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Banking Fraud…..Computer glitches lead to no Gov. checks!

Banking System Fraud


As you may or may not be aware, Chase Bank has made the official announcement via letters to their customers, that as of November 17, 2013, they will be limiting the amount of cash you can withdrawal from your own account (Business owners) & there will be NO international money transfers for anyone.  For those who do exceed the cash withdrawal limits, Chase will impose a penalty or charge on each dollar over said allotment.

I’m wondering if these big corporate bankers are playing by their own made up rules or if they’re too busy padding their portfolios in Switzerland thinking we’re too stupid to know what they’re up to!  Please open your eyes, my friends.  I don’t like to drone on about the state of our war criminal government officials, the trillions of taxpayer dollars they illegally swindle, steal, misuse, misappropriate, Agenda 21, and all the other conspiratorial plots they’ve secretly implemented against the easily bemused and distracted citizens.  But we’ve got to pay attention and come together as a nation while we still theoretically have one.

These banks don’t have any money.  They’re completely broke and are literally banking on the idea that you don’t understand that.  Why do you think government officials are constantly raising our nation’s debt ceiling and fronting bailouts?  For every $10.00 you’re depositing into the banks, they’re loaning out a good $100. – $300. based on that $10.  This is what they’re doing with our “fake” money.  If they had a run on the bank (everyone demanding their money at the same time) they’d be forced to close their doors because they have nothing to give you.  They’ve loaned it all out at a tremendous interest that they can’t keep up with.  The very fact that they charge interest, means we’ll NEVER pay off this debt.  Especially when the Federal Reserve keeps printing more money.  With every dollar, they print, what’s already in circulation plummets in value.  If you’re foolish enough to think this can’t happen, I would strongly urge you to study the depression of 1929.  We are in fact, headed in that same directions.  It’s inevitable.

If I were you, I’d march down to your bank on Monday morning and withdrawal everything in your accounts less $100.00.   Liquidate as much as you can and be sure it’s in smaller bills.  In this, you maintain control of your money, keep some semblance of privacy, but above all else, you’re not contributing to the criminal banksters in their game of highway robbery.  Yes, this would crash the banking system in a single day, but GOOD!  This is where they’ve headed anyways.

I’ve been watching our fiat system for a long time and I’d hate for you to get caught with your pants down around your knees.  Not that there’s any value to our currency.  It’s currently .03 cents on the dollar, but at least if it’s squirreled away in a mason jar you’ll have access to it.  More importantly, the banksters will not.  

For the millions receiving food stamps, many of you are dealing with delayed credits to your account or none at all due to our fake government shut down. (Might interest you to know that our trusted government servants are still receiving their salaries).  This is a test!  You may have your credits reinstated but this will be short-lived.  If you are able to make safe alternate arrangements, please get yourself prepared.

Certain banks are scheduled to claim “computer glitches,” will prevent those receiving government funds, will not have access to their monies.  This will most likely happen on a Friday.  Government agencies are closed for the weekend, then the trial run will be corrected at the beginning of the week.  The purpose is to test how the public will respond when not given immediate access to their money.  Overall objective; create a scenario where Martial Law is justified.

If you have not looked into the Federal Reserve, the IRS, or how the banking system really works, I strongly encourage you to be proactive and do your own research.  Per usual, I will provide you with a starting point.  But as always, the rabbit hole is deep and wide.  This is only the beginning so get in there and start learning this for yourself.  It might just surprise you to know that the money in your wallet has the same nonvalue as the money in your Monopoly game.  That’s all this is folks, just one big game.

Action Steps:  One of my favorite experts on the Federal Reserve is Edward Griffin, author of “Creature From Jekyll Island.”  Jump in and keep on swimming!  




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