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Sex: Is it Slutty or Sacred?


Have you ever considered what makes the act of sex perverse vs. sacred? Isn’t an orgasm just an orgasm? Maybe. Why do so many religions preach sexual abstinence as a way to maintain spiritual purity thereby drawing closer to God? Does a marriage license really make the difference between possibly being a slut vs. a righteous soul of integrity? Where do such philosophies come from and do they have any validity, especially in this day and age?

Society is inundated by sex, sexual imagery, nudity, subliminal messages, innuendo, jokes and so on. It’s everywhere we look. On billboards, the news, music, books, TV, every movie including the evil empire Disney where they blatantly target our children with the intent to pre-sexualize.

Why? Because “they” know the power of SEX. This is about way more than feeling good for an hour.

Entertainment knows how effectively sex sells. They can take a stick of gum, and through sexual imagery and suggestion, make you horny as hell. How many of you are aware of the Samsung commercial using a dog’s swinging backside, luxurious red fur blowing in the wind, and sultry music to sell a phone? Since when are dogs sexy and what does that have to do with your cell phone? Absolutely nothing!



Some of you may initially think this type of advertisement is funny and of course, you don’t take a sexy dog seriously. But have you considered the idea there may be something a little deeper going on with it? This isn’t just about one single commercial. This is about the perpetual embedded sexual implications, in this case, of bestiality in a non-threatening humorous way, going straight into the subconscious mind via your relaxed beta brainwaves deliberately induced by the television.

For what purpose? To twist and warp your ideologies of sexuality, moving it further away from its sacred functions and purpose.

We’re going to explore some physiological aspects of the orgasm, as it relates to the pineal gland’s (spiritual center) relationship to the reproductive organs, in the hopes that we can more fully inner-stand the connection to one’s spirituality since the often times twisted and perverse biblical interpretations don’t seem to be making an impact on humanity’s lack of moral compass, no thanks in part to the entertainment industry.

For the time being, we’ll bypass ecclesiastical examples of morality since I’m having a hard time naming just one church organization NOT tainted by gross sexual misconduct and illicit improprieties.

The angle we’re exploring is what happens energetically, within the physical body, when it’s brought to climax. I’ll not be covering the astrological influences on the body’s distribution of the “holy oil” but for a more in-depth look, please research Santos Bonacci.

Once a month, each of us secretes an oil by the cerebrum from the holy claustrum. This “holy oil” meaning “Christos” in Greek, is released from your brain, traveling down the spine via the Ida and Pingala nerves, also known as the kundalini and kundabuffer, which travels downward towards the sacral plexus, the point of our sexual energy.

If this holy oil is expended via the spilling of the seed through orgasm, it’s considered wasted and vital life force energy is lost. It takes a full month, or moon cycle for the body to create more “Christ oil” and try again. If, however, the oil reaches the bottom of the sacrum and is preserved, the oil winds its way back up the tree of life, the spine, following the path of the kundalini energy, and is returned into the brain creating the “God brain.” (This is the shortened version on the mechanics of the “holy oil.”)

This oil then lubricates not only the pineal and pituitary glands, but lights up the optic thalamus, known as the “light of the world.” Spiritual illumination is achieved. (Can you hear a choir of angels rejoicing!) Millions upon millions of dormant brain cells are now activated and the true spiritual self-emerges. Sacred knowledge locked within the brain is released and the perceptions of this reality as well as other dimensions expand. This is why it’s called the “God Brain” and why you see pictures of Jesus with the halo of light around only his head.

For those of you who have studied trauma-based mind control, surely, you’re aware that the programming of one’s mind is accomplished most often through physical torture and sexual abuse. The child will be sexually stimulated, via electrodes or some other type of stimulus, to bring the child to an orgasm. At the very moment of climax, the programmers, handlers/abusers, will embed a suggestion or command straight into the subconscious and fractured mind.

There’s an opening that naturally occurs within the subconscious mind as well as the electric circuitry of the body’s magnetic system that happens at the very moment of orgasm allowing access at the deepest levels of the mind during this time. Age is of no consequences for this process.

This is a very powerful state of being and should not be trifled with.

Let’s first go over the deeper consequences of being a little on the slutty side. This will apply to all beings, man or woman and you get to be the judge of your “ho-ometer.” When a person engages in loose or flagrant sexual acts with partners they do not love or are not married to, both partners open themselves up to a lower vibrational experience which can bring with it a whole host of problems.

The “holy oil” is needlessly expended through the sacral area, never making the journey back up the tree of life, depriving the God Brain of its full power. The spiritual center, the pineal gland is now without its sacred lubrication and does not function according to its full spiritual capacity. Moreover, the individual is now open in their energy centers (chakras) as well as the subconscious mind to an imprinting and or take over from energies/entities that are probably not welcomed.

Example: If you’re masturbating through fantasy or having sex in the bathroom at a club, what kind of energies and imprints do you think you might be picking up and hosting? These imprints can become habit forming, even addicting, and before you know it, those are the energies that become comfortable through familiarity. These imprints stay with you unless otherwise expelled or transmuted.

More than risking communicable diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and a bad reputation, you’ve temporarily lost the most sacred power of your physical and spiritual bodies. The programming that has now been embedded into the energetic bodies, is one of not being able to say no and express self-control. This lowers self-worth, stifles creativity in the sexual center, and negatively impacts the heart. The deepest recesses of the heart center are exposed because “just sex” is never just sex.

Worst case scenario, sexual addiction is not just a physiological effect, but it involves entity takeovers that crave the sexual experiences of being within a host body. Because it’s not just you trying to get these urges satisfied, it can feel like an insurmountable monumental task in trying to subdue the sexual drive once it’s out of control.

The sexual experience is meant to extend far beyond the functions of the crotch.

Whereas I’m not an extremist, I do experience sacred sex and the God Brain as attainable even when the holy oil is released through the sacral center and not just for the purpose of conscious procreation.

When two partners are in a loving committed relationship, such as marriage or the like, the energy vibration is more controlled in terms of the “love space” when engaged in sex. I’m referring to the loving energetic connections the committed partners have created with one another. This is the sacred love zone which shall not be breached by outside people, forces, entities, as well as inter-dimensionals desiring gratification.

The Taoist believe that during intercourse, the man draws his power from the woman during the orgasm and the woman draws her power directly from the Universe as she climaxes. In this, a symbiotic relationship is created and the powers of the Universe are accessed and imprinted within the couple.

Envision if you will, all energy centers aglow as these powerful love vibrations light up the magnetics of your entire system. As the energy flows down through the body and back up again through the tree of life, the spine becomes a shaft of light and shoots up and out into the universe where the energies oscillate.

Because the nervous system innervates the spinal column, every deliberate touch and caress, every kiss, becomes magnified and the body’s natural magnetic field becomes substantially more electrified.

What a beautiful and powerful creation process when inner-stood and practiced with deliberate mindfulness. When a vow of abstinence is taken, you will likely fail or become twisted in the mind unless this powerful energy is knowledgeable and mindfully directed. I would imagine this could play a role in why many priests and clergy become sexual perverse. I think there’s ample evidence to support the notion that they don’t have any better a handle on their temporal impulses then the average fallen heathen.

Other than sex being dirty, shameful, and a sin against yourself and God, (“next to murder in the eyes of the Lord” according to the Mormon church) I never learned anything about the wondrous world of my body, it’s true relationship to the spirit, sex, and the Divine in church, did you?

This powerful, yet misunderstood and without a doubt, misused force we call “SEX” is tearing apart the moral fabric of humanity. The truly shameful part is, it could be the most glorious way for us to connect with our highest-self and show genuine love and respect for one another. Maybe that’s why the oligarchs have perverted its power so callously.

Action Steps: Study, contemplate, and practice sacred sex. Look into Santos Bonacci’s “The Sacred Secret of The Christ Within.”

(Please adapt the particulars to your own situation as it’s unreasonable for me to cover every exception to the rule of thumb regarding the way you partner.)


Reincarnation or Recycled Souls



I’ve wanted to do this piece for quite some time in the hopes of helping us identify the differences between whether or not you’re being reincarnated here on Earth with full disclosure and of your own free will and choice, or whether your souls trapped within the projected holographic matrix and you’re being recycled back to Earth as a Sirian resource under a veil of deception.

I have 3 main concerns for every human on planet Earth:

1.) The warped way in which babies are conceived and the unnatural prenatal care and birthing process which has raised the infant mortality rate significantly. This drastically affects the consciousness that enters into the body and lowers its frequency. (For more in-depth information on conscious conception and proper natural prenatal care and delivery, research Jeanice Barcelo at

2.) The orchestrated holographic projection humanities presented as reality which isn’t real at all. Therefore, naturally leading us to false perceptions of this realm and alters the way in which we view this world and therefore maneuver our way through it. In short, what we think we know about this world is not the truth at all.

The third concern I have, and this is a doozy, is what we’ll be addressing here today:

3.) The false misperceptions of death and the way in which we transition into the next realm. Today we’re going to challenge the theory of “the light tunnel” and review why we need to take a second look at this crossing over directive.

If all of these processes have been altered, and not for our own highest and best good, why then would we have any reason to believe that our death process is anything but unnatural and controlled as well?


First of all, there is no death. Only a transition of energy from one state to another.


Principle #3 of the 7 Hermetic Principles: The Principle of Vibration: Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates. (see Kybalion)

Science has now proven that the moment the last breath is taken, the spirit, which they’ve measured at 21 grams, leaves the physical container. So where does it go?

There are many people that have had near death experiences aka, NDEs, and they’ve all recounted basically the same stories. There was a tunnel of light. They were usually met by a loved one, even a pet, or a spiritual figurehead like Jesus. They felt at peace with crossing over. But, ultimately, they’ve said that they didn’t want to come back but felt obligated, like they had unfinished business here. We hear accounts of Karma that needs to be repaid or that maybe they need to deliver a message.

It has been said that whatever beliefs we have at the time of physical death, are the beliefs we carry over with us. That in no way proves these beliefs to be right or wrong. It’s simply programming we take with us.

I hope it goes without saying, that from this point on, nothing can be proved or disproved. This is food for thought and ideas that should be considered in lieu of the current religious model constructed out of fear for the soul with a long-term slave agenda.



I’ve worked with people for many years that like to recount their experiences from different lifetimes, as though reincarnation is some sort of badge of honor. The more lifetimes they’ve experienced, the more advanced and knowledgeable they believe themselves to be.

This manifests in the idea of “having an old soul,” which therefore implies wisdom. We assume that because someone is old, that makes them wise too. And, if you’re soul’s old, that makes your soul really wise. Well, I know plenty of people that are old, and wise they are not. Where do people come up with this stuff?

In fact, I’ve become convinced that the more reincarnations you’ve had, the less enlightened you’re likely to be. Otherwise, you wouldn’t keep getting looped back into this Sirian control grid.

So, let’s talk about how this looped reincarnation prison is likely to be happening and how we can escape “The Soul Catcher” upon crossing over.



When I was a small girl, around the age of 3 or 4, I remember looking out my bedroom window, up at the moon one evening, and wondering if this is all there is to planet Earth. As a volunteer or starseed to this planet, everything was strange about the Earth matrix and was extremely confusing to adjust to in every way. The moon seemed to be partnered with the Earth somehow but of course, I didn’t know the details.

I’m going to present some ideas about the moon that might be foreign to you, but I’m going to ask you to remain open and most importantly, do your own research. Of all the research you will ever do regarding the Earth matrix, freeing your soul will be the most important knowledge you gain.

As with all things, the moon is not what we’ve been told. We do know it’s not a natural product of our solar system nor is there a reasonable explanation for how it came to be in its location relative to the Earth. (read “Who Built The Moon?” by Alan Butler. Also, study Zulu mythologies)

This hollowed out and abandoned Sirian spacecraft was turned into a recycling center for souls many centuries ago. (refer to the Wes Penre papers)

How are they doing this you might ask?

Immediately following the physical body’s last breath and the soul has detached from its life cord, (hopefully that’s successful) the soul is said to see a tunnel of light, and is usually met by a known figure, pet, or personality, which is meant to bring the passing soul a feeling of familiarity and comfort. They’ve heard this scenario a million times throughout their life so upon seeing this presentation, a recognition that you must be in the right place makes you feel at ease. And because of these factors, the passing soul doesn’t question the reality being presented to them.

However, just as the Earth is a controlled matrix, so too is the matrix in which we pass into.

The passing soul hasn’t questioned the reality in which they just came from, so why would they challenge the new realm they’re being presented with? The passing soul usually follows the greeter willingly and is sucked right back into the recycling center.

The Sirian overlords must have your consent, conscious or unconscious in order to take you in. Remember this!



The recycling center is a controlled environment but you do experience slightly more freedoms. Limited manifestations happen because working only with the light body gives you the ability to exercise your innate creative powers. This is your natural state, however, you’re in a controlled matrix, even in death, so you will remain limited albeit slightly more free than you were.

At some point, you’ll be ready to come back to the Earth but must go through a mind swipe process before incarnating into your next physical realm. The mind swipe chair spins incredibly fast inducing amnesia and erasing all memories. This is called a “mind swipe.” You are born as a seemingly blank slate with the inability to recall anything from the past.

The more times you’ve been reincarnated, the less likely it is that you require respite from your previous life. In other words, once you pass from the death experience, you’ll get placed right back into the next available body heading back to Earth. This is the perfect slave resource. No questions asked, no fuss, you’re already conditioned to the protocols, and are now on autopilot.

This my friends is the true meaning of a zombie. (a corpse said to be revived by witchcraft. Living dead, undead, walking dead, soulless corpse.) If you’re not in control of your soul, you are a zombie. What you need to do is ask yourself is, if I’m not in control, “who is?”

I hear a lot about Karma. People saying they’re here on Earth to work out their karma. What a load of cosmic crap they’ve been sold. Do you really think you’re responsible for working out karma that you can’t even remember? How much sense does that make? I get irritated when I hear stuff like this because logic has been completely thrown out at this point.

If you look at the Sanskit meaning of “Karma” – it primarily means “action.” Many South Asian religions and philosophies have altered its meaning and connotation over time to mean “destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.” It is the result of an action and is not good or bad. Karma is not a punishment, it’s a natural consequence AND…is immediate and swift. Nowhere does it say in any ancient texts, that Karma is a prolonged consequence that is to be doled out over lifetimes.

Principle #6 of the 7 Hermetic Principles: The Principle of Cause and Effect: Every cause has its effect; Every effect has its cause. (see Kybalion)

Would a just God or Universal force require penance for actions you can’t even remember doing? In case you’re confused about the answer, it’s NO!

“Dreamworks” film production, depicts a boy hanging out on the tip of the moon with a fishing rod. Last time I checked, there are no fish in the sky. So, he must be fishing for something else. Now, this is certainly not scientific proof but I hope you’re wondering why they would choose this logo? Is this Hollywood merely being creative or as with all things, are they trying to tell us something more?



So, what do you do when the Angel of Death arrives?

First of all, there is no time. So, you are not required to make a decision upon crossing over as to where you want to go. Don’t feel pressured to follow the holographic greeter that appears as a loved one. In all reality, it’s probably not them at all.

This is going to sound counterintuitive to what you’ve been told, but you need to turn away from the tunnel of light. Think of the tunnel as nothing more than a trick.

Next, you must connect with your higher-self or sovereign soul. If you’re not used to doing that on the Earth, you may find this part a little trickier. Only because this idea may not be at the forefront of your mind and passing over can seem overwhelming. It will be a new environment. However, this is essential and the highest aspect of our consciousness, which is who we are at the core. You are entitled at any time, to bypass the ego, the personality, and connect with the ALL.

As you do, your Higher-self will guide you as to where you should go. If you consciously opt for going through the tunnel and inevitably back to the Earth, you’ll be doing that with consciousness and can opt out of the mind swipe. Be sure you inner-stand, there is only one destination…Earth! You are not required to honor any soul contracts at any time. You’re not required to do that today since it was done under a veil deception.

Because the Sirians did not perfect the tunnel technology, you will see dark holes in the walls of the tunnel. It looks like swiss cheese leading into the deep dark void. It is through the holes that you may choose to slip through a hole, into the void, and be open to an entire Omniverse of options. As long as you stay connected to your core essence, you will have many opportunities to experience unknown worlds. You get to choose with full consciousness.

The Sirians are not the only nefarious species out there that want you as energy food and a working resource. Any options for different star systems should be made with full awareness and disclosures as to any and all contracts required or not. Muy importante! Very important! Sehr wichtig! Tres important! Is that clear!?

I’m sure this is new information for many of you so you may need to sit with this awhile and God willing, do your own research on the matter.

This is a slave planet. Your soul is inhabiting a container made up of trillions of CELLS meant to tie you down. Your freedom isn’t automatic the moment you die. You are required to free yourselves here, in the flesh, through knowledge. Once you have obtained that, crossing over and breaking free from this orchestrated holographic matrix will be the last piece to this puzzle. You are then truly free to go wherever it is of your own free will and choice.  Now that’s freedom!



Action Steps: Read the Kybalion. Study the Wes Penre Papers. Connect with your sovereign soul. Free your soul!



Citizen Journalists… No More “FAKE NEWS!”

Never before has this notion of “fake news” received as much national exposure from mainstream journalistic prostitutes as it has since President Trump started calling a spade a spade. Whether or not you like and support the president has nothing to do with today’s blog. However, I do get a silent chuckle every time he says “wrong” or calls the mainstream media “fake news.” On that last account, he’s 100% accurate.

I turned off the television a long time ago and to this day, I can’t stomach watching the local news let alone national syndicates. It’s nothing but a contrived storyline that’s meant to steer the herd towards false propaganda utilizing “attractive” professional actors hypnotizing you into buying the latest false flag narrative.

If you think that’s a stretch, let’s take a look at what one of the media owners/controllers, David Rothschild, had to say for himself…before his death that is. (Thank god, we finally got rid of that parasitic roach.)

We are grateful to the Washington Post, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings (CFR/Trilateral Commission) and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”  ~ David Rockefeller (burn in Hell)

It’s imperative that we learn to decode what’s been put right under our noses and learn to see all the pieces of the puzzle as we put them together to form the entire picture. It takes thousands of individual threads to make up a single tapestry. And so, it goes for the projected reality of this Earth plane. I’ve said for years, “history has a short memory.” Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

So, what do we do? Where can we turn for the truth in world events and hard-hitting journalism if we can’t count on local news stations, NBC News, Fox, CNN (code for sin) CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Reuters, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, Good Morning America, NPR, and other “reputable” news outlets?

What I have for you, is an incomplete list of resources for you to dive into. This is not all-inclusive as I’m limited to just how many I can list. Although, these resources are named below, in no way implies I agree 100% with everything they say. However, as of the time of this article, I do find these investigative journalists and resources to be mostly accurate and reliable. I do believe some of these sources have been compromised. I absolutely do. I have a general rule of thumb, and that’s to check, double check, then verify a third time for corroboration. This is where you will validate or eliminate. Critical thinking is required for we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Alternate Resources for Media, History, Global Events, Esoterics, Finance, Mind Control, Geoengineering, Gov. & Military Whistleblowers, Physics, Politics, Health, and More.

Truthstream Media

Ole Dammegard

Sovereign Ki

The Richie Allen Show

Mark Passio

Michael Tsarion

Larken Rose

Project Camelot

David Icke

David Hatcher Childress

Nassim Harimon

Richie From Boston


Liberty Writer

Victurus Libertas

Robert Sepehr

Jordan Maxwell

Dane Calloway


Tex Marrs

Jim Marrs

Fritz Springmeier

SGT Report


Freeman Fly

Black Child Productions

Eustice Mullens

Dane Wigington

The Health Ranger – Mike Adams

Coast to Coast Am

Caravan to Midnight

Woodard TV


The Josh Tolley Show

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know

The Dialogue


Max Igan

The resources I have provided will keep you busy for eternity. You cannot skim the surface of any one of these topics or resources and expect to have a quantitative measure of what’s going on on planet Earth.

The NOT education we received in schools has been bullshit. In fact, the more formal education you’ve been through, the more brainwashed and programmed you’re likely to be. Ironic isn’t it!? Ask yourself how many years you’ve spent in school learning nothing but disinformation or things that don’t add up…? Now you’re going to have to put in the same amount of effort unraveling the lies, and putting together the truth.

Over the many years of I’ve been researching, and that amounts to thousands of hours, I’ve had to sift through mountains of crap to get to the golden nuggets of truth, but I was willing to put in the time it took to get to the bottom of the rabbit hole. Since that time, I’ve come to inner-stand, there’s no getting to the bottom of that barrel.

The best I can do for you is to provide some of the best resources available for cutting through the minutiae as quickly as possible and so you can start re-educating yourself and form an accurate worldview. This should be a tremendous time saver.

No doubt, there may be times when this information becomes disparaging, overwhelming, depressing, and so vast that it seems like the pits of destruction are never-ending, and they are. This is where taking a much-needed break becomes crucial. Put it down for a short respite, do something joyful, then get right back in it.

This is also where having a spiritual practice of some sort becomes imperative. There is a spiritual battle here on Earth, and you must be in a place of spiritual sovereignty and growth. It’s very easy to let this information pull you down, for it is the primary objective of the power elites, second of course to depopulation. These self-grandiose parasites literally feed off your fear. So, don’t give it to them. Learn to be in empowerment and joy.

By virtue of your re-education, that knowledge becomes power. When you are symbol literate and can discern with your conscious mind the various machinations, you’ll begin to disempower the effects these lies have had on the super powerful subconscious mind. In essence, you are taking back control.

When you take back ownership of your mind, body, spirit, you’ve won.

Action Steps: Take responsibility for your own self by deprogramming the lies and re-educating yourself to the truth. Dive into the resources provided and don’t stop until you feel pretty secure in your re-knowledge of everything. Good luck! The truth really is stranger than fiction.




The War on Men


Disclaimer: This article is not going to be politically correct, so if you can’t take the heat of truth, get out of the kitchen immediately. We will be covering the overt attack on feminism, sexual gender-bending, and the dangers of the LGBT agenda on a later post. To be clear, I don’t care in the slightest what you’re doing behind closed doors and who’s bedding you. You must be willing to go deeper than the overt façade of sexuality.  The vital questions we need to explore are whether you were really born this way or have you been tampered with…..? That’s the bigger issue I want to get to the heart of, starting with the men.

Today’s hot topic stems from my curious observations on what’s happening to our men and why their man-chovies seem to have vanished. If you are a millennial or under the age of 40 years, you may not be fully aware of the sexual & psychological morphing that has occurred over the last century. I would encourage all readers to proceed through this article with a critical mind, defenses down, and with the desire of exploring the deeper agenda at play.

So as not to repeat myself in every article, it’s imperative to bear in mind as we begin, that there’s been a long-standing agenda by the so-called “one percenters” to depopulate the Earth by over 90% of our current population. In this endeavor, “they” will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals and this includes twisting and warping our sense of self and who we think we are; Sexuality is but one aspect of our beingness.

In the 80s, we watched the innocuous campaign of “Real Men Wear Pink” come onto the scene. Nothing says, “I’m a badass” quite like a rocker with a mullet in a pink polo shirt, right? That’s not threatening at all and certainly nothing to get in a twist over.  Throughout the years, the men in pink have morphed into support of the breast cancer awareness campaign. Who’s going to have a problem with that? In fact, if you do, you better keep it to yourself lest you risk social stigmatism for looking like a complete jerk. However, I caution you not to underestimate the psychology of color. (For more details on the importance of color, refer to my blog Hu(e) Man.” Pink lowers aggressive tendencies, which is exactly why Arizona’s former sheriff Joe Arpaio of 24 years had criminals wearing pink socks and boxers during their incarceration. You’re not so tough now are ya! Which is exactly the point.

If you’re looking at this from the surface, it would appear as though this is completely benign. But, since when is anything ever what it appears to be? There’s usually an underlying motive somewhere and I’m going to ask you to stick this tiny little thread on the back burner for just a moment while we start identifying other pieces of agenda puzzle.

I want to jump now into the topic of soy. Although ABC just announced a study on soy this past Aug 14th declaring soy to be safe, it’s obvious this article is incomplete and highly misleading. Let’s take a look a closer look at why that is.

Soy was first introduced into the US from Britain right before the 1900s when milk was said to be scarce. By 1929, soy was picking upswing as the depression set in and was considerably less expensive than cow’s milk.  Breastfeeding, unfortunately, has waxed and waned in popularity over the years as more mother have entered the workforce thereby forcing breastfeeding into a secondary choice of nourishment. This has placed soy as the number one source of protein. Recent studies show over 30% of American babies are on a soy-based formula.

What exactly is soy?



There are three main reasons why soy protein is so dangerous: phytic acid, trypsin inhibitors, and phytoestrogens. The one we’re going to address today is phytoestrogens. I’ll leave a link below for the entire article. Definitely worth reading as we are not able to cover everything in this article.

Phytoestrogens or Isoflavones represent the most serious problem with soy-based formulas. These estrogen-like compounds have the potential to disrupt a baby’s hormonal system for life. Since we’re focusing on men in this article, let’s take a look at long-term hormonal effects in baby boys as a result of ingesting soy.

Saturating an infant boy’s bloodstream with female like hormones has the potential to cause serious alterations in the maturation development at puberty. During the first few months of life, a baby boy produces testosterone levels that could be as high as that of an adult male. This “testosterone surge” prepares the baby boy’s hormonal system for puberty both for normal development of the sexual organs and also patterns of male behavior.

“Toxicologists estimate that an infant exclusively fed soy formula receives the estrogenic equivalent of at least five birth control pills per day. By contrast, almost no phytoestrogens have been detected in dairy-based infant formula or in human milk, even when the mother consumes soy products. A recent study found that babies fed soy-based formula had 13,000 to 22,000 times more isoflavones in their blood than babies fed milk-based formulas.” (According to the Weson A. Price Foundation….)

Even with a plant-based soy product, the effects of lower testosterone levels and increased estrogen in the maturing male are still present and permanently disruptive to the entire endocrine system.

Did anything ever become of Kramer’s “The Bro” or “Manzier?” Man-boobs or gynecomastia, as is its clinical name, has become a very serious problem for our men. Studies dating from 2007 until 2017 have shown that 45%-55% of all men will at some point in their lives have to deal with breast tissue enlargement.

Gynecomastia is the swelling of breast tissue in boys and men due to an imbalance of hormones, mainly estrogen and testosterone. Gynecomastia can affect one or both breast, sometimes unevenly. This condition can self-correct over time or it may require surgery. For the men dealing with gynecomastia, it may not be life threatening but it can be humiliating. I know of 3 men in my own family, from 3 different generations that have dealt with puffiness of the nipples. 2 of the 3 have had surgery and the other is pending maturation. All of them have been embarrassed by this condition which has been out of their control and dare I say, foisted upon them.

Symptoms of gynecomastia can include:

Swollen or puffy breast gland tissue

Breast tenderness


Nipple discharge in one or both breasts

Is there a correlation between soy and gynecomastia? The jury’s still out on that one and long-term studies have yet to reveal the truth. However, I find it highly suspicious that transgender males are taking soy-based hormones to get the effects of swollen breasts. This is fine if that’s your desired outcome but for many men, they don’t wish to have man boobs.



There’s a male infertility crisis in the US. In the 1970s, the average western male was producing 99 million sperm per milliliter. Since that time, the average male is producing less than 40 million sperm per milliliter. This 60% decrease in sperm is at an all-time low and beyond shocking. We must ask ourselves why this has become an epidemic for our men.

Reproduction may be the most important function of any species. Something is very wrong with men.” ~ Hagai Levene

Although some of you may agree with Bill Gates, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, Ted Turner, and other such globalists that we have an over-population problem which they are actively working on thinning the herd, I tend to disagree. As I travel the world, I see plenty of room on this Earth for the human species. Next time you’re on a road trip or are flying 30,000 feet in the air, look across the landscape and the wide-open spaces. The Earth has not produced more than she can provide for. In fact, I’ve heard it said that all 7 billion people can easily fit inside the state of Texas.

This leads me to my real concern, which is our growing militarized police state. We no longer have “peace officers” as was the case in the days of my dad’s career. Instead, we have officers dressed and behaving like swat teams. Our rights as citizens are slipping away and the 2nd amendment is in severe jeopardy.

Although we cannot possibly cover this topic with all its variants in a single post, I’m hoping we can start a dialogue and consider the deliberate social engineering of humanity. We have a real problem in our society when a large portion of our female population, myself included, have bigger balls than our men. By and large, they have become rather effeminate, especially when compared to the men of the early and mid-1900s. As my husband has so eloquently stated, “their Man-chovies” are missing.” When I, as a girly girl am more masculine than you, I have to question what’s happening.

We’re reaching a global boiling point and a revolution is coming. Unfortunately, this is the cycle of all civilizations and we’re on the precipice of an insurgency. Just as our food has been genetically modified, so too have we. When I am better able to protect myself and my family than my male counterpart, there’s a problem. The evidence shows, this is not by accident. I have to conclude that flooding our baby boys with estrogen, with the deliberate intention of demasculinizing them has been part of the plan all along. These so-called one percenters think sooo much farther down the line than you or I.

When a population has been de-armed and the women and children are all that’s left to defend themselves, it’s the perfect scenario of victory for a tyrannical regime. I do believe my friends, that’s exactly what we’re looking at.



This article may not apply to all men but if you feel like your Man-chovies have been called into question, maybe this one question will clear up any confusion: If your life or the life of someone dear to you was in danger, would you stand and fight or would you scream like a little girl and run…..? I may be a woman but I’ll stand and fight. If you need to borrow my pair, then this tough love articles for you.



Action Steps:  Read and study the articles: ABC Study: Soy Formula is Safe,, “Why Soy Formula (even organic) is So Dangerous for Babies, and, Soy Protein & Male Breasts. Think twice about every chemical you ingest and expose your children to.


Are you Taking a Sacrament….? (Communion)



Before I hit you between the eyes with what taking a sacrament actually means, let us first go over what it is. Many religions offer, and even require its faithful parishioners to participate in a ritual known as “the sacrament.”

The word “sacrament” comes for the Latin sacramentum, which in its classical form, had two primary meanings:

The first was a legal term which described a monetary exchange from the loser to the winner of the suit to be appropriated for sacred use.

The second is military in nature to designate the oath of obedience by newly enlisted soldiers.

So here we have ties to money, of course, and obedience.

We already know that the Latin for religion is “to bind.” So, how is this accomplished? One way is through the sacrament of bread and wine, which is usually represented via water.

This may seem like a beautiful Christian ceremony that is regarded as an outward sign of a deeper inner spiritual connection to one’s savior or grace, but as with all things, you’re not being told the real truth.

Before I decode the hidden esoteric breakdown of the sacrament, let us take a look at a few examples of sacramental prayers and see if anything jumps out at you. Keep in mind, these are just a few prayers from various religious ceremonies. If you are participating in any form of bread & water ritual, I would strongly urge you to pay special attention to the intention of the words.

Roman Catholic Blessed Sacrament Communion, aka, Rite of Eucharistic Exposition and Benediction. This can include selections, by the presiding priest, of various homilies or doctrinal religious discourses, a sermon, or scriptural readings. This communion is centered on the belief that the bread and wine truly become the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. Now you ingest.

Think about that for a minute.




Let’s take a look at the Mormon sacrament prayers, which are finite and strictly adhered to. If during this rote prayer a single mistake is made, the man administering said prayer is admonished to start again until expressed word for word perfectly. I’ve personally seen this prayer repeated numerous times until it was delivered inexactness.

Exact Mormon prayer on the bread:

O God, the Eternal Father, we ask thee in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, to bless and sanctify this bread to the souls of all those who partake of it, that they may eat in remembrance of the body of thy Son, and witness unto thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that they are willing to take upon them the name of thy Son, and always remember him and keep his commandments which he has given them; that they may always have his Spirit to be with them. Amen.




Exact Mormon prayer on the water:

O God, the Eternal Father, we ask thee in the name of they Son, Jesus Christ, to bless and sanctify this water to the souls of all those who drink of it, that they may do it in remembrance of the blood of thy Son, which was shed for them; that they may witness unto thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that they do always remember him, that they may have his Spirit to be with them. Amen.


(We will not be covering the spirit possession element of these prayers in this piece.)


Many churches will offer similar prayers, even if the words are slightly different, the intent is always the same. So, listen closely to what’s actually being said in your church and let’s get into the meaning of the ritual itself.

If you have participated in a sacrament or communion involving bread & water, then indeed you have been participating in soft cannibalism rituals. Let that one sink in for a moment……

The intention of any prayer is to change or alter the nature of whatever is being prayed over. In this case, it’s for the nature of the bread and water to transform into the nature of the flesh and blood of a particular being.

The power of intention coming from the congregation adds to the power of influence in transforming the energy structure of the cracker into flesh. It’s that simple. The actual body of Christ does not need to be presented upon an alter and divvied up to the parishioners in order for the end results to be the same.

When you ingest anything with that type of energy imprint or signature, it now becomes integrated as part of you. “You are what you eat.” We’ve known this for centuries and this is no exception.

I know this is hard for many of you to swallow, no pun intended really, but upon reflection can you see how this is what’s happening. I promise you, this is not by accident, rather by design. Your popes and prophets, who are all schooled in the Free Masonic esoteric teachings, are completely aware & actively propagating the ancient rituals of blood-letting, sacrifice, and cannibalism to name a few of their Babylonian practices.

Evidence of behind the scenes satanic ritual abuse, aka SRA, has been documented amongst many high ranking religious figures, of ALL denominations past and present. This is another way of having you participate and unknowingly add your subconscious power to these rituals in a way that’s acceptable, even sacred to your conscious minds. Therefore, you become willing.

Top religious authorities do play a role in the degradation of humanity.

Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religion destroys spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

– Michael Ellner

I don’t care what the edifice is showing you, religion is not here for your spiritual education. What we’re learning on this site is how to decode physical presentations. In this case, bread is not bread and water is not water. Babylonian practices are not a thing of the past. They are alive and thriving in your local church houses every week when soft cannibalistic rituals take place.

Whatever you decide to do regarding your involvement with sacramental ceremonies, you’ll never be able to unread this information. Forever in your mind, you will see the bread your ingesting as possibly a thigh muscle or meat from the heart, and the water in your little cup, as thick sticky deep red blood. You can, however, cleanse your bio-magnetic system from these events. (Refer to any of the blogs on meditation and include the intention of cleansing from these rituals.) This is graphic information I know, but you have the right to be knowledgeable in what you’re participating in, same as your ecclesiastical leaders.


Why Taking The Sacrament is Soft Cannibalism
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