans, are designed to emit when we emote.  How blessed we are that our species is capable of such a wide range of emotions, uncomfortable they may be at times.  

I was YouTubing a “game” the other day my dad had told me about called “Knockout.”  This is where a random target is selected, white in ethnicity, typically older in age and or female in gender.  A soulless thug, with one punch to the head, knocks out their target and runs away.  Many people have died in these attacks and the perpetrators, along with their no good criminal hooligan colleagues, think this is funny.  They see absolutely nothing wrong with these violent and unprovoked attacks against humanity.

I cried for these victims, their families, and the loss of compassion these ruffians are clearly removed from.  In all the cases I reviewed, these victims were going about their day, minding their own business, and never once instigated the event, so says the 24 hr. surveillance we’re all forced to live under.  I was appalled at the callousness with which these so-called “human beings” treated their fellow man. 

You can not fully embrace the human experience if you have become incapable of expressing some of the most basic emotions the human species has the privilege of experiencing.  Emotion and creativity are what separates us from the animal kingdom and other entities of the multiverse.  Someone, please tell me, what’s wrong with feeling compassion for someone outside yourself!?

Humanity has become desensitized to the plights of others and we’ve lost the ability to CARE for just about anything.  Humans, unlike other species, are blessed to have an emotional body and yet, we inundate ourselves with influences, (most forms of media) which are deliberately designed to remove us from a healthy emotional state and ultimately, our spirit.

During my research, I found the average child entering kindergarten has been exposed to at least 8,000 acts of violence.  That’s shocking and completely unacceptable if these children are going to grow up with a healthy psyche.  ALL humans are designed to experience a complete range of the emotional spectrum from the higher vibrational energies of love, joy, trust, and so forth, to the lower frequencies of hate, anger, aggression, revenge, and so on.

The New Age community may vehemently disagree but all of these emotions have a time and place in our world.  It’s normal to express them, especially when we do not infringe upon the rights of another.  If I kick you in the knee, or worse, drink and drive and end up hurting or killing someone, the normal response is to be upset or devastated in some way.  These emotions are there for a reason and should be looked at as temporary visitors that must leave or be worked through at some point.  To deny yourself the benefit of these emotions is to cheat yourself of the human experience.  It’s just as unbalanced to live in a rose colored world if you are not being truthful to yourself if what you’re really experiencing at the time is a more contracted and restrictive emotion.  Just because you’re not acknowledging these “negative” feelings doesn’t mean they’re not there and it certainly does not take away from your divinity.  Being in denial of their existence, purpose, and impact does not remove them from our experience.  It cheapens it and does great internal damage to your psyche as well as impacting your cellular makeup.  We all know great stress has the ability to cause premature aging.  That’s not the only side effect. 

The nature of divinity is to have ALL emotion, otherwise, we are robots!  Our government has been actively converting our society into a transhuman state via a techno-society.  I love the advances we’ve made in science and technology but let us not be suckered into the trap of allowing ourselves to become robotic.  Robots do not think for themselves, they’re told what to do and programmed how to do it.  Is an Artifical Intelligence (IA) world really what we want for humanity?

Potentially, we are one of the most advanced species in the galaxies, but that is because you have within your makeup the ability to relate, connect with others, and have a higher cognitive function.  You cannot experience the highest vibrations of emotions without the ability to understand the lows and back again.  This is your emoting range and understanding our feeling thermometer is exactly how we should be navigating our way thru this world.  (Please take note that I said we have the potential to be one of the most advanced species, I didn’t say we are.  In fact, we’re actually very infantile in our consciousness level.  But, we’re working on that.)

The human race expends SOOO much time and energy just to avoid their true feelings, (Don’t get me started on Big Pharma right now.  Believe me, we’re going to cover that.) when the reality is, if they will be honest about how they feel, experience it, and move forward through it, what’s waiting on the other side can be stupendous.  Emotions are to be expressed as a thermometer, not suppressed and avoided.

Action Steps:  Be courageous enough to explore your full emotional spectrum.  Let’s honor our feelings and develop a practice of communicating from this place of authenticity.  Compassion is crucial and can be used as a strength, not a weakness.   




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