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Policing the WATER supply…..The Fluoride Deception.

Policing the water supply2

Where to even begin on this subject.  As I’ve researched a great many topics over the years, I’ve tried not to participate in the fear aspect this contrived version of reality.  It’s so important for us to keep things in perspective and rise above these antics, not getting caught up in the chicanery.  Human as I am, this topic angers me to the point of making my blood boil.  Assuming you are aware of Agendas 21 and 30, (if not, look it up.) and understanding the global elites have been actively engaged in population control since the first engineering of mankind.  I’ll not touch on all their methods during this post, but will be focusing only on water contaminants as one method of what’s called, a soft kill.

Today, I read an article that literally had the veins on my forehead popping.  The CEO of Nestle Corporation, Peter Brabeck, has been very clear about his position on charging every single person for water.  It’s his belief, and he speaks for many of the globalists, that it is not our inalienable right by virtue of being on this planet, that you should have access to water.  NO!  We should be charged for every single drop we consume.  They, however, own said water and we are required to purchase it from them.

To some degree, I thought we were already being charged whether it’s bottled or comes in the form of a monthly statement for water and sewage.  So yes, we are already paying for that which we have a right to by virtue of being born on this planet, but Brabeck wants to tighten the squeeze.  In their attempt to privatize the world of all natural resources belonging to the planet & its inhabitants, the war for the great water grab is on.

Americans are blithely unaware of just how far these self-proclaimed elitist will go to exert power, control, and dominance over the entire world.  If you’re under the impression that total domination can’t and won’t happen in this day and age, then you haven’t been paying attention and have fallen prey to their mind control propaganda.  There is not one single time in the history of mankind where a king or ruler hasn’t exerted control over the populace, eventually bringing them to destruction. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana)

The criminal Bush family owns approximately 300,000 acres of water, 100,000 acres just happens to be in Paraguay over the largest aquifer in the world. Why do you ask?  The plan is for these global capitalists to suck us dry of water, then sell it back to you and I (starting with the locals).  Texas oil tycoon, T. Boone Pickens Jr. goes on record saying, “you will pay for water or do without!”

It’s not just the issue of having ample water supply for every man, woman, and child, it’s also what’s in our water that’s in question.  There’s been a “Fluoride Deception” taking place since the 1940s & America is 1 of only 11 countries that FORCIBLY fluoridates its citizens against their will and without consent. (This happens to be a violation of the Nuremberg Law, which states no experiments upon any person without their consent.  This is considered a war crime.)  All other countries know that fluoride is toxic to the body, destructive to the teeth, and man is it making people complacently ignorant. Fluoride is a neurotoxin.  It’s killing our mental capacity and causing brain damage to ourselves and most especially, our children.  In the last 2 decades, our children have become unable to read, write, and hold focus unless they’re playing a video game of course.

The following countries are forcibly fluoridating their citizens:  Australia, Brunei, Chile, Guyana, Hong Kong, Irish Republic, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and The United States.

There are a few recommended resources I’ll leave with you.  The first is a link to a YouTube documentary discussing the medical dangers of fluoride.  Also, Jesse Ventura has covered water issues on his show “Conspiracy Theories” on TruTV and I highly recommend viewing the entire episode.  He’s going into how the U.S. has been siphoning water from the Great Lakes and towing it to CHINA in huge bladders.  This is happening in our own backyard people. What’s next?  Are they planning on charging us for the poisoned air we breathe? (Yes, they’re poisoning our air too. We’ll cover Chemtrails vs. contrails another time).  Don’t be naive or think if you meditate every day and focus on happy thoughts that this world will magically become a better place overnight.  It won’t!  We must resist this tyranny and restore balance to our world, and that requires you and me to stand up and draw the line in the sand.  Silence is consent.  The sociopaths running this planet are hell-bent on destruction, power, and control and they’re doing a damn fine job of it.  Therefore, we must be about unity, creation, integrity through truth, and most importantly, right action.

Action Steps:  I have 2 resources to start you off with.  Click on the link below for the start of your fluoride deprogramming.  There’s a great deal of information on the harmful effects of fluoride out there, so get started.  Secondly, watch Jesse Ventura’s research on the water conspiracy.  He’s done the bulk of the work for you to take advantage of all the information he’s put together for us. Namaste’

Jesse Ventura’s investigation on our water supply

Fluoride: Poison On Tap – Full Documentary

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