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Deathbed Perspectives!!!

Deathbed Perspectives2


I want to focus on deathbed perspectives and why we, as humans are compelled to procrastinate, hide, lie, and even torture ourselves during the course of our lives rather than choosing freedom through honesty.  I recently ran across a deathbed confession of an ex-CIA operative who’s dying from kidney failure and has decided to come clean with some of the biggest secrets he’s been holding onto since the Eisenhower administration regarding his knowledge (Eisenhower that is) of the existence of alien life forms, which we’ll get into at a later date.



Since this ex-CIA agent was dying, he decided to clear his chest and exit this world without taking the burden of those secrets into the next realm.  My question is:  Why do people wait until the very end to give themselves relief?  For this retired operative, his reasons were clear, he would’ve been killed for breaching his above top clearance.  But this rationale doesn’t apply to the rest of us. 

There’s an old adage that says, “You’re only as sick as your secrets.”  Keeping secrets, lies, or burdens of any kind carries an accumulative effect, not just on our physical health but on our overall well-being.  This phenomenon seems to be worldwide, in that for some reason, people feel compelled to come clean at the eleventh hour and release themselves from their heavy load prior to leaving their bodies.  

Wherever this internal need comes from to set the record straight and clear the conscious before passing comes from, it supersedes guilt, opinions of friends and family, reputations, and even “Top Secret” clearances.  That’s a pretty powerful unseen force.  Although I do believe in reincarnation and the recycling of souls, I feel it’s most important that we stay focused on present time and not get so caught up or distracted by past life drama.  I’ve never felt the need to delve too much into the details of my prior existences.  Maybe that’s because I came to Earth with a great deal of memory intact.  What I’ve needed to know beyond what I’ve needed to know has always been brought to my consciousness on an as-needed basis.

Could it be, that if the karmic air is not cleared prior to the shedding of the body, those energies then carry on thru the physical  “death” transition?  Unresolved matters stay unresolved regardless of the state of the body, whereby staying with us until we ultimately decide to handle our business?  Having studied much of the ancient mystery schools, this is not a far-fetched hypothesis.  I’m come to suspect that each of us inner stands this principle from a higher body awareness.  That’s why consequences be damned at the end of our lives, we’ve got to release ourselves from the weight of these burdens before moving on.  My question then becomes, why are so many willing to torture themselves over the course of their lives with these psychological chains, rather than living freely in the body while they can?

There are some wonderful modalities that are super effective in bringing to light past experiences that require neutralization in order to live peacefully in the present.  Hypnosis, theta, past life regression being a few credible therapies.  With a certified therapist or through disciplined self-reflection time, you are able to bring clarity and harmony into present time.  Don’t put yourself through the burden of carrying secrets throughout your life, or even into the next dimension.  If you value yourself at all, give yourself the gift of a peace while you’re still living.  The consequences will be what they are.  

There’s a saying I reminded my daughter of many times over the years, “Wherever I go, there I am.”  We can not escape ourselves even in so-called death.  Because there is no time, only the illusion of, that which we bring unresolved into this dimension impacts each of us and we do have a responsibility to the collective matrix to bring about resolution.  That which we do not set straight before our transition through the other side, we will carry it onward.  We can not escape ourselves or the lessons we choose, even in death.  If you need to somehow clear the air, consider giving that gift to yourself now before you reach the end.  You may just find more joy in what life you do have left.

Action Steps:  Think about a particular burden or secret you may be hiding and imagine just how free you could feel if you came clean today…. Then take the appropriate actions. 


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