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Opinion or Judgment…?

Opinions or Judgment2


I tend to do the majority of my work from home, so on occasion, I like to find a quiet public place, with Wifi, a few times a week to keep my eye on the social pulse of the community.  Today I’m at a coffee shop doing some work and couldn’t help but overhear the 3 ladies next to me.  This is Utah, and gossip is considered an Olympic sport.  I was trying to mind my own business, but some people are not only boisterous but oblivious of how they affect those around them.  I heard one of the ladies posture her comment with, “In my opinion…”  What followed afterward seemed more like a judgment than an opinion, so of course, I began mulling over the distinct meanings of these two words and how they are frequently confused.

Originally, I was under the impression that these words can be used interchangeably and are similar in nature, but that is most definitely not true.  “Opinion” is a viewpoint or a belief that is typically NOT based on any facts or sure knowledge.  Opinion is offered upon insufficient evidence and can’t be substantiated by proof.  So when we have formed an opinion of a person, place, or an event, what are you basing your opinions on?  Let me answer that for you; NOTHING!  It is our limited view of perception and lack of evidence that forms an opinion and we then use our opinion to render a hard-lined judgment.  In religious terms, it’s the equivalent to “faith.”

I find this alarming since humanity has been engineered to say “in my opinion” as an attempt to be PC (politically correct).  Translation, society’s been conditioned to spout off unsolicited and factless, therefore useless judgments based on airy-fairy idealistic nonsense.  This is truly frightening.

Let us now talk about “judgment.”  I know the social ism these days is to not render judgments….out loud anyways.  You’re a bad person if you are standing in judgment of anyone or anything.  Most are completely unaware of the world they live in and are too busy with mind-numbing entertainment (en-train-ment of the mind) to even care.  Ironic since this is the “Information Age!” that we, as a society, don’t utilize this amazing internet tool for our betterment.  Instead, we’re content to subsist in a factless world full of useless opinions that no one really cares about anyways.  This has become the illusionary “me” generation.

Tonight, we’re going to set the record straight and get clear on the differences.  To exercise “judgment” is to show reason: The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions based on provable facts.  To employ judgment is to show wisdom, logic, and common sense founded on proof.  I cannot stress this enough.  I would much rather know someone’s judgment than their opinion.  The sound of the word judgment feels harsh because that’s how we’ve been trained, which is what you do to animals incidentally.  You and I have been steered away from critical thinking.  To believe that by showing judgment for someone/something would not only reflect negatively on us, but it’s not our place or responsibility to judge.

For the record, I’m just as guilty of falling into that trap as you are.  Our ability to critically analyze has been quashed using social pressure to create insecurities in speaking up.  From this day on, I’m going to be more confident in expressing my judgments and not be so quick to share unfounded opinions.  We have to make the switch in our brains and rewire ourselves if we’re to live and function discerningly in this world projection.

This particular topic is worthy of further exploration.  All I can really do here is plants seeds and encourage you to dig deeper into subjects that interest you.  

Action Steps:  Show “judgment” in all things without fear of speaking the truth.  Think twice, however, before sharing your opinions.  They just may be unsolicited anyways.  Namaste’


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