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Have a glass of Kerosene…..Cheers!

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What!  Did she just tell me to drink kerosene?  NO!  But I do and that’s not a joke. Today we’re going to expose an age-old secret for curing Candida, ridding the body of inflammation, fungus (which is what cancer is), and a variety of other physical maladies.

Throughout much of my life, I’ve spent a great majority of it dealing with various and debilitating illnesses, which threw me into the web of western medicine.  Like most, my only exposure was to doctors and hospitals and was programmed to believe the white coats had all the answers.  Because they knew more about my body then I did, I was subjected to harmful chemicals cocktails, unnecessary vaccines, invasive surgeries, antibiotics, the lies of Big Pharma, and the list goes on.  In my ignorance, I did the same to my children for which I’m deeply apologetic.  I’ll spare you the details of past physical issues but suffice it to say, the list seemed never-ending.  For this reason, I was forced to seek alternative options for fear the medical establishment was literally going to kill me with their “treatments.”  (Google how many people are killed each year due to medical error.  It’s the number 3 cause of death in America…..400,000 annually and growing.  Now do you want to go see your all-knowing doctor!)

In my quest to have at least one healthy energetic and pain-free day, I started to explore Chinese medicine.  I started with potent tinctures, which saved my gallbladder, although my kids will tell you they can still smell the stench in the air to this day.  I’ve gone through some extraordinary measures to recover my health and have listed a tiny smattering for you to explore:  acupuncture, massage, emotional cellular healing, vitamins and supplements, dietary changes, meditation, sonar waves, Psych K, sweat lodges, and a variety of energy modalities, all of which I know have played a part in my healing journey.

What I’m going to share with you today, is one of my favorite cure-alls stemming from the ninth century at least.  I’ve spent a lot of time studying the history and medical benefits of kerosene and turpentine.  Disclaimer for legal purposes, just because I chose to incorporate petroleum as part of my health regime does not mean I’m telling you to ingest said products.  I will provide research and resources for you to investigate options.  You can and should decide for yourself.

Clearly, what we’re doing as part of our medical practices today isn’t helping, in fact, it’s getting worse.  I can’t name a single person who’s not dealing with some sort of ailment and I’m pretty sure I’m one in a few that can honestly testify to healing as I age.

About four months ago, I started ingesting turpentine to rid my body of the parasites and candida still lurking deep within my small intestines.  This time-tested and well-hidden cure-all is the oil distilled from the pine resin, which is obtained by tapping live pine trees. That’s all it is folks.

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research knows all too well how powerful these cheap but effective products are in healing disease.  So why aren’t they putting any effort into marketing petroleum?  The bottom line always leads back to the profit margin. Chemotherapy yields a way larger profit then pine resin.  Reiteration, to heal you is to lose a customer and the Rockefeller’s are not going to give up a $400 Billion plus annual industry.  The agenda is, you must be sick enough to require their treatment(s) but well enough to provide them revenue through your work and taxes.

My position is never for you to take me at my word.  I’ve provided a few great resources for you to start looking into before you decide to sit down with a tall glass of kerosene.  Although I’m finding tremendous healing results through my own experience, you get to be responsible for your own body.  Isn’t that how it should be?

Linked below are 2 amazing, yet different sources on kerosene and turpentine.  The video is from Dr. Jennifer Daniels MD. who had a thriving medical practice in Syracuse, NY for 10 years.  She graduated from Harvard Medical School at the top of her class and also has an MBA in Business.  She uncovered the history of turpentine and is the foremost expert on healing naturally implementing turpentine as part of an effective way to rid the body from the devastating effects of Candida as well as exposing medical fraud and lies as a former insider. The answers are out there so hop on YouTube and listen to everything Dr. Daniels has to share.  Below is one of her websites.  (There is no financial gain for me in recommending Dr. Daniels or her products.  I do so out of conviction for her mission to spread real healing to the world.)

The second link is a very well written article by Universal Healer, Walter Last.  My recommendation is to read the entire article along with all links he’s provided.  Do your research thoroughly before ingesting.  Even beneficial substances for the body like salt and water have to be maintained at an individual balanced level.  Too much or too little can cause harm, even death.  The same rule applies here so do your homework.

Action Steps:  Watch the link provided by Dr. Jennifer Daniels and read the entire article “Kerosene” by Walter Last.  Be sure you’re well educated on this topic before making any decisions.  In the meantime, I’m going to get back to my turpentine and castor oil concoction.  Salute!

Dr. Jennifer Daniels on Turpentine

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