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The Importance of “Mentalism”



Over the last several years as the New Age Movement has continued to spread its Satanic tentacles, a lot of emphases has been placed on the importance of gratitude and the role it should play in our lives.  In this, I agree.

I do have my own 2 cents to add to this most important attribute as to why it’s essential to not just have gratitude when we get what we want or when things seem to be going our way.  In the instances when our deepest desires are fulfilled or we’re greeted with an unexpected and delightful surprise, it’s very easy to be in a state of gratitude.

How many of us can hold this attitude when things aren’t going well or as expected?  It’s much trickier to be grateful when feeling run down, overwhelmed, depressed, worried over finances, relationships, children, or emotionally fragile in some way.  This, however, is the exact time when we need to take command of ourselves, redirect our attention (thoughts), and mentally make that shift.  The last thing you want to do is let those types of emotional frequencies spiral out of control or overstay their purpose.  

 This is the first of 7 principles in the Kybalion: “Mentalism.” Here’s a little secret I’m going to share with you… your thoughts are not secret and if you want to grow as a being, you must become aware of your mind and learn to consciously direct your thoughts.  We only grow, stretch, and develop as individuals and societies when we overcome and master ourselves.  This is certainly not an easy task, especially in the beginning, but life doesn’t need to be as difficult as we’ve made it by walking around asleep.

There is no easy out but self-mastery eventually becomes less difficult…such is the nature of why you’re here in Earth school.  It’s a balancing act and learning to master the “Self” requires awareness and discipline….in that order.

Most of us are familiar with the Law of Attraction and the basic principle of “like attracts like.”  We know that what we focus on we create more of.  Changing focus from a perceived problem towards a more favorable outcome does not suggest apathy, neglect, or denial.  Could it be that by changing our perspective and the direction of our energies that we may just invite a resolution at a faster more favorable pace?  The discipline and control it takes to change our thought processes and emotional thermostat requires the highest level of awareness and practiced vigilance.  Every thought vibrates at a particular hertz, just like each person.  Negative thoughts vibrate at slower hertz thereby traveling at a slower pace.  This means, of course, the more positive the thought and emotion, the faster the vibratory rate.  Your task is to consciously condition your mind as a large part of your magnetic field, to transition its entire signature into a higher, faster acting vibratory.  As you learn to do this through practice, manifesting what you want does become easier and faster.   

This change won’t happen overnight.  In fact, just settle in for a lifetime of practice.  Although this might sound off-putting to some (procrastinators) you can either do it now or come back and do it later.  My question would be, what’s the point in waiting?  You might as well get over your laziness now and just buckle down now.  Make the most out of your time here and now.  Like most things, putting it off doesn’t make it easier, it actually makes it harder.  How many times do you want to be recycled back to Earth!

As a rule, we’ve all been steered, since birth, towards unprecedented laziness as a people. Initially, the hardest part will be to recognize in the moments of distress, that you need to change your attitude and take control of your mind.  My suggestion is to plan ahead.  Make it a habit to identify ahead of time, what it is that’s bringing stress.  Is this stress justified and appropriate?  It’s at this point we’re more easily able to declare the glass to be half full and not the other way around.  Your mouth can not smile and be pissed at the same time.  The two are psychologically linked and even a forced smile will become authentic in just a few short seconds.  Try it!

Action Steps: Formulate a plan ahead of time for what makes you smile.  In those uncomfortable moments, when appropriate, focus on gratitude and see the good in your world.  To get started on your journey of conscious “Mentalism,” read and study the “Kybalion” if you are so inclined.  Namaste’




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