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“I Love Boobies” Campaign

I love boobies campaign


Tonight’s topic:  The “I Love Boobies” campaign.  Aside from the obviously ascetic aspect of breasts, emotionally speaking, this is our first and most essential nourishment in life.  Just as we have a male and female side of the body, the right breast represents the giving of nourishment, while the left breast is its equal yet opposite value, which is to receive nourishment.  Like the yin/yang, this creates balance within oneself.   This balance or imbalance is deeply seeded on a psychological level from our earliest experiences in the physical body.

I’m very concerned that nowadays there’s a push for women to rush into their physician’s office out of fear and lop off their breasts in this crazy breast cancer propaganda campaign.  Now, before you blow up my email or this blog with your views on breast cancer, I do understand the gravity of this disease.  AND, women with the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene sequences, located on Chromosome 17, are being prematurely encouraged to remove their breasts as a preventative measure without educating themselves on the facts or understanding that just because you may carry this sequence, the actual likelihood of developing breast cancer as a result of that, is highly unlikely.  Less than 1/10th of 1% to be exact.

The golden question becomes, why is there such a celebrity and media campaign to instill the level of fear required for one to voluntarily walk into a physicians office and request to have your breasts removed?  This is a multi-tiered question the size of which will we not delve into fully at this time.  I’ll touch on the bullet points, provide the references for you to do your own homework, and then you can do some homework yourself.

Are you aware that at least 20% of YOUR DNA is corporate owned?  Don’t believe me?  Well, it just so happens that Myriad Genetics exclusively owns the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene sequences.  They also own the $4,000.00 test to see if you happen to carry these genes within your body.  Look into this topic for yourself and then let’s talk about why certain celebrities are glamorizing the removal of such beautiful and emotionally nurturing glands. (Here’s a hint: look at Rihanna’s album cover and coincidence between the supreme court ruling on this topic alongside Angelina Jolie’s supposed brave double mastectomy and her interesting involvement).  If you do a little digging, you’ll find it’s highly improbable she had her breasts removed.

Let’s switch directions and go deeper into the chest cavity.  Right under these beautiful nourishing glands lies the heart; The essence of all love.  This is not an accident, it’s by design.  The heart sustains life, we’re either nourishing it or we’re not.  It is also the gateway or segway between the lower chakras (the physical plane) and the upper three chakras (the higher vibrational spiritual wheels).

I know the New Age posture is that it’s the 3rd eye (6th chakra) that is the most essential to develop for higher awareness.  Although you must work on all 15 chakras (inner and auric centers) to create balance, our goal as spiritual beings is to Love.  This is the heart center.  Also, our chest is the home of our lungs; our ability to fill our body and life with the much-needed oxygen that fuels each cell, allowing us to take in the good and expel the unusable.  This is literal and metaphorical.  Think about those times of stress or great relief.  What’s the first thing we usually do, unknowingly of course?  We let it all out with a big sigh of relief.  

These essential life organs are protected under our nourishment glands and live side by side with our heart.  If we look at our physical structure in esoteric terms, it’s important to express and experience love for all of life and to be able to offer loving nourishment, as well as receive and express this love so that we may have fulfillment in the physical body.  Like loving chocolate.  You can’t do that as a spirit.  There are certain experiences only obtained thru the physical.  The spirit needs the body, that’s why we’re here.

The chest cavity houses our heart, the lungs, the nourishment of life (the breasts) love and fear, to name a few.  Scaring the midsection via scalpel or thru fear inhibits our ability to fully embrace life.  We will be discussing the importance of fear at a later date.  This essential emotion gets a bad wrap but does serve a vital purpose.

“Love” seems like such a simplistic ideology, but the practice of love requires discipline in mindfulness.  This uncomfortable task will get easier with practice.  Trick question; which one is harder to love, a puppy or your enemy?   Keeping our heart center intact can be a challenge when we’ve had heartaches, mother issues, or difficulties taking in life (lungs).

The swift removal of the mammary glands literally cuts into our ability to care for ourselves and nurture others.  This is one more way we are being removed from CARE.  Mark Passio has an eye-opening podcast covering the attack on the feminine.  (Don’t worry, he covers the masculine as well.)  Mark is not for the faint of heart or for those who like to be lied to or have thin skin.  If you’re tired of the bullshit and ready to rip off the band-aid, click on the link below and be prepared to broaden your view.

Action Steps:  Research Myriad Genetics and the real truth on the androgyny agenda.  Watch at least 1 Mark Passio video link on feminism.  Humbly congratulate yourself on having a good heart and your ability to give and receive.  If that’s not a true statement, well, then I guess you have some work to do.  Namaste’


Masculinization of women & feminization of men.



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