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Psychology of Color


One of the most consistent questions I get from clients is “Who am I?”  All humans have an internal desire to unveil who they are at the core and secondly, to uncover what their purpose in life is. “Why am I here?” 

In an attempt to bring us closer to the answers, we’re going to strip down to the very essence of what it means to be in a human presentation.

Let’s start with the actual word, “Human.”  Although you won’t find me quoting biblical scripture very often, this will be one of those occasions.  In fact, we’ll be breaking down the etymology of “human” from several angles, the Bible being just one source.    

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1 KJV)

We’ll be discussing word magic at another time but suffice it to say, words have creative power, as does “God.”  From this verse, we see they are one in the same.  “The word was God.”

If you look at the ancient Egyptian mythology of the word “Hu,” it is the word of creation.  (Who creates?  Gods!)  If you Wikipedia “Hu,” you’ll get a more in-depth explanation of the creative powers of Hu and Sia.  The details are fun to know but the important inner standing is that of creation. 

The word “Huma,” “hu” represent the spirit, and the “mah” in Arabic means water. 

In Sufi, the sound of “HU” is all the names of God in one.  How beautiful indeed and very similar in meaning to the Hindi, Namaste; meaning, the divine in me bows to the divine in you.    

The English word “human” breaks down into 2 parts.  “Hu” meaning God and “man” meaning mind.  Originally coming from the Sanskrit word “mana,” which is, the mind of the ordinary person.  So, another word, god, and man come together. 

I’m seeing a pattern here folks.  Are you? 

In English, we have synonyms.  Words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.  That can be confusing when learning to read and write English but boy has it made word magic fun for those that have twisted our language.  Let’s do a little more unraveling……

“Hu” also has the same sound as “hue,” which of course means the purest or brightest shades of color.  Hues are shades that have not been mixed with white, grey, or black.  For those of you familiar with the chakra system and the corresponding frequencies represented by color, this information might make a little more sense to you.  If you’re not familiar, please stop right here and google the chakra system so you can see how it’s represented in the body via the rainbow. 

Color is, broken down white light.  Each color on the visible light spectrum has a specific wavelength.  The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength.  Red has a lower frequency and therefore longer wavelength.  At the top of the rainbow, if following the chakra system, violet has the highest frequency but the shortest wavelength.  All other colors will be somewhere in between the ultraviolet scale with green occupying most of the spectrum, thereby most visible to the human eye. 

The Psychology of Color

The psychology of color is well-known yet a lesser explored branch of study into the workings of our brain and how it perceives reality.  Colors used to manipulate our emotions and therefore has a direct impact on our decision-making process.  For instance, many restaurants use the color red.  Red is a base or primary color and is associated with, amongst many other things, metabolism. 

Color perception is subjective and varies from person to person.  We feel color.  Or, how we feel about color is said to influence each of us differently.  Do you have a favorite color?  Why that particular one?  It’s probably because of the way it makes you feel. 


Here are some basic color associations: 


Red:  Grounding to the Earth, passion, desire & love, aggression, power, increased enthusiasm.

Orange:  Stimulates activity, governs relationship, money center, joy, sunshine & attraction.

Yellow:  Happiness, joy, intellect, self-esteem, activates memory, stimulates the nervous system.

Green:  Soothing, harmony, fertility, nature, alleviates depression & anxiety, balance.

Blue: Trust & peace, loyalty, integrity, communication, coolness, duty, reflection.    

Indigo/Violet: Spirituality, vision, luxury, decadence, authenticity, quality, suppression.

Pink:  Femininity, love, sexuality, emasculation, inhibition, warmth, survival of the species.

Grey:  Psychological neutrality, lack of confidence, dampness, depression, lack of energy.

Black:  Sophistication, glamour, heaviness, coldness, efficiency, oppression, security.

White:  Hygiene, clarity, sterility, elitism, sophistication, efficiency, purity, coldness. 


This is a fascinating topic and there’s no way we can cover all aspects in the depth it requires with just a few short words.  “Who are we” remains a complicated question but the one thing every angle has in common, is light.  We are light beings utilizing a temporary water and carbon flesh suit so we can experience only that which can be obtained in physicality. 

As divine energy light beings, we each have a unique frequency signature.  You do come to Earth with a baseline hertz, but you’re not tied to it indefinitely.  Your energy signature is lowered or raised at will from the music you listen to, your thoughts words and actions, the foods you eat, the colors you like or avoid, the company you keep, and the list goes on. 

Evil comes out of the lower frequencies.  The higher your frequency, the greater in consciousness you are.  As in all things, you get to choose….. Namaste’


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