Redefining Reality by Decoding Illusion

Madelyne Harris

Generation “Snowflake”


“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” unless of course, you’re a “SNOWFLAKE.”  

As an empath, I’m all about being sensitive and compassionate to others so please don’t mistake what I’m about to say as cruel and heartless.  Consider this your “trigger warning” and proceed with logic, experiential discernment, and the thick carbon skin you were born with.  If you’re a snowflake, it’s probably already too late for that so here we go.  

Today’s generation snowflakes have created a much bigger problem than everything they’re currently whining about and that is…a 1stamendment crisis.  Let us first define what a “Snowflake” is, then we’ll brush up on the First Amendment for those who’ve forgotten or didn’t pass Civics class.  

Snowflake: is a 2010’s derogatory slang term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, and unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are over-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions.  Common usages include the terms special snowflake, generation snowflake, and snowflake as a politicized insult– Wikipedia (Slang)

Holy shit!  You better watch out if you disagree with their vast experience and knowledge of world affairs and social injustices because the slightest variance of opinion is cause enough to elicit the most epic paradigm meltdowns that can be measured on the cheapest of Richter scale.


Growing up as an empath in a cruel world, I often times felt overwhelmed with life, relationships, and the injustices I experienced.  No one taught me how to deal with all that but I eventually came to realize on my own that I had two choices, deal with it somehow or retreat within.  What I quickly surmised, is that the world isn’t going to stop or change because of any inabilities to cope with day to day living I may have had.  Although I would’ve appreciated an occasional reprieve from the perceived madness, what it forced me to do was develop coping skills.  And just for the record, retreating into oneself is not a bad thing.  In fact, I discovered the value of my inner-self and eventually integrated this tendency into a decade’s long meditation practice.    

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. It prohibits any laws that establish a national religion, impede the free exercise of religion, abridge the freedom of speech, infringe upon the freedom of the press, interfere with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibit citizens from petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted into the Bill of Rights in 1791. The Supreme Court interprets the extent of the protection afforded to these rights. The First Amendment has been interpreted by the Court as applying to the entire federal government even though it is only expressly applicable to Congress. Furthermore, the Court has interpreted the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment as protecting the rights in the First Amendment from interference by state governments


The very Constitutional rights that affords these brittle Snowflakes the allowances to act like impetus toddlers are the very same rights they want to use to squander and control opposing views because they can’t bear, let alone tolerate, a differing belief outside of their paradigm.  Part of the supposed beauty and privilege of being a citizen of the United States of America are the freedoms the Constitution affords us and yet these overly entitled Snowflakes are falling prey to the ideologies that the world needs to be made a fair and tolerant place for all.   And, if that’s not happening the way “they” think it should, “they’re” going to force you to conform to their views even if that means they have the right to take away your rights and force everyone to do, think, dress, feel, speak, and act the same way.  So, in essence, their rights are more important than your rights. Does anyone else see the dangerous irony coming from this line of NOT thinking?  

This doesn’t sound like a country of freedoms to me but a socialist tyrannical coercion the likes of which we haven’t seen since Stalin and Mao, although I doubt they know anything about that.  Here’s a question they won’t like; At what point has this world ever been fair and just for anyone other than specific bloodline socialists and why do you think it owes you anything more than it owes the next person?  A true test of one’s inner-strength and power comes from the knowledge and practice that you have the power to create your own world without violating another’s rights or being intolerant of those that may see things a little differently than you.  

When I see people of any particular group trying to force their beliefs upon another, violating one’s right to develop their own ideologies, that’s the exact opposite of freedom.  A healthy debate of ideas is meant to challenge the status quo and perhaps expand and open to new possibilities but a true solipsist isn’t even capable of entertaining alternate theories.      

What I see is a group of mentally handicapped people, pussys really, with a hyper-fragile “it’s all about me”warped world perception, giving them a false sense of entitlement.  When they realize they’re devoid of societal and relationship control, it results in an uncomfortable and highly exaggerated emotional shutdown, which is a form of manipulation.  We’ve seen plenty of evidence suggesting that one’s inability to cope with logic, inner-standing facts, and compassion for differing views, can lead to acts of violence. We’ve seen grown adults diminish themselves to the behaviors of a thwarted three-year-old child who cannot articulate their thoughts and feelings so instead, uses what they know; a temper tantrum.  

Yes, I’m insulting you Snowflakes, but I do have a box of tissues to help you get over it!  

Eventually, even babies learn to self-sooth.

My bigger concern here is two-fold; the violation of our first amendment rights to say what you think and feel, and the growing number of self-imposed narrowmindedness coming from a small majority with the uniquely hypocritical ability to throw epic fits to push their minority agendas onto everyone since they are not equipped to mentality and emotionally deal with altering views.  This unreasonable behavior surpasses the fire and passion that comes from acting upon moral correctness.  

Parents, our universities are replete with leftist intolerance and an active drive for destroying what’s left of our Republic.  You might want to think twice before sending your precious delicate angels off to these indoctrination camps.  If it’s one thing this world needs more of, it’s “critical thinking” and Lord knows you won’t find it on most college campuses.  

In disgusted irony, I sit back and watch these Snowflakes with limited life experience, lose their ever-loving minds over the smallest of issues and circumstances.  It’s no wonder the AMA keeps adding made-up psychological disorders thereby justifying the usage of anti-depressants and other psychotropics ever single year with no end in sight.  In 2018, the World Health Organization added “Gaming Disorder” to their growing list of mental health conditions.  Yet, instead of taking away the video games or in this case, teaching these people the skills they so desperately need to learn in order to navigate their lives and this world, it’s easier just to medicate them.  

That’s a problem!

I love the idea that each person is a unique individual with something marvelous they can contribute to the world.  I believe this whole-heartedly.  I do take exception however to the crazy notion of self-entitlement.  This heavily narcissistic view is easily confused with the healthier inner knowledge that we are unique creations of the Creator and we should love and value ourselves, in a humble way.  To a narcissist, these two sound the same but in reality, they are worlds apart.  

Are we creating a culture of narcissists?  I think the number of “selfies” in your phone or on your Facebook profile can answer that.  Here’s an even tougher one to swallow, Satanism isn’t just about sacrificing kittens and babies.  On a very ground level, one that applies to every person on the planet, over infatuation or preoccupation of the self is the true practice of Satanism.  “Me me me it’s all about me and as long as it’s all about me, there’s no room for you.” End of Story!

“Do what though wilt shall be the whole of the law” is the number one axiom of the Thelema creator Aleister Crowley.  This is not an f&%#ing free for all where people can do and say whatever the hell they want.  There are societal rules for the good of the whole.  What these rules are can and should be reasonably debated but that’s impossible to do when trying to communicate with a delusional self-entitled “Snowflake” who’s amygdala has shut down resulting in reason and logic buried by a tantrum.  

This my, friends, is tragic. You can help yourself or help your children learn to handle life, differing views, religious beliefs, and so forth without losing yours or their shit.  That’s the real test of inner strength, not making everyone around you confirm to your delicate ideologies.  

By the way, if your position was solid in the first place, it would hold up under a microscope and manipulative tantrums would be moot.  Being offended is NOT a crime it’s a choice.

Action Plan:  Read blogs “Who’s Thoughts Are You Thinking” and “Turn it Off…Discover The Silence.” Delete at least one “selfie” and observe how that feels.  What it reveals just might surprise you.  Lastly, be mindful of when and how tolerant or intolerant you are of others and what your reactions or responses are.  Maybe you’re the Snowflake…dum…dum…dum.  

Don’t be Pissed New Agers but Channeling is POSSESSION!

Now why would I risk pissing people off with a definitive statement like that?  Because it’s true and here’s why.

Humans are surround by false presentations of spirituality everywhere, most especially in church. But for those that have left organized religion, many have fallen right into the trap of the New Age Movement not realizing the Emperor has still has no clothes.  Our spirits crave edification through the light of truth and to some degree, religion does offer tiny morsels of spiritual enlightenment.  However, after multiple translations, compiled nearly 400 years after the fact, and written by the Free Mason Sir Francis Bacon, should the KJV Bible be a book you bank your entire salvation on or is it up to each of us to live a spiritually guided life?  

Millions worldwide see the problems embedded within organized religion and have felt more spiritually uplifted by leaving said dogmas but rather then developing their own spiritual connections and realizing they are Infinite Consciousness, they fall right into the Luciferian netof the New Age Movement and mistake this for spiritual freedom and enlightenment. In fact, there’s an underlying spiritual contest that seems to be alive and in play.  Upon meeting someone new, these so-called “spiritual” people are quick to run down their list of intuitive gifts and talents as though they’re handing over their CVS for a job. In turn, proper New Age Protocol says it’s appropriate for you to then run down your list of spiritual gifts to them.  This little dance determines who then is the most spiritual.  

The unspoken objective is to see which of you is the spiritual guru, always with the intent of healing you and possibly gaining a new client.  Don’t believe me, just walk into any New Age store for the first time and they’re going to automatically assume you’re a spiritual infant and be happy to share just how intuitive they are.  If this doesn’t end in an expensive reading of some sort, it’s not because they didn’t try.  

To be clear, I do believe in intuition and many of the spiritual modalities, but those with real spiritual development are few and far between, muddled by an overwhelming number of charlatans all too eager to do expensive card tricks in the name of spirituality.   

Here too we have spiritual principles mingled with dangerous lies, practices, and misdirection of the spirit, one of the biggest being “channeling.”  

Let’s take a look at what channeling is and why I call it possession.  I’m confident by the end of this article, you’ll see how exactly the same they are after all.  

Channeling:  a concept in spiritualism where a person allows their body to be used as a host by the ghost of a dead person or some other entity who can then talk to others present through them.  In casual speech, “channeling someone” means imitating another, acting, talking, or thinking just like that person.  The channeler or host surrenders their body to be used by some unknown energy force. This act is typically voluntary.  

Possession: Spirit possession is a term for the belief that animals, aliens, demons, ghosts, gods, or spirits can take control of a human body. The concept of spirit possession exists in many religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Haitian Voodoo, Wicca, Hinduism, Islam, and the Southeast Asian and African traditions.  This act is typically involuntary but same action.

Do you see a difference between the two because so far, I don’t.  Slightly different words, one is voluntary the other is not, but the same process occurs.  Let’s keep going.  

I want to first break down the mechanics for both channeling and possession, we’ll get to the “messages” shortly.  Both require the surrender of the physical body to an unknown energetic source, usually a ghost, 4thdimensional parasite, archontic force of sorts, and this is a huge “NO NO.”  

At no time, EVER,should any bodiless energies outside of yourself take up residence within your bio-electricmagnetic field.  This is your space to protect, nurture, and live by.  I have a real problem with channelers removing themselves from the responsibility of whatever’s said during the course of a reading, as though that abdication absolves them entirely from the channeled message. They mistakenly believe the visiting entity is solely responsible and that the host is just the voice.  WRONG!!!  

Many also feel that it’s a spiritual gift because of how good the messages are.  When Lord Sananda, Quan Yin, or the Ashtar Commander delivers a warm and fuzzy message it must be true, right?  This too is false and misleading.  (Read my article “Angels / Demons” for more details.)  

First of all,every single non-bodied entity is familiar with Natural Lawand knows they are not to interfere with our growth and development.  The very act of interference says they are not benevolent beings.  They have an agenda, but what is it?

Secondly,these beings know they are not supposed to inhabit our bodies…period!  If they want one, they can get it themselves. But they can’t which is why they want yours and will do whatever it takes in order to obtain it, including deception.  You may not know any better but they do.  

Thirdly, any entity willing to do for you what you should be doing for yourself, is inhibiting your ability to grow and learn.  This is one the biggest agendas they have.  You might see channeling as the height of spirituality, but it’s the exact opposite since you’re not taking control of your entire energetic field and protecting it from invasion.  Moreover, you’re not accessing your natural abilities to receive information directly from the etheric field or upper aeon on your own, rather you’re relying on someone else to do it for you.  This is a whopper so you may need to read this one a few times and let it sink in.    

So then is one able to have communication with authentically benevolent beings or aliens outside this light spectrum without allowing possession of your physical body?  The answer is YES,but I would caution you to use extreme discernment and NEVERhand over control of yourself.  

When establishing communication with those outside this physical reality, it’s imperative to lay down clear parameters, set by you, on how communications are to take place. Those in compliance with Natural Law are thrilled to comply and will honor this request.  

Communications with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings can and should take place without surrendering your consciousness, that includes hearing their messages, tips, and guidance without losing conscious awareness.  (Many channelers go into a trance and are completely unaware of the messages while they’re delivering them.  Again, this is the same as possession.)

You can be open to seeing and or hearing these beings face to face without having them enter your field. If they are benevolent light beings, they must be willing to stand before you, face to face on your terms, without breaching your boundaries.  When I hear from the other side or other beings from different systems, it’s always while I’m completely awake, and never at any time to do they enter my field.  I’m simply interpreting the frequencies they send to me which result in the messages.  The higher-self will automatically translate the frequencies into comprehensible words.  

It is imperative to see the forest through the trees when building a spiritual interior and not get derailed by what the external world is trying to offer up as spirituality. Since when has the temporal world ever been an accurate model of that?  It hasn’t.  Babylon is still alive so why would you accept its version of anything?  What was once practiced openly is now underground and presented in covert ways but still very much alive.  

Awaken your discernment.  As you do, you’ll be surprised at how easily you can spot deception even when packaged as truth.  

Action Steps:  Read the “Sovereign Declaration” to rid yourself of unwanted entities within your bio-electromagnetic field.  Spend time developing your natural intuition and establishing awareness of your boundaries while being open to communications outside the visible light spectrum, where most of life is happening.  

A-Pathy or Em-Pathy?

We have a contagious “pathy” epidemic in this world and its raging
infection is spreading daily.  

We see evidence of this each day as we either participate or standby and witness the callousness perpetrated on humanity by our fellow brothers and sisters.  

Pathy – as a suffix derived from the Greek “pathos,” is defined as a feeling or suffering, a disease or the treatment for a disease.  

A – as a prefix meaning “without,” “not,” or “absence of.”  

Em – Mainly of French origin, means “to cause (a person or thing) to be in” the place, condition.  “To confine in or place on.”  

I’m writing this piece after admitting to myself that my tolerance for humanity’s intolerance for one another has come to a festering apex.  As an Earth watcher, I’ve seen the dismantling of humanity by way of deviant machinations designed and carried out for this very purpose.  

Stopthecrime.netpublished an article on their site many years ago entitled, “NWO Plans Exposed by Insider In 1969.”  In this publication, a Dr. Lawrence Dunegan discloses information he received while attending a meeting in Pittsburgh for the Paediatric Society in March of 1969.  At this meeting, a lecturer and former New World Order Insider by the name of Dr. Richard Day, Professor of Paediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York, who also happened to be a former Professor of Dr. Dunegan from the University of Pittsburgh, described Dr. Day as a NWO insider outlining their plans for the New World Order and by what means they intend to implement the total destruction of humanity as we know it.  

In this article, transcribed directly from the tapes Dr. Larry Dunegan took during these lectures, Dr. Day outlines in detail how the globalists plan on bringing down humanity.  I will mention a few of them here but for full documentation, please go to

Tax funded abortion

Population controlTax funded abortion

Blending of all religions.  The old religions will have to go.

Limiting access to affordable healthcare

More time in schools but they wouldn’t learn anything.  (I think we can all see what self-absorbed idiots most of these kids are.) 

Euthanasia and the “Demise Pill”

Suppression of cancer cures as a means of population control

Redirecting the purpose of sex

Families to diminish in importance

Encouraging homosexuality

The encouragement of drug use

Books will disappear from the libraries

Food control

Alcohol Abuse

Weather control


Television as a weapon

Sex and violence inculcated through entertainment


Falsified Scientific Research

Financial control

I’ve listed only a few but as we observe our current state of humanity’s carnage.  It’s accurate to say the globalists seem to be on target and are gaining ground with their destructive plans to take down the human race.  Remember, this lecture was given in 1969.  This was not a prophetic statement, this was an insider spilling the beans.  Maybe we ought to be paying closer attention as the temperature of the water has reached a boiling point.

Over the last few years, I’ve had a number of fellow empaths contact me regarding the difficulties they have in being around others or in a public venue.  Although there are varying types of empaths, the most common of these, is one who feels and picks up on the emotions of others as though it’s themselves.  When you have an apathetically selfish society whose primary concern is for themselves, they develop an emotional callousness towards somebody else’s feelings and their behavior inevitably follows suit.  

The number one problem Earth faces is a lack of CARING towards one another. 

Case in point, most people seem numb to the fallouts of war and the millions of casualties as a result.  They also seem to be mind-numbingly clueless and/or blatantly ig-nor-ant to the ramifications modified weather warfare is having on all species and the Earth itself.  When was the last time you bent over and picked up somebody else’s trash just for the sake of helping to keep things clean or is that somebody else’s job?  

So now a dichotomy is created between those that excessively care vs. those that don’t seem to give a shit.  

I’ve recently gone back to work in the public sector and to say I regret that move and am shocked and alarmed by people’s behavior, is to grossly understate my observations of humanity’s viral apathetic state.  People are beyond rude, have extremely unreasonable expectations, are not considerate to those around them especially if they have to wait their turn, cut others off in traffic, destroy property, let their dogs crap in other people’s yard, lie, cheat, steal, have affairs, and I’m just getting started.  

Why does humanity now think they’re justified in these kinds of behavioral attitudes?  Are you guilty of being a prick in your dealings with others and just don’t care?  Maybe it’s time you took a look at your day to day dealings with others and evaluated whether or not you’re contributing to these social problems or taking measures to correct it.  

The Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have done unto you seems to have backfired. 

Instead of treating others the way you want to be treated, people have moved into retaliation mode and feel justified in an eye for an eye mentality.  Not every situation calls for fire but we seem to have lost our compassion for some of humanity’s plight.  

The struggle for the empath is to remain emotionally and physically healthy in the face of such apathy and not take on the negative emotions and problems of those around them.  Many empaths are introverted in nature and prefer to spend time alone or in small groups where their environments are more easily controlled. Removing yourself from these people and environments is the best way to protect yourself from the cold-hearted cruelty of the soulless sadsack.   

Don’t lose hope and don’t allow yourself to become jaded. You are however, correct in protecting yourself from the societal maladies and mental illnesses we now call “progressive thinking” that are clearly and deliberately being perpetrated on all of humanity.  It’s just another divide and conquer tactic used to create an ever-widening gulf within the human family.  The more fractures they make within the human race the closer it moves the globalists towards their goals.  

Don’t let them steal your ability to care for others thereby further removing you from that which makes you human, your spirit. Do something kind for someone else today without expectations of reward.  Be grateful to those that do for you and remember…

Manners Matter!!!

Who Gives a “Frack!”



The fracking of natural gas reserves first began in the U.S. in the 1860s with the modern day hydraulic system starting in the late 1940s.  If fracking has been around for at least 60 years, why all the recent hullabaloo over the last two decades? 

“What exactly is fracking?”

(Hydraulic) Fracturing or “Fracking”~ The process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, boreholes, etc., so as to force open existing fissures and extract oil or gas.

From this definition, the process doesn’t seem to be problematic.  In fact, it appears benignly natural, but let’s dig a little deeper and see if that’s all there really is to it. 

Oil companies, such as Halliburton, will tell you the shale revolution is the product of Americans being the biggest consumer of fossil energy and that we’re addicted to oil. The cost of oil per barrel is ridiculously high when imported and in order to keep gas prices low, America has to produce its own oil and gas.  I can accept that and feel like America should be as responsibly independent as possible. 

Part of their “pro” argument for fracking in the US, is the estimated 1.6 million jobs created by the oil industry with a projected increase to double over the next few years.  You’ll find higher job estimates online but they’re oftentimes including job opportunities afforded as a result of having a lower cost of gas and not a direct correlation to fracking.

When a private landowner is approached by a gas company regarding the placement of a well on their land, the owner will negotiate a leasing price that’s paid off the top.  Then, an additional 20-25% of the revenue for the oil/gas that his land produces will be given to the landowner.  It’s safe to surmise that the person pumping the gas isn’t making that kind of cash.  Nonetheless, that job position is included in the employment figures and such is the nature of capitalism.  But no crime there. 

Once the well is in place, the massive drill will horizontally penetrate the shale, which was once thought to be too hard to penetrate.  The drill breaks through roughly 15,000 feet of shale, then moves parallel along the ground until it reaches its final destination. 



At this point, 5 million gallons of liquid is injected through the pipe, causing a bursting effect. The injection fluid, or “slick water” is a chemical cocktail mixed with high pressured water and tiny grains of sand. As the pressure builds, the fracturing happens when the liquid pressure becomes so great, there’s a bursting effect or a fracturing within the shale.  Picture if you will, thousands of cracks in a glass window.  The tiny pieces of sand lodge themselves in the microscopic holes that have been created, allowing the natural gases to escape through the pipe and be extracted. 

So far, nothing seems to be too dangerous, nefarious, or criminal.  But let’s keep going. 

The Energy Policy Act of 2005, nicknamed “The Halliburton Loophole,” was passed by the US Congress and signed into law by Pres. George W. Bush.  (I wonder what was in it for him…?)  Amongst the many provisions of this law, the bill exempts fracking companies from disclosing the chemical additives used in the natural gas extraction process of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) from regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Oil companies were exempt from disclosing to the public, the ingredients of the “chemical cocktails” being used in their own backyards.  Of the 5 million gallons of fluid being used per well, 75,000 gallons contains highly toxic chemical additives measuring 267 times the legal safety limits. 

After a consistent public outcry and a demand for answers regarding evidence of public water contamination and health concerns to citizens and residents forced exposure to iffy water, in Sept of 2010, the EPA made requests from 9 oil companies regarding the chemicals in question.  All complied with the EPA’s request except Halliburton, who was issued a subpoena.

Side note, it might be worth mentioning that Dick Cheney, former CEO of Halliburton immediately prior to his joining the presidential ticket, received an exit bonus of $34 million.  I wonder if all CEOs receive that type of exit bonus or if maybe this could have something to do with any upcoming bureaucratic red tape that might require presidential favors?  Just a question…



Though the composition of most fracking chemicals cocktails continues to remain protected from disclosure through various “trade secret” exemptions under state or federal law, scientists analyzing fracking fluids have been able to identify at least 750 volatile chemical compounds such as barium, strontium, ethylbenzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene arsenic, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; methanol; formaldehyde; ethylene glycol; glycol ethers; hydrochloric acid, petroleum, acrylonitrile, sodium hydroxide, lauramidopropylamine oxide, Radiant 226, Radium,and on it goes. 

34 states in the U.S. now have active oil and gas activity to the tune of hundreds of thousands of wells operating.  Here’s a small list of some of America’s top producing gas-rich Marcellus Shale formation fracking states: Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wyoming, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, California, Colorado, and Illinois. 



The state of New York was the second to ban fracking but that hasn’t stopped them from getting their hands on the lucrative oily money pie.  Instead, NY allows radioactive contaminated waste water from Pennsylvania to be shipped across state lines and dumped thereby exposing NY residents to the very same toxic contaminates they say they’re trying to protect state residents from.  No shale going out but plenty coming in.  So, what’s the difference hypocrite Gov. Cuomo and how much are you getting paid to poison your state under the guise of caring for the health of your people?

In December of 2017, David Morabito and wife, brought a lawsuit against the state of New York for compensation for the oil-and-gas rights on their land they claimed was unconstitutionally taken from them when the fracking ban was put in place in 2014.  Not everyone is opposed to fracking especially when potential land leasing rights and mountains of oil revenue are at stake.  The Morabitos lost the suit.   

The lure of having a domestic energy source has come at great expense to millions forced to endure the dangerous release of toxic gases into their drinking and bathing water as well as breathing in fracking fumes. 

Potential health risks from long-term exposure to oil workers and those forced to live in close proximity to the wells include but are not limited to:  variants of cancer; breast, bone, liver, and lymph.  Gastrointestinal issues, endocrine abnormalities, diabetes, sleep deprivation, stress, depressions, heart disease, premature birth, miscarriage, asthma, and other related respiratory issues, coughing, headaches, lightheadedness, disorientation, circulatory problems, birth defects, and blood disorders. 



So why is this allowed to carry on and where is the protection of the EPA? 

In 2010, Congress asked the EPA to investigate the safety of fracking.  A draft report was then issued in 2015 stating they found no evidence to support claims of drinking water contamination much to the chagrin of environmentalists as the fossil fuel industry celebrated and continued to drill. 

In 2016, a final report by the EPA: Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas: Impacts from the Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking Water Resources in the United States now states, in softer barely acknowledgable wording, “hydraulic fracturing activities can impact drinking water resources under some circumstances.” 

“Data gaps and uncertainties limited EPA’s ability to fully assess the potential impacts on drinking water resources locally and nationally.  Because of these data gaps and uncertainties, it was not possible to fully characterize the severity of impacts, nor was it possible to calculate or estimate the national frequency of impacts on drinking water resources from activities in the hydraulic fracturing water cycle.”

Conclusion, the EPA appears to be nothing more than a toothless watchdog in their complicity to let the “fracking issues” be self-regulated by the oil companies.  That’s like the FDA refusing to regulate the food industry and allowing GMO companies like Monsanto to govern themselves. 

Are these companies and alphabet agencies looking out for the welfare of humanity or are their interests completely self-serving?  I’m sure the millions of suffering Americans due to toxic exposure can answer that for you.     

Action Steps:  Learn all you can about hydraulic fracturing. Start by watching “Gasland.”




Cremation vs. Burial




Why would we be talking about such a morbid topic as to whether you should have your body interned in a box upon death, or burned to ash? Because it absolutely matters how we enter this physical plane, how we live while we’re here, and even how we make our exodus into the next realm. Some might be of the opinion that either it doesn’t matter what happens to the body after death because they’re gone anyways. Maybe you feel it’s up to the family to make those decisions and you’re fine either way. Or perhaps, it’s a religious belief that says it’ll make resurrection more complicated if you destroy your physical container. I guess that parts a little confusing to me since complete deterioration and decay of the gross matter is unavoidable even with the most expensive coffin. Anyways…….

Today we’re going to talk about why this is a very big deal esoterically, spiritually, financially, environmentally, and geographically. We’ll be clearing up some misinformation regarding what happens to the spirit upon its transition into the next realm and why it’s crucial to crossover in accordance with the objectives of your infinite consciousness.

If you look back through history, we can see how different cultures throughout the various time periods, would shift from cremation to burial, then back again. Many ancient cultures, including the indigenous, were of the belief that cremation through cleansing by the fire element, was essential for severing ties with the gross matter, thereby freeing the spirit to pass untethered into the next phase, as was taught to them by the “Star People.” This practice was interrupted via Catholic influence after the Romans and has continued to have a strong hold on its followers ever since.

In the days of Egypt, cremation was the day to day practice for the layperson for they had no influence on the continuation of the ruling dynasty. This, however, was absolutely not the practice for pharaohs, priests, and anyone of royal consideration.

Painstaking efforts were made to prepare the bodies for proper burial. The Egyptians spent 70 days preparing the royal corps for burial because the idea was to preserve the body as closely as they could, to resemble the person in his or her alive state. They knew the spirit was attached to the body and their objective was to transfer the consciousness from the dead container, into a new one, whereby continuing the line of secession uninterrupted.

Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, “the trice-greatest” was said to be the God that incarnated 3 times in order to grow in consciousness and pass on His wisdom to those initiates ready for The Secret Teachings of All Ages. An impossible task for just one lifetime.

The ancients not only knew but practiced consciousness transfer or complete freeing of the spirit via burial or cremation. So, let’s get into what happens with each option and why.

Let’s start with the most common practice, especially in the south & amongst certain religious sects: Burial.

Every one of us has a silver life cord that attaches our light body, or spirit, to our gross material body. We are in essence, tethered to our physical body unless otherwise separated.

When our spirit leaves the body via death, the spirit body will remain attached to the gross body and thus required to go through a very slow process of deterioration, just like the physical body, before the spirit can free itself and move on. The deterioration of the life cord can be a much slower process than the decay of the gross body and can take more than a century to complete, even longer. This has more to do with the personality of the individual, the circumstances of the death, and even the family’s relationship to the departed than it does the light body’s ability to eventually severe its own ties from the body. Essentially, this individual becomes a fragmented soul that’s not only tethered to its body but chained to the Earth as well.

How many times have you gone to a funeral and there’s talk about how you can feel the presence of the departed individual? Some people have seen the spirit of the departed at their own funeral. Many people don’t necessarily like going to cemeteries because they can sense the spirits of the departed still hanging around the bodies. Times that feeling by hundreds or even thousands of spirits and it can be unsettling. This is due to the life cord still being intact & holding the spirit to the remains.

The average cost of a burial funeral is now between $7,000.00 & $10,000.00. That’s astronomical and completely ridiculous. I’ve seen so many people suffer financial setbacks due to family members that have passed away without any funeral coverage, leaving that burden to their loved ones. Obviously, you want your loved one to have a peaceful resting place, so they over-extend themselves to provide a beautiful casket, service, and headstone to commemorate the life and death.

Black is the typical grieving color for mourning attire dating back to the Roman Empire. Some may see it as a social faux pas or sign of disrespect to the family if you’re not wearing black.

Believe it or not, this actually makes the grieving process way more labored and heavy on the heart, making an already emotional situation, even harder. Black does not allow for an influx of light and leaving the mood heavier. During these emotional times, try wearing colors such as white, silver, pink, or gold. Even green which is the color of the heart. These lighter colors will encourage a faster frequency of light, thereby aiding in the healing process. (For more information on color therapy, read the post, “Hu(e)Man.” Dating back to the 1500s in France and in Spain, mourners, including the queen, wore white even during their deepest mourning periods.

Remains that are buried, not only tie the spirit to the corps but chains family members to the cemeteries. Families have burial plots dating back generations that keep them tied to the geographic area. There can be a reticence to move because the living “don’t want to leave” their loved ones. (Notice how on some level, we know the spirit is still chained to the body and the essence of the person lingers. Otherwise, people wouldn’t do or say such things.) The living curtails or amends their plans to accommodate the dead. This should not be so.

When the body is encapsulated within the casket, a slow deterioration process begins. The body will release gases and emits a putrid smell. It’s been said, that once you smell death, you can never forget it. This smell might be a repellent to you and me, but to ghost, demons, and other negative entities such as the Djinn, it’s irresistible. In fact, the scent calls to them like an invitation to come and partake of the flesh. They will take advantage of any opportunity to feed off the subtle energies & tissue, even if it’s dead, it’s still more than what they have. This is also one reason why people can feel very uneasy at cemeteries. All manner of ghosts and demons are attempting to feed off the remains.

The decaying corpse is sending a gassy beckon to all those entities who revel in the death process and will use this as a way to hunt for a possible physical host, disguised as a mourner, that just might unknowingly allow the said entity to come within the magnetic field while your defenses are down. They are persistent and opportunistic so beware.


  Cremation: The cleansing by fire, what a much simpler process. Until the interference of the Roman Catholic Church, it was the belief that cremation was the means by which the passing was released from not only the physical body but from the Earth itself.

Fire is the destroyer element as well as the cleanser. When the remains are burned, everything, including the DNA is destroyed, thereby eliminating the gross matter from the Earth as well as severing the life cord (spirit) from the body. The process of cremation transmutes the subtle energies from gross matter into that of light. Instead of the life cord going through a slow disintegration process, the life cord is immediately severed, freeing the spirit to go wherever it needs to go. In essence, you are released from temporal bondage since all cords are no more.

The average cost of cremation is roughly $1,500.00 to $4,000.00 so there’s a significant difference in cost.

Although there is a temporary odor to burning flesh, the average burn time for a body is 2 hrs. Ghosts, demons, and other entities may initially be attracted to the scent, but they have nothing to attach themselves to. Since the gross matter is being destroyed, they quickly find out there is nothing there for them and will move on to other more viable host options.

Some may choose to hold onto the ashes, while others will take the remains out to nature & scatter them to the winds or sprinkle them in a body of water. These are all viable options and completely sanitary. In esoteric terms, the balancing of the fire element with the wind, earth, and water is an ancient Hindu practice you can read about in the Vedas.
Action Steps:  This is a highly personal decision but a vitally important one. In extenuating circumstances where preservation of forensic material is required, those matters are A typical and should be considered on a case by case basis. For everyday situations, do your own research on how you feel it’s best for your soul’s transition into its next phase. Don’t leave more than what’s necessary for those you leave behind. (And that includes a fragmented soul.)





Psychology of Color


One of the most consistent questions I get from clients is “Who am I?”  All humans have an internal desire to unveil who they are at the core and secondly, to uncover what their purpose in life is. “Why am I here?” 

In an attempt to bring us closer to the answers, we’re going to strip down to the very essence of what it means to be in a human presentation.

Let’s start with the actual word, “Human.”  Although you won’t find me quoting biblical scripture very often, this will be one of those occasions.  In fact, we’ll be breaking down the etymology of “human” from several angles, the Bible being just one source.    

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1 KJV)

We’ll be discussing word magic at another time but suffice it to say, words have creative power, as does “God.”  From this verse, we see they are one in the same.  “The word was God.”

If you look at the ancient Egyptian mythology of the word “Hu,” it is the word of creation.  (Who creates?  Gods!)  If you Wikipedia “Hu,” you’ll get a more in-depth explanation of the creative powers of Hu and Sia.  The details are fun to know but the important inner standing is that of creation. 

The word “Huma,” “hu” represent the spirit, and the “mah” in Arabic means water. 

In Sufi, the sound of “HU” is all the names of God in one.  How beautiful indeed and very similar in meaning to the Hindi, Namaste; meaning, the divine in me bows to the divine in you.    

The English word “human” breaks down into 2 parts.  “Hu” meaning God and “man” meaning mind.  Originally coming from the Sanskrit word “mana,” which is, the mind of the ordinary person.  So, another word, god, and man come together. 

I’m seeing a pattern here folks.  Are you? 

In English, we have synonyms.  Words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.  That can be confusing when learning to read and write English but boy has it made word magic fun for those that have twisted our language.  Let’s do a little more unraveling……

“Hu” also has the same sound as “hue,” which of course means the purest or brightest shades of color.  Hues are shades that have not been mixed with white, grey, or black.  For those of you familiar with the chakra system and the corresponding frequencies represented by color, this information might make a little more sense to you.  If you’re not familiar, please stop right here and google the chakra system so you can see how it’s represented in the body via the rainbow. 

Color is, broken down white light.  Each color on the visible light spectrum has a specific wavelength.  The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength.  Red has a lower frequency and therefore longer wavelength.  At the top of the rainbow, if following the chakra system, violet has the highest frequency but the shortest wavelength.  All other colors will be somewhere in between the ultraviolet scale with green occupying most of the spectrum, thereby most visible to the human eye. 

The Psychology of Color

The psychology of color is well-known yet a lesser explored branch of study into the workings of our brain and how it perceives reality.  Colors used to manipulate our emotions and therefore has a direct impact on our decision-making process.  For instance, many restaurants use the color red.  Red is a base or primary color and is associated with, amongst many other things, metabolism. 

Color perception is subjective and varies from person to person.  We feel color.  Or, how we feel about color is said to influence each of us differently.  Do you have a favorite color?  Why that particular one?  It’s probably because of the way it makes you feel. 


Here are some basic color associations: 


Red:  Grounding to the Earth, passion, desire & love, aggression, power, increased enthusiasm.

Orange:  Stimulates activity, governs relationship, money center, joy, sunshine & attraction.

Yellow:  Happiness, joy, intellect, self-esteem, activates memory, stimulates the nervous system.

Green:  Soothing, harmony, fertility, nature, alleviates depression & anxiety, balance.

Blue: Trust & peace, loyalty, integrity, communication, coolness, duty, reflection.    

Indigo/Violet: Spirituality, vision, luxury, decadence, authenticity, quality, suppression.

Pink:  Femininity, love, sexuality, emasculation, inhibition, warmth, survival of the species.

Grey:  Psychological neutrality, lack of confidence, dampness, depression, lack of energy.

Black:  Sophistication, glamour, heaviness, coldness, efficiency, oppression, security.

White:  Hygiene, clarity, sterility, elitism, sophistication, efficiency, purity, coldness. 


This is a fascinating topic and there’s no way we can cover all aspects in the depth it requires with just a few short words.  “Who are we” remains a complicated question but the one thing every angle has in common, is light.  We are light beings utilizing a temporary water and carbon flesh suit so we can experience only that which can be obtained in physicality. 

As divine energy light beings, we each have a unique frequency signature.  You do come to Earth with a baseline hertz, but you’re not tied to it indefinitely.  Your energy signature is lowered or raised at will from the music you listen to, your thoughts words and actions, the foods you eat, the colors you like or avoid, the company you keep, and the list goes on. 

Evil comes out of the lower frequencies.  The higher your frequency, the greater in consciousness you are.  As in all things, you get to choose….. Namaste’


Confirmation of the Holy Ghost IS Spirit Possession

Spirit Possession


Confirmation of the Holy Ghost IS Spirit Possession


In this piece, we will only be discussing the Mormon ritual of “receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost.”  The ritual of baptism which directly precedes the confirming of the Holy Ghost upon one’s head is an entirely different ritual and will need to be broken down separately.

Only years after severing ties with the Mormon church and after careful study of occult teachings, have I now been able to see more clearly what the Mormon rites and rituals are all about.  Please bear in mind, that most Mormon baptisms are done to small children around the age of 8.  They are born into this cult usually from a long line of DNA Mormons and do not have the spiritual or intellectual capabilities to dissect and discern the meanings of such complicated occultic (means hidden) practices.  For those who were converted at a later age, all I can say is, you were duped.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  These ancient mystery teachings have been around a lot longer than you or I’ve been alive and chances are you’ve not received an occultic education.  Well, that’s about to change.  

Once the “initiate,” which is a Free Masonic term, has dried themselves from the baptismal rite and has redressed in their Sunday clothing, they are placed into a chair where they will sit with their arms folded and head bowed, ready for prayer.  Mormons are taught that the bowing of the head and folding of arms is a position of humble supplication unto the Heavenly Father.  Anytime we approached the Father in prayer, we were to take this physical position in “reverence.”  

What you’re really doing when you bow the head, is breaking the energy line which flows directly up and down the spinal column.  When you disrupt the energy flow by breaking the electrical pulses at the cervical spine, it impairs the body’s ability to connect the head and the heart.  What you think and how you feel has now been thrown onto different playing fields.  

Same with the arms.  When they are folded across the chest, they are breaking the energy lines that innervate from the spine, much like your nervous system, and are now cut off.  Take this position now and see how labored your breathing becomes and how uncomfortable it is on your neck.  Your body is in a closed position with your self-center, the solar plexus, completely blocked by the folded arms.  

It’s in this broken or hampered state that the ritual can begin.  A group of men, “worthy” of holding the Melchizedek Priesthood, surround the initiate in a circle, placing their right hand upon the head of the initiate and their left hand upon the shoulder of the gentlemen standing directly in front of them.  If you were to look down from an aerial view, it would look like a circle with a dot in the middle.  

We’re going to stop right here and talk about what this sign means.  The circle with the dot in the middle is called the circumpunct.  The circle represents the everlasting, forever, or eternity.  There is no beginning and there is no end.  In astrology, it represents the “Sun / Ra” and not the “Son.”  It is also the alchemical symbol for Gold.  

In this ritual, the positions of the bodies are forming the symbol of the Sun and addressing the Sun God Ra.  This does come from the mystic teachings of ancient Egypt.  That’s as far as we’ll be going into that for now.  

When all participants are in position, the invocation begins.  The officiate performing the ritual, also referred to as “The Voice,” will begin by stating the initiate’s full name.  

The following is more or less the exact prayer:  “In the name of Jesus Christ, and by the authority of the holy Melchizedek Priesthood, I confirm you a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and say unto you, “receive the Holy Ghost.’  Words of guidance, admonition, life instructions, divine promises based on choices, and blessings may then follow as dictated by the officiate’s own divine promptings.  During the course of this prayer, the initiate is often times reminded that through worthiness of this gift, the “Spirit” or Holy Ghost will reside within them as a “constant companion” throughout their life, providing discernment from right and wrong.  The prayer is then closed by saying; in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” 

As you can see, the ritual directly commands a spirit to now enter in through the crown chakra, which is the spiritual center of the body and to take possession of the initiate or host.  This spirit is directed through invitation to stay attached to the initiate for the entire duration of his/her lifetime.  In retrospect, this is a frightening and dangerous ritual.

I would imagine this could be one reason why some individuals may have a difficult time breaking ties with the Mormon church.  The confirmation ritual binds the initiate not only to this entity for life but to the Mormon organization as well.  The enormity and importance of this ritual should not be easily dismissed.  

The word “religion” comes from the Latin, ligare meaning to bind.”  It took me many years to realize just how seriously, and literally the Mormon church takes this.  It should also be noted that ALL of these rituals begin when an individual is a newborn.  They continue through the years of childhood into adulthood.  Brainwashing is so much easier when done from birth.  The Mormons waste no time in getting started as the prayers offered onto a newborn’s head under the guise of a “baby blessing” is done as an act of prey, not prayer.  

It is possible to rid oneself of spirit possession placed within them via confirmation.  You must take command of your own body mind spirit, realizing that only you are allowed into your magnetic field.  Anyone or anything inside/outside your field is not permitted, this includes “angels.”  

Action Steps:  Any Pastor, guru, angel, or entity who offers to do for you what you can and should do for yourself, is not there to support your highest and best good.  Beware!  

Your highest self is the only guidance you should be listening to.  Trust in your infinite consciousness and you’ll have direct access to everything you need to live an awake and discerning life.  

Confirmation of The Holy Ghost is Spirit Possession

Angels / Demons…?

angels and demons


Angels are inter-dimensional intermediaries.  What does that mean?

From the time we come into this earth, every one of us is programmed in some way to look for answers outside ourselves.  Although this behavioral conditioning applies to all aspects of life and is unavoidable, today, we’re going to focus solely on external spiritual dependence.

For myself, I was indoctrinated and deeply entrenched into the Mormon cult for the better part of 39 years.  We were trained from the start to look to our leaders, the living prophet in particular, for every single answer regarding our life prior to birth, how we should live our lives while we sojourn in the physical, and were spiritually blackmailed into a belief system of false after-life destinations.

Always, always, always we were taught to seek from that which was outside ourselves.  As I made my way out of this all-controlling and pervasive cult, I threw myself into theological studies thinking I’d find the truth somewhere.  What I found, was that each and every one has a slightly different presentation of a very similar theology.  (Learn to see thru the spells of words) Even for those that claim they’ve broken away from their religions, they’re still looking to that which is outside themselves.

Religion in and of itself is the ultimate intermediary.  (Religion in Latin translated – “to bind or tie”).  That doesn’t sound very freeing to my soul.  In fact, it’s a binding or prison that goes beyond the physical world, which actually makes it the worst of its kind.  Religion is an integral part of maintaining this projected reality.

My new favorite cultural meme:  the Angels/Archangels.  This is especially prevalent in the New Age Movement.  People are flocking left right & center to have “readings” done by those who “channel” or to have a tarot layout.  I’m not knocking the tarot btw.  It’s an amazing modality when you’ve studied all 78 cards, understand the astrology, numerology, and all esoteric aspects of the colors and symbols.  This is a study not to be taken lightly and I dare say that most card readers have not put in nearly enough time to fully understand, let alone interpret the classic deck with full accuracy, whereby they can be used as an accurate tool of divination.  As a result, they end up being charlatans that are all too happy to take your money via a card trick.  Buyer beware!  

What I want to address in greater detail would be the channeling of angels.  “Angels” being a loose term.  This is a dangerous practice and one I’m completely opposed to.  Not because I don’t believe in angels, but because I know there are all sorts of angels from many different dimensions, just like there are all strops of “dogs” that are all to willing to present themselves in whatever light they can in order to gain access, even if temporary, to a physical body.  

The history of Angels, with wings, dates back to Sumerian times and are in reference to the Draco reptilians.  These are not benevolent beings.  The modern meme has redefined “angels,” depicted with wings, as Divine entities here to assist us.  That it’s ok to put our trust in them and they’re here for our aide.  This is 100% false and a programmed belief meant to pull you off course.  (The pic below is only one example.)


Angels and Demons


As I’ve studied the process of channeling and have had a few experiences with it myself in the past, my greatest concern lies in that channels are not clear enough on what it is they’re bringing forward.  These channelers have no idea where these “beings” are coming from (which dimension) let alone their true intentions.  These little angels (demons) are much smarter, even trickier than the channelers.  They espouse all kinds of wonderful feel-good sentiments in order to gain access to the physical realm.

I spoke with a woman a few years ago that was just starting her channeling career and she flat out told me she couldn’t help it.  It just happens and she has no control over when or where this “possession” occurs.  She likes the messages that come forth via this “angel” so it’s better if she just surrenders.  It’s her privilege to bring forth such inspiriting messages to humanity so she allows a complete takeover of her body.  As a result, she often times doesn’t remember the session and has no knowledge of what’s been said.  In this, she’s washed her hands of any responsibility and abdicates 100% culpability to the entity she’s hosting.  Can you say “frightening!”

This is not an uncommon attitude from channelers.  What they deem as enlightened, is really a spiritual contest.  Que the ego.  Although this is highly irresponsible, I inner stand the desire to reach beyond the physical world.  We have not been taught the ancient mystery teachings and yet man has within this the desire to expand and access their full creative powers.

Many who have a reading are in awe of the beautiful and sometimes prophetic messages, not realizing that they themselves are totally capable of and responsible for creating whatever reality they chose.  Instead, they put their hopes, (energies) into these channeled messages and that’s actually what then comes to fruition.  Now that’s power!  Just misplaced.

Demonic entities of the 4th dimension in particular, and they have many names, love to trick infantile humans.  Not only is this fun for them, but in this, they further prevent the spiritual and creative development of mankind.  Again, when we look to someone else for answers, even if that’s an “angel,” you might as well be asking a prophet, pope, or pastor of some sort.  What’s the difference if they have a physical body or not?  In the end, it’s outside of you.

Anyone, whether they are a physical being or not, who are offering you the answers to your life, is hindering you from the awesomely necessary experience of receiving and learning to TRUST in yourself.  Ergo, this very act makes them, the angels, nefarious in their actions.  And, if they are nefarious in keeping you from the growth you’re here to experience, are they really all that Divine in nature?  NO, they are demons in disguise.  Stop getting suckered by beautiful packaging and you’ll learn to see the forest thru the trees.  Example:  Victoria Secret Angels.  They look great (packaging) but are they really benevolent, holy and innocent?  This word magic is not by accident my friends and meant to socially engineer the masses into believing it’s harmless.

This is a difficult subject to wrap up in a single post.  We’ll hit this again from a different angle (angel) as we look into the “spell” (ings) of word magic.

Action Steps:  Spend time dissecting your moral compass.  Where did it come from and does it support your soul’s growth?


Have a glass of Kerosene…..Cheers!

kerosene health benefits


What!  Did she just tell me to drink kerosene?  NO!  But I do and that’s not a joke. Today we’re going to expose an age-old secret for curing Candida, ridding the body of inflammation, fungus (which is what cancer is), and a variety of other physical maladies.

Throughout much of my life, I’ve spent a great majority of it dealing with various and debilitating illnesses, which threw me into the web of western medicine.  Like most, my only exposure was to doctors and hospitals and was programmed to believe the white coats had all the answers.  Because they knew more about my body then I did, I was subjected to harmful chemicals cocktails, unnecessary vaccines, invasive surgeries, antibiotics, the lies of Big Pharma, and the list goes on.  In my ignorance, I did the same to my children for which I’m deeply apologetic.  I’ll spare you the details of past physical issues but suffice it to say, the list seemed never-ending.  For this reason, I was forced to seek alternative options for fear the medical establishment was literally going to kill me with their “treatments.”  (Google how many people are killed each year due to medical error.  It’s the number 3 cause of death in America…..400,000 annually and growing.  Now do you want to go see your all-knowing doctor!)

In my quest to have at least one healthy energetic and pain-free day, I started to explore Chinese medicine.  I started with potent tinctures, which saved my gallbladder, although my kids will tell you they can still smell the stench in the air to this day.  I’ve gone through some extraordinary measures to recover my health and have listed a tiny smattering for you to explore:  acupuncture, massage, emotional cellular healing, vitamins and supplements, dietary changes, meditation, sonar waves, Psych K, sweat lodges, and a variety of energy modalities, all of which I know have played a part in my healing journey.

What I’m going to share with you today, is one of my favorite cure-alls stemming from the ninth century at least.  I’ve spent a lot of time studying the history and medical benefits of kerosene and turpentine.  Disclaimer for legal purposes, just because I chose to incorporate petroleum as part of my health regime does not mean I’m telling you to ingest said products.  I will provide research and resources for you to investigate options.  You can and should decide for yourself.

Clearly, what we’re doing as part of our medical practices today isn’t helping, in fact, it’s getting worse.  I can’t name a single person who’s not dealing with some sort of ailment and I’m pretty sure I’m one in a few that can honestly testify to healing as I age.

About four months ago, I started ingesting turpentine to rid my body of the parasites and candida still lurking deep within my small intestines.  This time-tested and well-hidden cure-all is the oil distilled from the pine resin, which is obtained by tapping live pine trees. That’s all it is folks.

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research knows all too well how powerful these cheap but effective products are in healing disease.  So why aren’t they putting any effort into marketing petroleum?  The bottom line always leads back to the profit margin. Chemotherapy yields a way larger profit then pine resin.  Reiteration, to heal you is to lose a customer and the Rockefeller’s are not going to give up a $400 Billion plus annual industry.  The agenda is, you must be sick enough to require their treatment(s) but well enough to provide them revenue through your work and taxes.

My position is never for you to take me at my word.  I’ve provided a few great resources for you to start looking into before you decide to sit down with a tall glass of kerosene.  Although I’m finding tremendous healing results through my own experience, you get to be responsible for your own body.  Isn’t that how it should be?

Linked below are 2 amazing, yet different sources on kerosene and turpentine.  The video is from Dr. Jennifer Daniels MD. who had a thriving medical practice in Syracuse, NY for 10 years.  She graduated from Harvard Medical School at the top of her class and also has an MBA in Business.  She uncovered the history of turpentine and is the foremost expert on healing naturally implementing turpentine as part of an effective way to rid the body from the devastating effects of Candida as well as exposing medical fraud and lies as a former insider. The answers are out there so hop on YouTube and listen to everything Dr. Daniels has to share.  Below is one of her websites.  (There is no financial gain for me in recommending Dr. Daniels or her products.  I do so out of conviction for her mission to spread real healing to the world.)

The second link is a very well written article by Universal Healer, Walter Last.  My recommendation is to read the entire article along with all links he’s provided.  Do your research thoroughly before ingesting.  Even beneficial substances for the body like salt and water have to be maintained at an individual balanced level.  Too much or too little can cause harm, even death.  The same rule applies here so do your homework.

Action Steps:  Watch the link provided by Dr. Jennifer Daniels and read the entire article “Kerosene” by Walter Last.  Be sure you’re well educated on this topic before making any decisions.  In the meantime, I’m going to get back to my turpentine and castor oil concoction.  Salute!

Dr. Jennifer Daniels on Turpentine

Your Inner Prostitute!

Prostitute Archetype


I love life’s unexpected surprises. Someone I’ve not met in person or even talked to by phone contacted me via email and announced he was going to be in town for the weekend and asked if I would be interested in going to a Snoop Dog concert with him. I responded by thanking him for the invite but also let him know I’m not a Snoop fan.  Upon his incessant probing, I launched into a soft diatribe regarding the shallowness and degradation of our world and felt it was more important to channel my time and energy into contributing to the solutions rather than spending precious time and energy on an evening I cared nothing about.

My point in reviewing this incident, would be his telling response:  “I hear ya, these were free tickets from my company. I would never pay to see him.”  Let me say right up front, this blog is not about Snoop as a person or performer nor is it about this mystery gentlemen.  It’s about what your personal price tag is.

At what point are you willing to compromise to get what you want because the payoff is looking pretty tantalizing?  Think about that for a minute.  In the case of this man, he claims he wouldn’t directly pay for the concert tickets so in his mind, it’s not costing him anything.

I thought it was interestingly misleading to himself, that he’s really under the impression that it’s not costing him in some way for being in the energy and environment of The Dog.  As I sat in reflection mode, I had the thought, “you literally couldn’t pay me to devote an entire night of my life listening to that crap.”  Immediately following, the thought jumped into my mind, “well, that’s not true.”

The next obvious question I had to investigate was, “at what price would I be willing to spend an entire evening with a stranger, listening to music I don’t enjoy, in a huge crowd of people I don’t know, and at least 2 hours battling rude traffic?  Would I go for a $1,000.00, $10,000.00, or a cool $1,000,000.00?”  I was alone inside my head, so if I admitted to having a price, I’d be the only one who’d know, until now that is.

Welcome to the Prostitute Archetype, one of four survival inner archetypes.  This actually has very little to do with exchanging sexual acts for a few bucks or favors, but a great deal more to do with the price at which you’re willing to make a concession to get what you want or need.  The hardcore reality is, somewhere and in some way, it’s quite likely that you are willing to pander for just the right payoff.  The Prostitute will compromise for less then your status quo when you’ve hit your payoff.  That of course, different for everyone.

Each of us has some version of the Prostitute Archetype within us or we absolutely wouldn’t make compromises in our life: love, children, careers, lifestyles, health, time, and the list goes on.   What makes the price of one compromise more or less acceptable then the cost of another?  Nothing!  This is a far greater topic then I’m able to cover in this forum, so instead, I’ll defer to the expert on this subject, Dr. Carolyn Myss.  Be prepared to go deep and strip the Prostitute down to only the bare bones.

For this post, a brief introduction to the 4 Survival Archetypes by Jannette J. Sanchez:



Action Steps:  Reflect honestly upon all areas of life you feel you may have compromised.  See if you can identify at what point you were willing to settle, at what cost to you or those around you were paid in order to get what you wanted, and most importantly, why were you so willing to compromise?  Namaste’

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