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Confirmation of the Holy Ghost IS Spirit Possession

Spirit Possession


Confirmation of the Holy Ghost IS Spirit Possession


In this piece, we will only be discussing the Mormon ritual of “receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost.”  The ritual of baptism which directly precedes the confirming of the Holy Ghost upon one’s head is an entirely different ritual and will need to be broken down separately.

Only years after severing ties with the Mormon church and after careful study of occult teachings, have I now been able to see more clearly what the Mormon rites and rituals are all about.  Please bear in mind, that most Mormon baptisms are done to small children around the age of 8.  They are born into this cult usually from a long line of DNA Mormons and do not have the spiritual or intellectual capabilities to dissect and discern the meanings of such complicated occultic (means hidden) practices.  For those who were converted at a later age, all I can say is, you were duped.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  These ancient mystery teachings have been around a lot longer than you or I’ve been alive and chances are you’ve not received an occultic education.  Well, that’s about to change.  

Once the “initiate,” which is a Free Masonic term, has dried themselves from the baptismal rite and has redressed in their Sunday clothing, they are placed into a chair where they will sit with their arms folded and head bowed, ready for prayer.  Mormons are taught that the bowing of the head and folding of arms is a position of humble supplication unto the Heavenly Father.  Anytime we approached the Father in prayer, we were to take this physical position in “reverence.”  

What you’re really doing when you bow the head, is breaking the energy line which flows directly up and down the spinal column.  When you disrupt the energy flow by breaking the electrical pulses at the cervical spine, it impairs the body’s ability to connect the head and the heart.  What you think and how you feel has now been thrown onto different playing fields.  

Same with the arms.  When they are folded across the chest, they are breaking the energy lines that innervate from the spine, much like your nervous system, and are now cut off.  Take this position now and see how labored your breathing becomes and how uncomfortable it is on your neck.  Your body is in a closed position with your self-center, the solar plexus, completely blocked by the folded arms.  

It’s in this broken or hampered state that the ritual can begin.  A group of men, “worthy” of holding the Melchizedek Priesthood, surround the initiate in a circle, placing their right hand upon the head of the initiate and their left hand upon the shoulder of the gentlemen standing directly in front of them.  If you were to look down from an aerial view, it would look like a circle with a dot in the middle.  

We’re going to stop right here and talk about what this sign means.  The circle with the dot in the middle is called the circumpunct.  The circle represents the everlasting, forever, or eternity.  There is no beginning and there is no end.  In astrology, it represents the “Sun / Ra” and not the “Son.”  It is also the alchemical symbol for Gold.  

In this ritual, the positions of the bodies are forming the symbol of the Sun and addressing the Sun God Ra.  This does come from the mystic teachings of ancient Egypt.  That’s as far as we’ll be going into that for now.  

When all participants are in position, the invocation begins.  The officiate performing the ritual, also referred to as “The Voice,” will begin by stating the initiate’s full name.  

The following is more or less the exact prayer:  “In the name of Jesus Christ, and by the authority of the holy Melchizedek Priesthood, I confirm you a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and say unto you, “receive the Holy Ghost.’  Words of guidance, admonition, life instructions, divine promises based on choices, and blessings may then follow as dictated by the officiate’s own divine promptings.  During the course of this prayer, the initiate is often times reminded that through worthiness of this gift, the “Spirit” or Holy Ghost will reside within them as a “constant companion” throughout their life, providing discernment from right and wrong.  The prayer is then closed by saying; in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” 

As you can see, the ritual directly commands a spirit to now enter in through the crown chakra, which is the spiritual center of the body and to take possession of the initiate or host.  This spirit is directed through invitation to stay attached to the initiate for the entire duration of his/her lifetime.  In retrospect, this is a frightening and dangerous ritual.

I would imagine this could be one reason why some individuals may have a difficult time breaking ties with the Mormon church.  The confirmation ritual binds the initiate not only to this entity for life but to the Mormon organization as well.  The enormity and importance of this ritual should not be easily dismissed.  

The word “religion” comes from the Latin, ligare meaning to bind.”  It took me many years to realize just how seriously, and literally the Mormon church takes this.  It should also be noted that ALL of these rituals begin when an individual is a newborn.  They continue through the years of childhood into adulthood.  Brainwashing is so much easier when done from birth.  The Mormons waste no time in getting started as the prayers offered onto a newborn’s head under the guise of a “baby blessing” is done as an act of prey, not prayer.  

It is possible to rid oneself of spirit possession placed within them via confirmation.  You must take command of your own body mind spirit, realizing that only you are allowed into your magnetic field.  Anyone or anything inside/outside your field is not permitted, this includes “angels.”  

Action Steps:  Any Pastor, guru, angel, or entity who offers to do for you what you can and should do for yourself, is not there to support your highest and best good.  Beware!  

Your highest self is the only guidance you should be listening to.  Trust in your infinite consciousness and you’ll have direct access to everything you need to live an awake and discerning life.  

Confirmation of The Holy Ghost is Spirit Possession

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