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Vedic Palmistry Reading:

What is your destiny and can you change it?  The answer is “yes” and is secretly (astrologically) coded in your hands.  “Hasta” or ancient Vedic Palmistry of hand analysis is not just about the lines in your hands, but the structures and beliefs that create these lines.  Your hands reveal your true talents, what makes you happy, relationships, fetishes, health, your internal and spiritual nature, psychology and much more.  Consider your hands as a road map to your life.  Wondering which road to take?  Let’s take a look and see what your hands say about you.

All appointments will be done via Zoom video.  Prior to your appointment, submit 3 copies of your hands via scanner with black ink, just like you’re being finger printed, to  Hands must be completely relaxed, in a natural position, with all fingerprints highlighted including the thumb and just pasted the wrists lines.  60 min ~ $65.00


Frequency Reading & Interpretation:

In this session, we’ll be taking a look at all energy bodies.  This can include but are not limited to, the auric field, chakra system, subconscious & conscious minds, belief structures, health, & emotional body.  I’ll be looking at your life map chart to determine your natural energy pathways as well as where you’ve been influenced.  If frequency transmutations need to happen, we’ll be shifting & aligning those.  This session can include dietary habits & health through organics & homeopathy.

All apts will be done via Facetime.  Prior to your appointment, submit your birth name, location, date & exact time of birth, & phone number to  1 hr 30 min.  $275.00 ~ (Includes a 50 min follow-up.) 


Relationship / Spiritual Advisement:

In this session, we’ll be taking a look at the relationship you have with yourself, with others, how you navigate this world, & patterns you’ve created in your life.  This may include taking a look at your spiritual development.  What are your current belief systems?  Are they working for you or are you wanting to expand your consciousness?  Maybe it’s time to activate your third eye & take command of your energy structures.  Are you ready to learn how to manipulate your own frequencies?  Time to be your own guru!

All appointments will be via Facetime.  Prior to your appointment, submit your full name, exact time & date of birth, city & state of birth, & phone number to  50 min. $90.00


Emotional & Mental Considerations:

This session is reserved for those who are willing & able to take a deeper look into their emotional & mental states.  Whether you’re dealing with depression, abuse, MK Ultra trauma-based mind control, or need a deeper understanding of why you’re feeling & thinking the way you do, this is the session for exploring & resolving these issues.  To be clear, this is generally not a one time apt.  Based on the initial consultation, an individual plan of action will be formulated & implemented.  This is a serious look into the psyche of one’s self & will require you to come to the table ready, to be honest with yourself. 

This apt will done via Facetime.  Prior to your apt, submit your full name, exact time & date of birth, city & state of birth, & phone number to  50 min.  $90.00



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