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Going ALL the way…..



Blessings to everyone this evening.  I received an email from a lady, we’ll call her Sarah, who like many of us in the quest for truth, is overcome with fear, upon discovering some of our world’s most hidden truths.  The rabbit hole continues to deepen and every time she learns something new, it’s just getting worse.  Moreover, she’s overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness and is questioning why she’s even here on this planet of doom.

I inner stand these feelings all too well dear Sarah, and it’s difficult at times, to not want to put your head back in the sand and pretend this isn’t happening. For those of you who’ve truly done your homework, you can probably relate in part, to these feelings.  But, once the light comes on inside your head, there’s no turning back.  You must always keep in mind, “fear” is what the slave masters are after, so you must balance your educational quest, with a spiritual practice to keep your emotional body from becoming paralyzed in fear.  This is a most difficult pursuit but absolutely necessary if you are to free yourself from the slave matrix.  Without question, what’s happening on Earth, is a battle for your mind and spirit.  

As I read Sarah’s email, it occurred to me that these feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are why most choose to remain willfully ignorant and compliant slave citizens of an ever evil empire.  “Divide and Conquer” is one the oligarchy’s favorite methods to keep the slaves in fighting so we must do the opposite by seeing passed their machinations by coming together.  Education is but one piece to this world puzzle and only you can be responsible for that.  There are online communities available to support you as you untangle these lies. (CAUTION: There are countless shills who have sold out and are eager to mislead you, so buyer beware.)

I would encourage us all to befriend like-minded groups and problem solve within your own communities.  I wish I had a better direction to offer.  As part of the unraveling when you’ve discovered your religion has also been a deliberate farce and you don’t even have that to turn to, the harshness of these monstrous deceptions feels multiplied.  Death of the body can appear like a pretty viable option.  There is a reason we’re all here Sarah and I would encourage you to stop looking to others to feed you the answers but to go within and receive them yourself.  Each one of us has been charged with sovereign responsibility for our own lives.  This is a solitary journey and the more of us that dare to challenge the master’s control system, the freer we all become.  It’s ok to experience feelings of uncertainty and to be downright scared, but don’t stay there.

Use those feelings as an opportunity to consciously ask questions that can bring growth and inspire change, to bring this new found knowledge of awareness to others and stop participating in our own enslavement.  We’re all in this boat together and I appreciate the openness of your feelings Sarah, I’ve had them too.  The Rockefellers are notorious for funding both sides of all major wars.  Maybe he’ll front us the money so we can wage a fair fight against them…..;0)

Chin up Lightworkers of planet Earth, if it weren’t “work” you’d have another name.  Remember, we all chose to be here at this time and in this way, so let’s get to work doing what we can to contribute more good to Gaia and all Her beautiful life forms than anything else.  Just you being you is a great start for holding human consciousness at a higher vibratory rate.

Action Steps:  Network either online or in your community with like-minded and equally aware beings.  Continue to educate yourself and others on what’s going on.  You won’t hear this stuff in the media so it’s up to you and me to investigate and spread the news.  “There are only 2 mistakes you can make on the path to truth; not starting and not going ALL the way.” Mark Passio – Namaste’


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