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Reincarnation or Recycled Souls

I’ve wanted to do this piece for quite some time in the hopes of helping us identify the differences between whether or not you’re being reincarnated here on Earth with full disclosure and of your own free will and choice, or whether your souls trapped within the projected holographic matrix and you’re being recycled back to Earth as a Sirian resource under a veil of deception.

I have 3 main concerns for every human on planet Earth:

1.) The warped way in which babies are conceived and the unnatural prenatal care and birthing process which has raised the infant mortality rate significantly. This drastically affects the consciousness that enters into the body and lowers its frequency. (For more in-depth information on conscious conception and proper natural prenatal care and delivery, research Jeanice Barcelo at

2.) The orchestrated holographic projection humanities presented as reality which isn’t real at all. Therefore, naturally leading us to false perceptions of this realm and alters the way in which we view this world and therefore maneuver our way through it. In short, what we think we know about this world is not the truth at all.

The third concern I have, and this is a doozy, is what we’ll be addressing here today:

3.) The false misperceptions of death and the way in which we transition into the next realm. Today we’re going to challenge the theory of “the light tunnel” and review why we need to take a second look at this crossing over directive.

If all of these processes have been altered, and not for our own highest and best good, why then would we have any reason to believe that our death process is anything but unnatural and controlled as well?

First of all, there is no death. Only a transition of energy from one state to another.

Principle #3 of the 7 Hermetic Principles: The Principle of Vibration: Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates. (see Kybalion)

Science has now proven that the moment the last breath is taken, the spirit, which they’ve measured at 21 grams, leaves the physical container. So where does it go?

There are many people that have had near death experiences aka, NDEs, and they’ve all recounted basically the same stories. There was a tunnel of light. They were usually met by a loved one, even a pet, or a spiritual figurehead like Jesus. They felt at peace with crossing over. But, ultimately, they’ve said that they didn’t want to come back but felt obligated, like they had unfinished business here. We hear accounts of Karma that needs to be repaid or that maybe they need to deliver a message.

It has been said that whatever beliefs we have at the time of physical death, are the beliefs we carry over with us. That in no way proves these beliefs to be right or wrong. It’s simply programming we take with us.

I hope it goes without saying, that from this point on, nothing can be proved or disproved. This is food for thought and ideas that should be considered in lieu of the current religious model constructed out of fear for the soul with a long-term slave agenda.

I’ve worked with people for many years that like to recount their experiences from different lifetimes, as though reincarnation is some sort of badge of honor. The more lifetimes they’ve experienced, the more advanced and knowledgeable they believe themselves to be.

This manifests in the idea of “having an old soul,” which therefore implies wisdom. We assume that because someone is old, that makes them wise too. And, if you’re soul’s old, that makes your soul really wise. Well, I know plenty of people that are old, and wise they are not. Where do people come up with this stuff?

In fact, I’ve become convinced that the more reincarnations you’ve had, the less enlightened you’re likely to be. Otherwise, you wouldn’t keep getting looped back into this Sirian control grid.

So, let’s talk about how this looped reincarnation prison is likely to be happening and how we can escape “The Soul Catcher” upon crossing over.

When I was a small girl, around the age of 3 or 4, I remember looking out my bedroom window, up at the moon one evening, and wondering if this is all there is to planet Earth. As a volunteer or starseed to this planet, everything was strange about the Earth matrix and was extremely confusing to adjust to in every way. The moon seemed to be partnered with the Earth somehow but of course, I didn’t know the details.

I’m going to present some ideas about the moon that might be foreign to you, but I’m going to ask you to remain open and most importantly, do your own research. Of all the research you will ever do regarding the Earth matrix, freeing your soul will be the most important knowledge you gain.

As with all things, the moon is not what we’ve been told. We do know it’s not a natural product of our solar system nor is there a reasonable explanation for how it came to be in its location relative to the Earth. (read “Who Built The Moon?” by Alan Butler. Also, study Zulu mythologies)

This hollowed out and abandoned Sirian spacecraft was turned into a recycling center for souls many centuries ago. (refer to the Wes Penre papers)

How are they doing this you might ask?

Immediately following the physical body’s last breath and the soul has detached from its life cord, (hopefully that’s successful) the soul is said to see a tunnel of light, and is usually met by a known figure, pet, or personality, which is meant to bring the passing soul a feeling of familiarity and comfort. They’ve heard this scenario a million times throughout their life so upon seeing this presentation, a recognition that you must be in the right place makes you feel at ease. And because of these factors, the passing soul doesn’t question the reality being presented to them.

However, just as the Earth is a controlled matrix, so too is the matrix in which we pass into.

The passing soul hasn’t questioned the reality in which they just came from, so why would they challenge the new realm they’re being presented with? The passing soul usually follows the greeter willingly and is sucked right back into the recycling center.

The Sirian overlords must have your consent, conscious or unconscious in order to take you in. Remember this!

The recycling center is a controlled environment but you do experience slightly more freedoms. Limited manifestations happen because working only with the light body gives you the ability to exercise your innate creative powers. This is your natural state, however, you’re in a controlled matrix, even in death, so you will remain limited albeit slightly more free than you were.

At some point, you’ll be ready to come back to the Earth but must go through a mind swipe process before incarnating into your next physical realm. The mind swipe chair spins incredibly fast inducing amnesia and erasing all memories. This is called a “mind swipe.” You are born as a seemingly blank slate with the inability to recall anything from the past.

The more times you’ve been reincarnated, the less likely it is that you require respite from your previous life. In other words, once you pass from the death experience, you’ll get placed right back into the next available body heading back to Earth. This is the perfect slave resource. No questions asked, no fuss, you’re already conditioned to the protocols, and are now on autopilot.

This my friends is the true meaning of a zombie. (a corpse said to be revived by witchcraft. Living dead, undead, walking dead, soulless corpse.) If you’re not in control of your soul, you are a zombie. What you need to do is ask yourself is, if I’m not in control, “who is?”

I hear a lot about Karma. People saying they’re here on Earth to work out their karma. What a load of cosmic crap they’ve been sold. Do you really think you’re responsible for working out karma that you can’t even remember? How much sense does that make? I get irritated when I hear stuff like this because logic has been completely thrown out at this point.

If you look at the Sanskit meaning of “Karma” – it primarily means “action.” Many South Asian religions and philosophies have altered its meaning and connotation over time to mean “destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.” It is the result of an action and is not good or bad. Karma is not a punishment, it’s a natural consequence AND…is immediate and swift. Nowhere does it say in any ancient texts, that Karma is a prolonged consequence that is to be doled out over lifetimes.

Principle #6 of the 7 Hermetic Principles: The Principle of Cause and Effect: Every cause has its effect; Every effect has its cause. (see Kybalion)

Would a just God or Universal force require penance for actions you can’t even remember doing? In case you’re confused about the answer, it’s NO!

“Dreamworks” film production, depicts a boy hanging out on the tip of the moon with a fishing rod. Last time I checked, there are no fish in the sky. So, he must be fishing for something else. Now, this is certainly not scientific proof but I hope you’re wondering why they would choose this logo? Is this Hollywood merely being creative or as with all things, are they trying to tell us something more?

So, what do you do when the Angel of Death arrives?

First of all, there is no time. So, you are not required to make a decision upon crossing over as to where you want to go. Don’t feel pressured to follow the holographic greeter that appears as a loved one. In all reality, it’s probably not them at all.

This is going to sound counterintuitive to what you’ve been told, but you need to turn away from the tunnel of light. Think of the tunnel as nothing more than a trick.

Next, you must connect with your higher-self or sovereign soul. If you’re not used to doing that on the Earth, you may find this part a little trickier. Only because this idea may not be at the forefront of your mind and passing over can seem overwhelming. It will be a new environment. However, this is essential and the highest aspect of our consciousness, which is who we are at the core. You are entitled at any time, to bypass the ego, the personality, and connect with the ALL.

As you do, your Higher-self will guide you as to where you should go. If you consciously opt for going through the tunnel and inevitably back to the Earth, you’ll be doing that with consciousness and can opt out of the mind swipe. Be sure you inner-stand, there is only one destination…Earth! You are not required to honor any soul contracts at any time. You’re not required to do that today since it was done under a veil deception.

Because the Sirians did not perfect the tunnel technology, you will see dark holes in the walls of the tunnel. It looks like swiss cheese leading into the deep dark void. It is through the holes that you may choose to slip through a hole, into the void, and be open to an entire Omniverse of options. As long as you stay connected to your core essence, you will have many opportunities to experience unknown worlds. You get to choose with full consciousness.

The Sirians are not the only nefarious species out there that want you as energy food and a working resource. Any options for different star systems should be made with full awareness and disclosures as to any and all contracts required or not. Muy importante! Very important! Sehr wichtig! Tres important! Is that clear!?

I’m sure this is new information for many of you so you may need to sit with this awhile and God willing, do your own research on the matter.

This is a slave planet. Your soul is inhabiting a container made up of trillions of CELLS meant to tie you down. Your freedom isn’t automatic the moment you die. You are required to free yourselves here, in the flesh, through knowledge. Once you have obtained that, crossing over and breaking free from this orchestrated holographic matrix will be the last piece to this puzzle. You are then truly free to go wherever it is of your own free will and choice.  Now that’s freedom!


Action Steps: Read the Kybalion. Study the Wes Penre Papers. Connect with your sovereign soul. Free your soul!

12 Responses to Reincarnation or Recycled Souls

  • Excellent post! After reading it, you can almost feel your paradigm shift, especially when you realize it all fits together. This makes more sense than what we’ve been told, I mean, sold.

    Nice work, Galactic Story Teller!

  • hi benevolent gal!!!….pigeon here.
    I dropby to share & let ya know that I also burnt tons of midnight oils on Wes Penre papers website & his recent youtub channel…and even tons & tons more of similar channels & websites on the Net for the same purpose and I’ve also weekly practiced/rehearsed the entry into one of those “dark holes in the wall of the tunnel” and ultimately jump into the dark void which Wes penre called “The KHAA” at my death moment.

    I noticed in your blog, they were your great details/insight/analysis which I love to listen & read and delight with every words you used in your narration & wrtting……
    So please keep up YOUR GREAT GREAT WORKS because for the truth seekers out there (including me) your insights from research efforts provided the ultimate knowledge for escaping the eons & eons of horrific slavery on this endless dramas & suffering prison planet earth. (I’ve been thinking of joining the army somewhere and return to the astral to dismantle/destroy once for all evil empires of anunnaki/Lucifer/Yabadao/archons/spirit guides….ect….)

    Eternal thanks
    p/s: if I ever won a big lottery, you are among the first to receive a princely sum for your fantastic benevolent efforts.

    • lol…That’s very generous of you. I appreciate your support and your warrior spirit. This a spiritual battle and we have to be ever vigilant on all fronts, the most important being, our individual fields. So glad to see you’re alive and well in all aspects. Not many are intact these days. I work in the etheric field so I know the work you’ll do will make an impact, even without dying. Although it is tough to be here.

      • Great post. Very insightful. I’ve been studying wes penre papers and found your blog while doing deeper research. this resonates with everything that I’ve ever felt. Always felt like a prisoner in this body made of CELLS . The evil in this Earth was always too painful to witness especially when I was little super sensitive empath but everything make sense now.

  • I really enjoy your YouTube videos. I also watch Dan at the OverWatchProject and listen to David Icke and Tom Campbell a lot. I have been studying for years whether Jesus Christ ever existed. The more I read, the more I find Jesus Christ was a myth. Could you prove in a court of law that there was a Jesus Christ?

    • Hi Jake,
      Thanks for your support. And “NO!” I couldn’t prove Jesus ever existed and am of the belief myself he’s a myth. I do like Dr. Richard Carrier’s work and get a kick out of listening to him dispell these religious myths and Christian academics by bringing to the forefront, unanswerable questions.

  • Great Post! The only thing is that it is not a good idea to enter the tunnel at all. Many say that once you are in you cant get out. Best is to actually go in the opposite direction to the tunnel of light. Apparently you hit the net around the earth and past that freedom.

  • hello, my name is Shamron Nichole Church. I’m not UP on the lingo/terminology, so please be patient with my eagerness/willingness to learn. Please guide/correct me wherever deemed necessary. wen i became a truthteller, my family stopped talking to me. so i have been seeking more truths. since i was small i was inspired by the Love of Jesus Christ nd have lived my entire life serving nd loving others. my Mother nd i was captivated by the several conformations u gave. so far, my fav was the one regarding Satan nd the amount of power he has over us( only as much as we allow) my Mother nd i literally stumbled upon ur video(some would say “it found us”). we r interested in raising our awareness nd vibration, but r brand new on the subject of chakkras nd cleansing, etc. my Mother has seen the unseen relm more than i, my birth father was a pastor of the Baptist Church. they have been divorced for about 20 years. after viewing a few of ur videos i’m hooked.. besides the above mentioned,, i believe there is a demonic entity next door to us. thank u for ur knowledge nd sharing with us. we will continue to explore ur web pages for the lovely morsels of awakening.

  • If you want to know who Jesus really was, or about the TRUTH of Creation, read Alien World Order by Len Kasten. Best Book Ever !!!!!!!!!

  • After death do we ever reunite with loved ones

    • It’s possible but not probable. Just as you don’t have conscious memory of any previous existences, prior to being here now, you will likely not remember this one or anyone from this dimension in the next to come. It’s a part of the cosmic matrix but not part of your consciousness.

  • Wow, is this true, this is some of the most powerful radical thing i have read in my whole life. Thanks for this great knowledge, it gives me motivation to know that there is life after death. Lots of philosophers and thinkers talk about it

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