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The Naked Table

The Naked Table2


As I’ve said many times before, regular self-analysis is essential for making sure we’re on the right track and following our own path, rather than being a manipulated mind controlled corporate propaganda slave.  You might not think you can be so easily influenced and controlled, but corporations…and that includes governments, spend billions of dollars on herd research so they know exactly how to target the masses and steer us in the desired direction. In fact, the more you protest that you can’t be manipulated and mind controlled, the more likely it is you’re still deeply programmed.

As individual and independent as you claim to be, how does one assess whether you’ve fallen prey to the marketing ploys of said bloodthirsty corporate wolves?  Well, here’s one way to find out.  We’re going to grab a good old-fashioned piece of paper and pen, and make “The List.”  As we itemize our purchases, I want to encourage you to be honest with yourself about whether each item is a want or a need and who told you which was which.

Let’s start with your home.  Obviously, we all need a roof over our heads, but are you overextended or upside-down on your mortgage?  Does more than a third of your monthly income go towards your shelter?  Let’s consider the kind of vehicle sitting in the garage.  You may look great in your car/truck and it might get you from point A to point B, but are you under undue stress to make the monthly payments and how did you come by selecting that car?  Ask yourself how you would feel driving around a less expensive albeit just as a reliable ride?

Just for the record, I’m not hating.  As a Taurus/Leo, I love and appreciate surrounding myself with beauty and can shop with the best of them.  I’m encouraging us to review why we’ve made particular choices and challenging whether or not it was made by a conscious you or sub-conscious something else…?  Now add to your list, which name brands your closets filled with.  Why have you chosen those particular hygiene products?  Take a look at your profession and ask yourself why you take orders from a bureaucracy designed to keep you jumping through their hoops?  Would you find more passion in working for yourself doing something you love?  What’s your favorite color and why….favorite tv show, movie, books, music, food, and so forth?  Why are you wearing your hair that style, have piercings and tattoos, and maintain certain religious and political beliefs?

These are hardcore questions worthy of the most thoughtful introspection.  The answers to all those questions are, “NOT YOU!”  Everything on that list is everything you are not.  Now comes the hard part of this exercise.  Ready? Close your eyes and imagine a long table in front of you.  Put your car keys on the table because we know you’re not the car you drive.  Your vehicle is no more.  Now, put your house on the table because we know you are not the house you think you own.  (We’ll pretend for a moment that size doesn’t matter;0)  Next, take all the clothes out of your closet and pile it on the table, including what you’re wearing. Yes, you’re now standing butt naked and completely open because you are not the clothes you wear.  Girls, take out the extensions and peel off those fake eyelashes.  Put all body jewelry and accessories on the table.

Next, stack your relationship partner on the table along with all your children and any pets you might have.  Hopefully, by now, you’re understanding that these things do not define you.  Here’s an ultra-tough one, take all your educational degrees off the wall and throw them on top of the huge pile along with your religious indoctrination and cultural traditions.  Everything on the list goes on the table for you are none of those things.

Lastly, step out of your physical body and throw this complex organism at the very top of the heap because you are not this meat suit either.  As you stand completely stripped down of all external commercialism, definitions, and labels, ask yourself, “what’s left?  Who am I underneath all this illusionary distraction?”  What’s standing, is the real you.  I’m inviting each of us to uncover the real essence of who we are, then unleash this most important discovery of truth in the world.  This is real transparency and hopefully, after this exercise, you’ll be more aware of when you’re being targeted by propaganda and can more easily sidestep the baby rattles they entice us with.  After exposing the core of your infinite consciousness, learn to see others for who they truly are minus all the stickers they walk around covered up by.

Action Steps:  The Naked Table Meditation.  Namaste’


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