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Family Emergency……



Now that I have your attention, let us address today’s pressing issue: the destruction of the family and the importance of preserving this most precious and sacred of all units.  Evidence of this break down is all around us and parents have become so caught up in chasing the all mighty dollar that spending quality time rearing our children averages a mere 36 minutes each day….that’s a travesty and our children are suffering as a result.  

How can we possibly expect these kids to grow up with a healthy understanding of how people relate to one another when most children log in at least 8 hours of entertainment each and every day?  It can’t happen!  Don’t fool yourself into thinking this isn’t by design.  Make it appoint to be observant while driving around town and notice how many vehicles are playing some sort of video to occupy the kiddies while running errands.

When we were little, we used to pass the drive time by singing songs, playing the license plate game, or my brother’s personal favorite “slug bug!”  As we got older, my parents used this time to talk with us on a more mature level.  We lived about 3 1/2 hours from our extended family, so we used to travel back and forth about once a month for regular visits.  This was a great way for us to talk and talk and talk, about everything.

Parenting takes time and effort, that’s all there is to it.  Your children can not possibly be upset that you cared too much or showed too much interest in them as individuals.  They can and most likely will, however, grow up with emotional wounds from feeling like they were abandoned or rejected if you’re parenting on automatic pilot by not engaging proactively and showing genuine interest in them.

My biggest concern for humanity is how we relate to one another in general and within the now warped family structure.  It will not survive mass mind control thru demoralizing television programming, destructive and violent video games, and movies that skew our sense of reality, deliberately aimed at destroying the family.  Most people are unaware that you are not just watching tv with your conscious mind but all information is processed as reality into your subconscious mind, which means the EVIL that is DISNEY, is shaping your child’s perceptions and self-esteem, not you.  I know popping in a Disney movie is the easy thing to do, but take a good hard look at any of the Disney kids and ask yourself if you really want your child turning out like that?

I know you’re tired and worn down from this rat race we call life, but leaving someone or something else responsible for raising your child will only prove to make things harder for you and for them in the long run.  Make family time a sacred and fun experience.  When was the last time you played a board game with your children or jumped on a trampoline?  Some of our best times as a family has been sitting around the kitchen table, eating coconut curry popcorn, and playing Phase 10 and Boggle Master.  Electronic games do not count btw.  Take a break from the electromagnetic frequencies and radiation and get back to basics…..human interaction!

Most children these days are growing up inundated with technology.  They may throw a fit or two when instructed to temporarily put it away, but tough it out and stick to your guns.  They may have to be retrained but resistance will subside if you’re persistent.  As a side, the kids aren’t the only ones that need to be retrained.  They wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing if you hadn’t created the situation, to begin with.  Bear this in mind when faced with epic attitude.  Treat these withdrawals like an addiction.  The sooner you take action and nip these bad habits in the bud, the stronger your family will become.

If the weather’s good in your area, take the dog for a walk and enjoy the chemical air together.  Remember, spending time together is the key, not spending money.  The measure of your love is not monetary so if you’ve been guilty of buying things for the kiddos to fill their time, buy their love, or possibly assuage some parental guilt (single parents are great at this) then stop this behavior immediately!  We’ve heard for years that it’s quality time, not quantity that counts.  Well, hopefully, we can all see by now via the state of affairs, what a load of crap that is.



How about this notion; if you choose to bring children into this world, then be prepared to support them in every way.  This is not an 18-year commitment FYI.  When you have children, you’re a parent for life.  The only difference will be, is how you relate to your child as they grow and mature.  Children are a joy (most of the time) and watching them develop into loving, compassionate, and self-sufficient adults is a gratifying experience.  This will be the best investment with the highest return you will ever make.  Let each of your children know how glad you are to have them in your family and that you’re excited to help them evolve into the person they came here to be.

I’ve told my children they are required to love their mom every day, so hugs are expected and well-received from all.  In the car when my children were younger, we used to take turns saying 3 nice things about everybody or what we appreciated about each other.  Take time to come up with your own familyism and make them a priority.

Action Steps:  Take pride in preserving your family, making it the top priority.  Come up with at least 2 fun ways to enhance and strengthen family relations.  Namaste’ 



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