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Have some “FECES”……Aspartame!



This information may come as a shock to you, but if you’re ingesting “Aspartame” in any derivative, you’re eating FECES.  It’s no secret that millions worldwide have awakened to the globalist’s massive scale efforts to depopulate the Earth to a more manageable number of 500,000,000 or less. (Research Agendas 21, 30, and review the Georgia Guidestones).  The cabal of criminal banksters, government officials, spiritual leaders, entertainment magicians, Big Pharma, educational anesthesiologists, and the food industry have conspired to make sure the slaves of their kingdoms are kept mind-numbingly stupid and pacified with the Hollywood Satanists so as not to question anything.

 Speaking of being dumbed down, tonight we’re going to be discussing the FDA approved poison; Aspartame.  Accidentally discovered in 1965 by a G.D. Searle chemist, James Schlatter, who was then working on a drug to cure stomach ulcers.  Aspartame was 180 times sweeter than sugar but had zero calories.  Searle then spent the next 9 years and millions of dollars in safety tests and experiments trying to prove the safety of aspartame.  Although study after study showed conclusively that aspartame was causing grand mal seizures in infant monkeys, death, brain tumors, migraines, autoimmune disorders, and other serious health issues in nearly all their test animals, Searle was eventually successful in pushing the FDA for an approval for minimal use in dry goods.

Aspartame is the poop from the man-made bacteria, “E-coli.”  As more and more research came to light on the ill effects of this scientifically proven poison, the FDA temporarily pulled its stamp of approval.  Two major facts to highlight next: G.D. Searle’s chairman at this time was none other than Donald Rumsfeld. (More on this convicted war criminal and evil reptile in a later post).  The day after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as president of the United States, Rumsfeld stated he’d “call in his markers” and vowed to get aspartame back on the shelves.

Known at this time to be linked to at least 90 issues ranging from headaches, death, seizures, Parkinson’s, MS, tumors, cancer, fibromyalgia, and the list goes on; Rumsfeld’s bidding was done.  Ultimately, Searle ran into several litigations as a result of their negligence and Rumsfeld of course, moved on to become the Secretary of Defense.

Enter; Monsanto!  Completely unphased by Searle’s legal issues, Monsanto buys the patent on aspartame and has now put this neurotoxin in over 90 thousand products we eat every day.  From gum, soda, ice cream, cereal, baby food, and nearly every consumable product at your grocery store, Monsanto, king culprit of GMOs, has been deliberately and knowingly poisoning me, you, your children, and every person in this country.  Why do you think everybody’s sick all the time?  Incidentally, Monsanto is banned in other countries but not here in the land of the free.  Once you start looking at the big picture, it’s easy to see how Searle/Monsanto was able to get FDA approval for a drug they knew was harmful to nearly everyone that ingested it…ESP infants and those with developing brains.  In my book, that makes them beyond evil.  

When looked at as an isolated incident, one could take the stand, this is unfortunate but certainly not conspiratorial.  You must learn to connect the dots and see this as only one thread in their tapestry of evil machinations.  I know unveiling each lie can be overwhelming, but as we expose the lies and bring truth to the forefront, we the people are gaining power. There are way more of us, which is why they’re running scared and go to such great lengths to truncate our IQs through neurological toxins.  Read every label and by all means, stop chewing gum, eating sweeteners, and drinking soda of any kind.  This stuff will kill you.

Action Steps:  Look up the facts on aspartame.  Dr. Russell Blaylock is an expert scientist on Excitotoxins and their effects on the brain.  Most importantly, stop eating shit (aspartame/acesulfame)!  Namaste’




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