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Fight fire with fire…… The Violet Flame & Radiation Technology!

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 As we all know, or should anyway, everything is energy.  You, me, light, sound, color, thought, feeling, and all elements of the multiverse.  Tangibly, energy takes on different forms and structure because it’s all vibrating at different frequencies known as Hertz.  This includes people.

For most of today, I’ve been bombarded with ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves coming at me from every direction.  We’ve all been trained to rely solely on our 5 senses & nothing else.  If you can’t see, taste, touch, smell, or hear it, then it doesn’t exist.  I would hope that most of us have evolved enough by now to know that’s a limited and narrow view.

I’ve always been highly sensitive to energies, subtle and overt.  I can feel the radiation emitted from a microwave, televisions, computers, and other appliances.  So, when my house started shaking earlier this morning and I felt these ELF waves hitting me, I had to pack up my stuff and leave the house for a few hours to escape the constant pulsing.

Why is this such a big deal you might ask?  Because humanity is being targeted in an energetic war and the real “weapons of mass destruction” are the silent radiation frequencies being used on us for our total control, manipulation, and destruction.  I’ll provide a reference below where you can access government documents and see for yourself out of Big Brother’s own mouth what’s going on.  Before you dismiss this accusation as a conspiracy theory, do the homework and educate yourself.  Once you’ve educated yourself on the facts, then I’ll invite your comments below.

But, what to do?  So we have this tremendous issue to face, what’s the solution?  Although I’m a peace at all costs type of person, sometimes you need to fight fire with fire.  Step #1.)  Educate yourself on every single thing.  I promise you, the answers are out there if you’ll ask the right questions.  The site I’m providing below will keep you busy for the next 10 years.  If you’ll take the carrots I’m hand feeding you, you’ll inner stand more of what’s going on in the world than if you had attended a 4yr. university or had your doctorate.

Since everything is energy in its varying forms, you must learn how to manage your energy field and access protection from what I call, “The Morphogenic Field.”  Everything you need and are is already there whether you realize it or not.  With the advent of the internet, we are not in the information age and gaining knowledge is simply a matter of time and effort. 

Hopefully, you’ve all seen the Disney movie The Incredibles.  As much as I’m NOT a fan of Disney, there’s a character, “Vie” whose superpower is to create an impenetrable force field around things and people.  This is exactly what I want you to see in your mind’s eye.  See this force field around you and make it violet in color.  This is called “The Violet Flame.”

For those of you who have not studied metaphysics or even basic quantum physics, this may sound far-fetched, but you have an energy field you emit called an “aura.”  By allowing yourself to become surrounded by The Violet Flame, you are transmuting old, heavy, lower frequencies into a lighter faster higher frequency.  Also, this provides a protective barrier for your entire physical and magnetic field.  This shield helps to protect from outside forces like radiation, demonic forces, and negative environments.

We have so much radiation coming at us these days and our cancer rates continue to rise despite the millions and millions of dollars spent on research every single year for decades now. (Cure for cancer in the Rockefeller Institute since 1947)  Anyways, we do not have to be sitting ducks.  It’s time to be proactive.  This is actually a great spiritual practice as well.  Calling upon The Violet Flame invokes protection, wisdom, harmony, and clarity.  Most importantly, it’s a vibratory cleaner.  In this day and tricky age who couldn’t use some of that!

I know facing the reality of a lying murderous cabal is not a fun issue to focus on, but ignoring the facts don’t make them go away.  Only when we’ve identified the problem can we be open to the solutions.  That is my intention with everything I do and teach.  We must be aware of the facts but let’s also come together to problem solve.  Tonight, I’m sharing with you an incredible website that’ll most likely shock you to the core but is absolutely necessary for you to read and share with everyone you know.  While you’re educating yourselves, be sure to access the “solutions” tab so that you can empower yourselves with effective tools and resources.  I cannot stress the importance of this website enough.  

Action Steps:  1.)  Go to – and study every document and documentary posted.  It’s all free so take advantage of their wonderful research on humanities behalf.  Be sure to read “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.”

2.) Get in the habit of calling upon The energy of The Violet Flame for your protection.  3.)  These 2 clips are crucial if you’re using a cell phone and microwave.  I have the entire interview with Barrie Trower posted along with a shorter clip for those of you with short attention spans.  However you can take the information, just get started.  



Longer version for more detail!



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