Redefining Reality by Decoding Illusion

The Horse’s Mouth

The following page is presented as a culmination of information and facts straight from the Horse’s Mouth.  I have selected a collection of quotes from world leaders, philosophers, theologians, researchers, pop icons, and humanitarians who have played a significant role in shaping the world as we know it. 

As an independent researcher, I’ve frequently been baffled by the overwhelming evidence that our world is run by primary and secondary sociopaths.  However, twisted they may be, they have been telling the world all along what their plans and agendas are.  You cannot say we haven’t been warned.  The question is, are we listening?

I included “The Horse’s Mouth” as part of my site because it’s vitally important for you to get it straight from the source.  This information isn’t coming from me.  I’m merely collecting their words and presenting them in a central location for you to see for yourself what the proverbial “THEY” have been telling us.

If you haven’t read my post on “The Ugly Facts on Gossip,” you should turn back now and do so before proceeding.  What we are covering in The Horse’s Mouth, are ideologies from those we have supposedly selected to be in charge of this world and knowing exactly who they are is vital to decoding our reality.  I would also recommend you read “Opinion or Judgment” so that you can innerstand the difference between the two and read the following quotes with a judgmental mind. 

Although many of these quotes are tough to swallow, I have included inspirational words as well.  When we look at truth, as unpleasant and shocking as much of it is, remember to keep your consciousness focused on the freedom that comes with becoming more aware.  This will help to offset the discomfort some of this information may bring. 

Remember the TV campaign that was shoved in our faces for decades, “knowledge is power?” This is certainly true so use this information to further open your eyes by becoming more savvy about decoding the world you live in. 

Yes, there are a lot of quotes and I’ll be continuing to update and add to the ever-growing list as time passes.  Consider this list the Reader’s Digest version of history, politics, literature, religion, and so on.  If you don’t know who someone is, use this as an opportunity to look it up and expand your knowledge. 

As the wise and infamous Shakespearian saying goes, “Don’t shoot the messenger!”  With that, I give you…… “The Horse’s Mouth.”   

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