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A New Earth

the new earth


If you’re paying attention to the world around you, there’s a change in the air that most can’t quite put their finger on.  While billions of people worldwide hustle about their daily minutiae, focused on paying the monthly bills, who won the Superbowl, raising the kids, and mulling over evening TV options, a smaller fraction understands to some degree, that something deeper is shifting on planet Earth. What exactly is going on, causing some people to remain completely oblivious to the world they think they live in, while simultaneously many are becoming hyper-aware that something’s afoot in the ethers?

With over 400 billion galaxies that we think we know of, Earth has been under constant watch from both our genetic engineers as well as off-world beings for hundreds of thousands of years, maybe even millions.  For the first time in Earth’s history, our planetary body is literally shifting her vibration frequencies.  OMG!  What does that mean?

Because we are all energy sequences vibrating at a rate of 7.83 Hz and raising, which incidentally happens to be the exact same frequency as Mother Earth, when She shifts and moves, we are pulled right along with her.  As Earth is undergoing this unprecedented change of Her nature being split, travelers near and far are observing to see what will happen to Earth and her inhabitants.

As a researcher and observer of mankind, I look around and can’t help but wonder if the occupants of the car next to me are mindful of these massive shifts, or at the very least, experiencing an inner feeling of upheaval and uncertainty in the world that surrounds them.  The old Earth remains in a downward spiral of violence, control, apathy, and locked in the clutches of FEAR.  This slow moving energy has crept it’s way thru to societies world over and has the bulk of humanity handing over their freedoms, their ability to make sound choices, and most importantly, their ability to think and feel for themselves.



Humans have moved further and further away from the remembrance of who they truly are and as long as they remain asleep, fear is their ruler and they will be tied and bound into the third dimensional Earth until such time as they awaken and take 100% control over all aspects of themselves.  This must be, even if it takes you more than a few lifetimes to achieve this knowledge.

Fortunately, portions of humanity are waking up at lightning speed.  For those of us who are aware and have chosen a life of consciousness, balance, love, and justice we get to experience the shift with Mother Earth as she ascends into her fifth dimension.  To more fully understand what’s been happening on Earth, we must first familiarize ourselves with 2 essential laws of physics.  First: like attracts like.  Second: energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only change its composition.  Therefore, human structures, on an energetic level, must either stay with the old lower vibrational Earth or split into the fifth dimension of ascension.

Those who are paying attention are actively raising their vibrations through knowledge.  Living from a higher state of mindfulness assists in deciphering our world projections and how we navigate our circumstances.  A key point to bear in mind; no unresolved Karma can exist in the new paradigm if you are to make that shift with Mother Earth.  You must transform your lower energies into a lighter hertz via joy and “TRUTH.”

Although it may appear we walk side by side those in the third dimension, you may notice relationships, jobs, and those in the lower frequencies drifting out of your life due to a lack of similar resonance.  Since “like does attract like” it’s important for you to align yourself with like-minded people who support your journey of discovering a truthful existence….if possible.  If not, then go it alone.  Your higher self will take you where you need to regardless so enjoy the ride.   

Action Steps:  Pay extra special attention to what you’re seeing.  Observe those people and events that drag your energy down and notice how easily such things can move away from your own paradigm when it is not complimentary.  Explore “YOU” as Infinite Possibilities of Consciousness. Namaste’


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