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Sex: Is it Slutty or Sacred?


Have you ever considered what makes the act of sex perverse vs. sacred? Isn’t an orgasm just an orgasm? Maybe. Why do so many religions preach sexual abstinence as a way to maintain spiritual purity thereby drawing closer to God? Does a marriage license really make the difference between possibly being a slut vs. a righteous soul of integrity? Where do such philosophies come from and do they have any validity, especially in this day and age?

Society is inundated by sex, sexual imagery, nudity, subliminal messages, innuendo, jokes and so on. It’s everywhere we look. On billboards, the news, music, books, TV, every movie including the evil empire Disney where they blatantly target our children with the intent to pre-sexualize.

Why? Because “they” know the power of SEX. This is about way more than feeling good for an hour.

Entertainment knows how effectively sex sells. They can take a stick of gum, and through sexual imagery and suggestion, make you horny as hell. How many of you are aware of the Samsung commercial using a dog’s swinging backside, luxurious red fur blowing in the wind, and sultry music to sell a phone? Since when are dogs sexy and what does that have to do with your cell phone? Absolutely nothing!



Some of you may initially think this type of advertisement is funny and of course, you don’t take a sexy dog seriously. But have you considered the idea there may be something a little deeper going on with it? This isn’t just about one single commercial. This is about the perpetual embedded sexual implications, in this case, of bestiality in a non-threatening humorous way, going straight into the subconscious mind via your relaxed beta brainwaves deliberately induced by the television.

For what purpose? To twist and warp your ideologies of sexuality, moving it further away from its sacred functions and purpose.

We’re going to explore some physiological aspects of the orgasm, as it relates to the pineal gland’s (spiritual center) relationship to the reproductive organs, in the hopes that we can more fully inner-stand the connection to one’s spirituality since the often times twisted and perverse biblical interpretations don’t seem to be making an impact on humanity’s lack of moral compass, no thanks in part to the entertainment industry.

For the time being, we’ll bypass ecclesiastical examples of morality since I’m having a hard time naming just one church organization NOT tainted by gross sexual misconduct and illicit improprieties.

The angle we’re exploring is what happens energetically, within the physical body, when it’s brought to climax. I’ll not be covering the astrological influences on the body’s distribution of the “holy oil” but for a more in-depth look, please research Santos Bonacci.

Once a month, each of us secretes an oil by the cerebrum from the holy claustrum. This “holy oil” meaning “Christos” in Greek, is released from your brain, traveling down the spine via the Ida and Pingala nerves, also known as the kundalini and kundabuffer, which travels downward towards the sacral plexus, the point of our sexual energy.

If this holy oil is expended via the spilling of the seed through orgasm, it’s considered wasted and vital life force energy is lost. It takes a full month, or moon cycle for the body to create more “Christ oil” and try again. If, however, the oil reaches the bottom of the sacrum and is preserved, the oil winds its way back up the tree of life, the spine, following the path of the kundalini energy, and is returned into the brain creating the “God brain.” (This is the shortened version on the mechanics of the “holy oil.”)

This oil then lubricates not only the pineal and pituitary glands, but lights up the optic thalamus, known as the “light of the world.” Spiritual illumination is achieved. (Can you hear a choir of angels rejoicing!) Millions upon millions of dormant brain cells are now activated and the true spiritual self-emerges. Sacred knowledge locked within the brain is released and the perceptions of this reality as well as other dimensions expand. This is why it’s called the “God Brain” and why you see pictures of Jesus with the halo of light around only his head.

For those of you who have studied trauma-based mind control, surely, you’re aware that the programming of one’s mind is accomplished most often through physical torture and sexual abuse. The child will be sexually stimulated, via electrodes or some other type of stimulus, to bring the child to an orgasm. At the very moment of climax, the programmers, handlers/abusers, will embed a suggestion or command straight into the subconscious and fractured mind.

There’s an opening that naturally occurs within the subconscious mind as well as the electric circuitry of the body’s magnetic system that happens at the very moment of orgasm allowing access at the deepest levels of the mind during this time. Age is of no consequences for this process.

This is a very powerful state of being and should not be trifled with.

Let’s first go over the deeper consequences of being a little on the slutty side. This will apply to all beings, man or woman and you get to be the judge of your “ho-ometer.” When a person engages in loose or flagrant sexual acts with partners they do not love or are not married to, both partners open themselves up to a lower vibrational experience which can bring with it a whole host of problems.

The “holy oil” is needlessly expended through the sacral area, never making the journey back up the tree of life, depriving the God Brain of its full power. The spiritual center, the pineal gland is now without its sacred lubrication and does not function according to its full spiritual capacity. Moreover, the individual is now open in their energy centers (chakras) as well as the subconscious mind to an imprinting and or take over from energies/entities that are probably not welcomed.

Example: If you’re masturbating through fantasy or having sex in the bathroom at a club, what kind of energies and imprints do you think you might be picking up and hosting? These imprints can become habit forming, even addicting, and before you know it, those are the energies that become comfortable through familiarity. These imprints stay with you unless otherwise expelled or transmuted.

More than risking communicable diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and a bad reputation, you’ve temporarily lost the most sacred power of your physical and spiritual bodies. The programming that has now been embedded into the energetic bodies, is one of not being able to say no and express self-control. This lowers self-worth, stifles creativity in the sexual center, and negatively impacts the heart. The deepest recesses of the heart center are exposed because “just sex” is never just sex.

Worst case scenario, sexual addiction is not just a physiological effect, but it involves entity takeovers that crave the sexual experiences of being within a host body. Because it’s not just you trying to get these urges satisfied, it can feel like an insurmountable monumental task in trying to subdue the sexual drive once it’s out of control.

The sexual experience is meant to extend far beyond the functions of the crotch.

Whereas I’m not an extremist, I do experience sacred sex and the God Brain as attainable even when the holy oil is released through the sacral center and not just for the purpose of conscious procreation.

When two partners are in a loving committed relationship, such as marriage or the like, the energy vibration is more controlled in terms of the “love space” when engaged in sex. I’m referring to the loving energetic connections the committed partners have created with one another. This is the sacred love zone which shall not be breached by outside people, forces, entities, as well as inter-dimensionals desiring gratification.

The Taoist believe that during intercourse, the man draws his power from the woman during the orgasm and the woman draws her power directly from the Universe as she climaxes. In this, a symbiotic relationship is created and the powers of the Universe are accessed and imprinted within the couple.

Envision if you will, all energy centers aglow as these powerful love vibrations light up the magnetics of your entire system. As the energy flows down through the body and back up again through the tree of life, the spine becomes a shaft of light and shoots up and out into the universe where the energies oscillate.

Because the nervous system innervates the spinal column, every deliberate touch and caress, every kiss, becomes magnified and the body’s natural magnetic field becomes substantially more electrified.

What a beautiful and powerful creation process when inner-stood and practiced with deliberate mindfulness. When a vow of abstinence is taken, you will likely fail or become twisted in the mind unless this powerful energy is knowledgeable and mindfully directed. I would imagine this could play a role in why many priests and clergy become sexual perverse. I think there’s ample evidence to support the notion that they don’t have any better a handle on their temporal impulses then the average fallen heathen.

Other than sex being dirty, shameful, and a sin against yourself and God, (“next to murder in the eyes of the Lord” according to the Mormon church) I never learned anything about the wondrous world of my body, it’s true relationship to the spirit, sex, and the Divine in church, did you?

This powerful, yet misunderstood and without a doubt, misused force we call “SEX” is tearing apart the moral fabric of humanity. The truly shameful part is, it could be the most glorious way for us to connect with our highest-self and show genuine love and respect for one another. Maybe that’s why the oligarchs have perverted its power so callously.

Action Steps: Study, contemplate, and practice sacred sex. Look into Santos Bonacci’s “The Sacred Secret of The Christ Within.”

(Please adapt the particulars to your own situation as it’s unreasonable for me to cover every exception to the rule of thumb regarding the way you partner.)


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