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Beware the Slick Charlatan…..



It’s January 1st and I’m sitting in a coffee house enjoying the temporary stillness of my little town in Utah.  As I’ve been doing my daily research, hunting for the truth of what that really means as far as this world projection goes, it occurred to me that I have a trust issue.  Over the years I’ve been suckered a few too many times due to my innately trusting and sometimes naive nature.  

Time and time again, I’ve told myself I refuse to have a jaded heart over the shady actions of others.  For the most part, I feel this has been a healthier posture to take.  I just can’t put the required energy into being paranoid and distrusting of everyone and everything.  Nevertheless, I’ve come to realize that as I’ve looked into whistleblowers, read articles, watched broadcasts, read books, and talked with day to day individuals, I’ve had to develop a critical eye and a highly discerning mind.

Instead of being innocent until proven guilty, I fear I’ve run into too many sell out charlatans that give into their prostitute archetypes for a buck or a few minutes in the spotlight.  What happened to the days of old when a man’s word was his life?  He’d rather lose his life than to go back on his word or squelch on a promise.  A verbal contract was sealed with a handshake and both parties upheld their end of the deal in peril of tarnishing one’s reputation.

Most people would consider themselves to be fairly honest and upstanding individuals as would I.  Whether or not that’s actually true is a different matter.  Let me ask you this question when was the last time you told a little white lie?  I have a “lightworker” friend, whom I love dearly, but I’ve noticed she has a real issue with justifying her lies.  What’s worse, is she knows it and it doesn’t seem to bother her.

Early on in my metaphysical training, I intensely studied Dr. Caroline Myss, whom I have the greatest respect for.  She once suggested to her audience to carry around a notebook for an entire month and keep a daily catalog of all your “inconsistencies.”  Maybe that’s a gentler way of admitting to yourself that you’re a liar.

I have always been a natural bullshit detector.  My children hated this factor as they were growing up because if it’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s being lied to.  I take extreme exception when someone mistakenly thinks they can pull a fast one on me.  You mistake me for a fool when thinking I’ll fall for your made-up version of reality and that pisses me off quite frankly.

Perhaps this accounts for my extreme distrust of our government (the etymology of government: Latin, “gubernare” for “govern” or “control” and “mentis” for the mind.  Government = “mind control).  This also became true for the religion I was raised in, Mormonism.  (the etymology of religion: Latin, “religare” for “to bind.”)  Under these circumstances, breaking free was just a matter of time as no man is meant to be in bondage.  

In my fantasyland, presented as reality, everyone loves and respects one another and would rather have their tongue removed then to tell a lie, deliberately misleading another.  Such that it is, this is no longer the case.  We live in a world of hidden (occulted) secrets, subliminal advertisements, revised history, and extreme propaganda.  The sad reality is, you must check, double check, then triple check all sources.  Make sure as you’re on your journey of truth, to corroborate ALL resources, taking nothing at face value.  This is no longer the world where you’re innocent until proven guilty.  If you think I’m wrong, ask yourself why we’re all under constant surveillance now, even while sleeping……?  Not even Orwell could’ve imagined this.  

Getting fooled by slick charlatans is easier than you might think so be very wary of attractive, smiling politicians with beautiful teeth, perfectly quaffed hair, and flowery speech as he’s signing your rights away in an unconstitutional executive order.  Beware of Christian ministers in expensive suits and huge mansions asking for money while quoting scripture as he’s robbing you blind in tithes.  Pay attention to alluring propaganda, promising you the moon as you reach for your credit card with the promise of a slimmer figure and a youthful face.  It’s all around us folks.  People will tell you what you want to hear, that doesn’t make it the truth. Truth in ALL things, even if uncomfortable and challenging, must be the overriding pursuit if we’re going to get to the crux of what’s been going on in this world and rise above.  

Action Steps:  Become aware of exactly what you say and your “inconsistencies” (LIES) throughout the day. How many white lies, or whoppers are you telling and what are you going to do about coming back into integrity?  Tell the truth.  Start holding those in “authority” responsible for the lies they tell.  Liars tell lies because they can.  If that’s ok with you, then this farce of an existence continues.  If it’s not then do something about it. Namaste’


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