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Don’t be Pissed New Agers but Channeling is POSSESSION!

Now why would I risk pissing people off with a definitive statement like that?  Because it’s true and here’s why.

Humans are surround by false presentations of spirituality everywhere, most especially in church. But for those that have left organized religion, many have fallen right into the trap of the New Age Movement not realizing the Emperor has still has no clothes.  Our spirits crave edification through the light of truth and to some degree, religion does offer tiny morsels of spiritual enlightenment.  However, after multiple translations, compiled nearly 400 years after the fact, and written by the Free Mason Sir Francis Bacon, should the KJV Bible be a book you bank your entire salvation on or is it up to each of us to live a spiritually guided life?  

Millions worldwide see the problems embedded within organized religion and have felt more spiritually uplifted by leaving said dogmas but rather then developing their own spiritual connections and realizing they are Infinite Consciousness, they fall right into the Luciferian netof the New Age Movement and mistake this for spiritual freedom and enlightenment. In fact, there’s an underlying spiritual contest that seems to be alive and in play.  Upon meeting someone new, these so-called “spiritual” people are quick to run down their list of intuitive gifts and talents as though they’re handing over their CVS for a job. In turn, proper New Age Protocol says it’s appropriate for you to then run down your list of spiritual gifts to them.  This little dance determines who then is the most spiritual.  

The unspoken objective is to see which of you is the spiritual guru, always with the intent of healing you and possibly gaining a new client.  Don’t believe me, just walk into any New Age store for the first time and they’re going to automatically assume you’re a spiritual infant and be happy to share just how intuitive they are.  If this doesn’t end in an expensive reading of some sort, it’s not because they didn’t try.  

To be clear, I do believe in intuition and many of the spiritual modalities, but those with real spiritual development are few and far between, muddled by an overwhelming number of charlatans all too eager to do expensive card tricks in the name of spirituality.   

Here too we have spiritual principles mingled with dangerous lies, practices, and misdirection of the spirit, one of the biggest being “channeling.”  

Let’s take a look at what channeling is and why I call it possession.  I’m confident by the end of this article, you’ll see how exactly the same they are after all.  

Channeling:  a concept in spiritualism where a person allows their body to be used as a host by the ghost of a dead person or some other entity who can then talk to others present through them.  In casual speech, “channeling someone” means imitating another, acting, talking, or thinking just like that person.  The channeler or host surrenders their body to be used by some unknown energy force. This act is typically voluntary.  

Possession: Spirit possession is a term for the belief that animals, aliens, demons, ghosts, gods, or spirits can take control of a human body. The concept of spirit possession exists in many religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Haitian Voodoo, Wicca, Hinduism, Islam, and the Southeast Asian and African traditions.  This act is typically involuntary but same action.

Do you see a difference between the two because so far, I don’t.  Slightly different words, one is voluntary the other is not, but the same process occurs.  Let’s keep going.  

I want to first break down the mechanics for both channeling and possession, we’ll get to the “messages” shortly.  Both require the surrender of the physical body to an unknown energetic source, usually a ghost, 4thdimensional parasite, archontic force of sorts, and this is a huge “NO NO.”  

At no time, EVER,should any bodiless energies outside of yourself take up residence within your bio-electricmagnetic field.  This is your space to protect, nurture, and live by.  I have a real problem with channelers removing themselves from the responsibility of whatever’s said during the course of a reading, as though that abdication absolves them entirely from the channeled message. They mistakenly believe the visiting entity is solely responsible and that the host is just the voice.  WRONG!!!  

Many also feel that it’s a spiritual gift because of how good the messages are.  When Lord Sananda, Quan Yin, or the Ashtar Commander delivers a warm and fuzzy message it must be true, right?  This too is false and misleading.  (Read my article “Angels / Demons” for more details.)  

First of all,every single non-bodied entity is familiar with Natural Lawand knows they are not to interfere with our growth and development.  The very act of interference says they are not benevolent beings.  They have an agenda, but what is it?

Secondly,these beings know they are not supposed to inhabit our bodies…period!  If they want one, they can get it themselves. But they can’t which is why they want yours and will do whatever it takes in order to obtain it, including deception.  You may not know any better but they do.  

Thirdly, any entity willing to do for you what you should be doing for yourself, is inhibiting your ability to grow and learn.  This is one the biggest agendas they have.  You might see channeling as the height of spirituality, but it’s the exact opposite since you’re not taking control of your entire energetic field and protecting it from invasion.  Moreover, you’re not accessing your natural abilities to receive information directly from the etheric field or upper aeon on your own, rather you’re relying on someone else to do it for you.  This is a whopper so you may need to read this one a few times and let it sink in.    

So then is one able to have communication with authentically benevolent beings or aliens outside this light spectrum without allowing possession of your physical body?  The answer is YES,but I would caution you to use extreme discernment and NEVERhand over control of yourself.  

When establishing communication with those outside this physical reality, it’s imperative to lay down clear parameters, set by you, on how communications are to take place. Those in compliance with Natural Law are thrilled to comply and will honor this request.  

Communications with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings can and should take place without surrendering your consciousness, that includes hearing their messages, tips, and guidance without losing conscious awareness.  (Many channelers go into a trance and are completely unaware of the messages while they’re delivering them.  Again, this is the same as possession.)

You can be open to seeing and or hearing these beings face to face without having them enter your field. If they are benevolent light beings, they must be willing to stand before you, face to face on your terms, without breaching your boundaries.  When I hear from the other side or other beings from different systems, it’s always while I’m completely awake, and never at any time to do they enter my field.  I’m simply interpreting the frequencies they send to me which result in the messages.  The higher-self will automatically translate the frequencies into comprehensible words.  

It is imperative to see the forest through the trees when building a spiritual interior and not get derailed by what the external world is trying to offer up as spirituality. Since when has the temporal world ever been an accurate model of that?  It hasn’t.  Babylon is still alive so why would you accept its version of anything?  What was once practiced openly is now underground and presented in covert ways but still very much alive.  

Awaken your discernment.  As you do, you’ll be surprised at how easily you can spot deception even when packaged as truth.  

Action Steps:  Read the “Sovereign Declaration” to rid yourself of unwanted entities within your bio-electromagnetic field.  Spend time developing your natural intuition and establishing awareness of your boundaries while being open to communications outside the visible light spectrum, where most of life is happening.  

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