Redefining Reality by Decoding Illusion


     These fascinating short stories are based off the real-life experiences of a galactic traveler from another star system, sent to the Earth as a human to observe and report back on the state of humanity, as well as the innerworkings of Earth as a whole. An Extraterrestrial disguised as a human for the first time, these stories highlight Ava’s experiences as she learns to navigate the Earth in a human body, all the while retaining memories of her Extraterrestrial origins and consciousness.

     Ava opens up and describes in detail, the learning curve of trying to function as a human in this new Earthly environment vs. what she remembers back home on the star system, Appollonia.

     Worldwide, the Earth has roughly 20 million galactic visitors disguised as humans, but chances are they don’t know it anymore than you do, despite the troubles they have adapting to Earth’s customs.

     Do you feel like a stranger here on Earth? Maybe you can relate to Ava’s story even if you can’t recall the details as to why. Whether you’re an implant, a starseed, an Earth volunteer, or you’ve reincarnated a thousand times over, this humorously graphic tale of an alien masquerading as a human, delivers profoundly interesting perceptions that reach far beyond Earth’s atmosphere.


Whether it’s fact or fiction is for you to decide...

Chapter 1 - The Meat Suit

I keep the secret memories alive in the back of mind. I try not to get frustrated when he can’t get deep enough and his physical body stops him from fully entering mine. It’s not his fault, he’s not built for more, and for the time being, neither am I. That’s the harsh reality for me but only I know the difference. My lover has no idea he suffers from comparison in a way he can never measure up. Egos here are quite large and fragile, so for now, I’ll keep these things unsatisfyingly to myself

Chapter 2 - It's HOT In The Birth Canal!

For hundreds of thousands of years, species from other systems, including within the inner-Earth’s core, have made their footprints on humanity in very profound but secretive ways. Secret, mainly because the truth’s been deliberately hidden from us despite pervasive archeological evidence if one will but look.

Chapter 3 - If Vegetables Could Talk

I had no idea who Big Red and dad were.  Strangers in a strange land and all I wanted to do was leave and get the hell out of there.  I bit off more than I could chew by coming to Earth and wanted to go back home before I even got started.  

Chapter 4 - Shhh…

Once we had finished our nightly ritual of screwing around and delaying bedtime, we said our “goodnights” and I was free to pursue my exit plan.  It was just a matter of minutes now before I’d be sailing through the ethers and back on Appollonia.  

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