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Say “Cheese”…..GMOs.



Today started off like every other, my 3-year-old granddaughter bellowing from her bedroom, that it’s time to get up and she’s ready for her cheese and hot chocolate.  As we came downstairs towards the kitchen, singing our “good morning” song, as is our daily routine, we started our day on its usual cheery note.  First order of business; start the coffee, then fumble about a minute working on the hot chocolate and lastly, some cheese.  I had forgotten to replace the Babybells the day before, so in its place, I opted for a new pack of sandwich sliced cheddar from Cache Valley.  The package hadn’t been opened yet, so as I reached for the scissors, the word “Natural” on the package was of particular interest to me.

As I read the label, initially I didn’t see anything suspicious listed as part of the ingredients.  I thought I’d better make a quick call to customer support and make sure it was GMO-free prior to giving it to my granddaughter.  I wasn’t on hold for more than 2 minutes when a lovely woman named “Barbara” picked up to provide me with customer support.  I do recognize about myself that when an injustice or a perceived potential injustice is being perpetrated on humanity or my children, that I tend to go from sweet and articulate, to sharp, concisely edgy and passively intimidating in nothing short of a blink.  Keeping this in mind and still without my coffee, I quickly fired off my inquiry to Barbara making sure to keep my tone pleasant yet articulate.

Now, due to me being adamantly opposed to corporate tracking, I always refuse to give my real name and phone number, just so they can answer a consumer question.  Despite the caller ID give away, my intention is for them to inner stand that I’m completely aware of what they’re up to and I’m not about to make tracking me easy.  My name in every consumer or citizen related situation is always “America.”  So, that’s exactly how Barbara accommodatingly addressed me.

Having called about Cache Valley “Natural” cheese, I was a little confused when Barbara kept referring to it as “Bordon” and after a few minutes of this, I finally asked her if Bordon owns Cache Valley.  The way she responded is what caught my attention.  “You have to understand that there are only about 6 companies that own everything.”  Now, I happen to understand this fact but most people are completely oblivious to this reality.  In my mind, here was my invitation to probe her out on what exactly she meant by that.  We had a brief but encouraging conversation and her exact words were, “You can’t imagine how many people are aware of what’s going on politically and what they’re doing to poison our food.  You’re not alone in your concerns.”

HOLY SCHMOLY!  I was so refreshed in seeing this kind woman going about her day, providing assistance to cheese consumers with her eyes wide open to the truth.  By the end of our brief 7-minute exchange, my demeanor had truly softened despite being coffee less.  Barbara also knew my real name and I hung up the phone feeling that I was in great company amongst the countless others who are not fooled by the globalist agenda.  It was a surprising turn that filled my heart with hope.

Three hours later, I received an email from a different woman, Theresa, in quality assurance letting me know that the “Natural” cheese slices I inquired about, has been safely genetically modified and approved of by the trusted FDA & EPA.  What a laugh!

I’m a little confused on how a product can be both natural and genetically modified….but, such as it appears.  I haven’t taken the time to respond to Theresa yet, but when I do tomorrow, it’ll be with both verbal barrels and in the knowledge that this woman doesn’t have the power to do shit.  My intention will be to let her know I recognize her company obligation in allaying my concerns and to also convey to her that not all consumers are idiots and believe the FDA and EPA have our highest interests in mind.  As long as “they” think we believe the lies, they’ll continue in this charade.  If it’s one thing I can’t stand, are lies.  Mistaking me for an idiot has always bothered me.  My plan is to address Theresa head on and challenge her PR position.  Details forthcoming…

Action Steps:  Read the labels on everything!  Namaste’

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