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“Cancer Is A Fungus”……Sodium Bicarbonate

Cancer Is A Fungus


Today’s information is rich in hope and we’ll have a fun experiment to watch as we all move one step further into empowering ourselves.  As previously mentioned, The Rockefeller Institute has known that cancer is an overgrowth of fungus since the 1940s and capitalizes on this fear tactic to the tune of roughly $400 billion dollars each year in “treatment” plans and therapies.  Why on Earth would they want you cured of any ailment when they’ve created the largest reoccurring customer base!?  To cure you is to lose profit for them.  Medical malfeasance is the #3 killer in the U.S. claiming upwards of 400,000 deaths every year and that number is tragically on the rise.

Today’s post will offer what could be, just one of many viable solutions for naturally cleansing your body.  We’ll also be doing a live experiment as we track my dog, Bella and a tumor she’s developed on her thigh.  

Sodium bicarbonate, aka baking soda, has been used since before the 1920s for all kinds of ailments.  Our bodies have a delicate balance it maintains in order to function optimally.  The ideal temperature is 98.6, if it’s above that, even slightly or falls below that level, (most practitioners will say that’s still normal and perfectly acceptable, but that’s misinformation)  you will feel sick and in a state of dis-ease in the body.  The variance in temperature alters the shape and therefore the function of the cells and as a result, affects the way we feel.  At either end of the temperature scale, death always occurs, without exception.  This is hypo/hyperthermia.  The same thing applies to our body’s acid/alkalinity levels.  It must be maintained at a delicate Ph of 7.365.  When we are too acidic, inflammation and disease occur causing a myriad of health issues and pain.  When mixed with water and taken orally, baking soda successfully brings the body’s Ph levels back into balance.

Back in 1926 Arm & Hammer used to publish a pamphlet promoting its medicinal uses.  These claims were substantiated with 100 years of clinical use and research in the treatment of cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, and even the common cold.  Disclaimer:  I am not promising a cure or even suggesting if you have any of these ailments that abandoning medical attention is the way to go.  (Although that’s exactly what I do…figure it out myself.)  Every case needs specialized attention and requires its own treatment protocol and you’re responsible for making those choices on your own behalf.  AND, I would be remiss as a human being if there was information I was sitting on that could make a difference in someone’s quality of life.  I’m going to refer you to an article and you can get started on our own research. 

Let us now meet Bella, my 9-year-old beautiful standard poodle that has a tumor on one of her hind legs.  This suckers been growing for a few months now and it’s going to cost a mini fortune to have it removed.  After I came across this information a few days ago on sodium bicarbonate neutralizing the acidity and getting rid of the fungus overgrowth, I decided to start giving her a teaspoon orally every day.  I’ve taken pictures of her angry infected tumor and will be tracking her progress, or lack of.  Our beloved Bella licks her tumor and I know it bothers her to some degree.  Please join me in wishing the very best outcome for her.


Bella’s Tumor


Action Steps:  Read Dr. Simoncini’s recent article entitled “Cancer Is A Fungus.”  If you start drinking a teaspoon every night in 4-6 oz of clean water, use a great brand like “Bob’s Red Mill.”  Unlike the other options on the market, Bobs doesn’t taint his product with aluminum.  Also, make sure you ingest at least 2 hours away from eating any food so the hydrochloric acid in your stomach maintains proper acid balance so as to break down food content.  Cheers! 


Beautiful Bella


Update:  Bella lived a great life for another 2 years.  We were diligent with her sodium bicarbonate, despite her hating the taste.  After her tumor was gone, we stopped the dosages.  Unbeknownst to me, she developed another tumor, this time on her stomach.  Because it was internal and we couldn’t see it, the tumor developed at a rapid pace and took Bella from us within 3 months.  RIP Bella.  We love and miss you.  


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