Redefining Reality by Decoding Illusion



Madelyne Harris is an empathic implant who was born with the unique ability to read people, places, and events, even that which is the greater portion of reality, “the unseen.”  Having been born with much of her consciousness intact, Madelyne was quickly labeled an “over sensitive” child due to her abilities to pick up the subtle energy frequencies.  Throughout her life experiences, many having to do with incredibly poor health, this has allowed her to gain greater insight, into core issues of the spiritual, emotional, and behavioral patterns coming from the subconscious and conscious minds, and re-pattern beliefs to be in alignment with Natural Law.

As an independent researcher, writer & intuitive, Madelyne’s passion is in the decoding of the illusionary worlds presented to us by the controllers of this construct.  We must re-educate ourselves in the areas of metahealing, quantum work in the morphogenic field, the occult and it’s symbolism, ancient mystery teachings, exopolitics, and the forces controlling the world grid.

Having worked with victims of MK Ultra mind control, it’s crucial for all of humanity to understand the brainwashing agenda, be it a soft form of mind control or trauma based, that our schools, churches, governments, medical establishments, media and entertainment, and all regulated organizations have had throughout history as the architects of this perceived construct.

Madelyne’s readings comes from a spiritual and psychological perspective, not a religious one.  She is not affiliated with any specific religion, although she is formally an ex-member of the Mormon cult and has spent the better part of two decades studying theology.  

One of her missions as a volunteer to Earth, is to aid in the raising of Earth’s consciousness.  The harmonious marriage of the mind spirit & body relationship is crucial to living a balanced life while in the crystalline / carbon form, as well as making a successful transition out of the grid, with & without the breath of life. 


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