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The Shower Shield…..



I’m going to assume that showering or bathing each day goes without saying, so I’m going to share with you a quick easy way to protect yourself energetically, physically, and spiritually before heading out into a world of radiation and electromagnetics.

We are all electrical beings, vibrating our own measurable magnetic signature.  This includes but is not limited to, our auric field, our denser physical structure, our subtle energy bodies (chakras), and our mind.  Water, of course, is the universal solvent and the best cleanser for our entire being inside and out.  So, let’s get started and learn how to use it for protection and rejuvenation.

First of all, make sure you’re not bathing in a water where fluoride has been added.  Hard to do when it’s city water but look into a great filtering system so you’re bathing in the cleanest water possible.  Reverse Osmosis is my best recommendation.  If you’re bathing, let me introduce you to “Bob’s Red Mill” baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).  This is a wonderful medicinal tool for consumption, topical use as a poultice, toothpaste, and soaking in the tub.

Let’s get started!  “The Shower Shield” is the mixture of energy cleansing and protection thru the mind in combination with the best most compatible aide…. “WATER.”  For myself, I like to do this exercise after I’ve gone through my washing routine so my body and hair are nice and clean.  I stand under my shower head, facing north or east.  In my mind, the water represents white gold light flowing thru my energy field.  I see in my mind, this warm cleansing light washing and re-energizing my physical body while washing away any sticky residue or energy attachments within my auric field that may have slipped through my force field and attached itself from daily interactions.

Visualize and allow the cleansing waters to rinse away all physical dis-ease, negative thoughts, entities, and all electrical frequencies that are not you.  In your mind’s eye, watch all residue detach from yourself and wash right down the drain.

In a previous blog, I introduced “The Violet Flame” as a protection shield.  I use this method myself quite often, especially when I’m showering in the morning and will be out and about in the world.  There is another shield I use more often that is attuned to the frequency of my personal energy signature.  I typically use a white gold energy orb around my field but would encourage each of you to find the color that resonates best with your signature.

Each color provides a particular frequency that can enhance, protect, or maybe fill in the gaps if you’re experiencing a deficiency in that code, so be sure you’re following your intuition on what’s going to be in your highest and best good.  Example:  My husband loves cobalt blue and uses that often to protect himself and our house.  

CAUTION: If you are not checking in with yourself and overdosing as it were with a particular frequency, you can create a noticeable imbalance within your system.  If this occurs, you can always call upon The Violet Flame and realign all energy bodies.  Whether you’re entering your day or retiring for the night, be sure you’re protecting yourself and taking the time to clean your subtle yet powerful energy centers just as thoroughly as you do your physical body.  It’s quick, easy, and effective.   

Action Steps:  Develop a regular habit of cleaning and fortifying all aspects of your being, not just your physical body.  During your daily shower routine, practice the Shower Shield as a great way to wash away all unwanted attachments, just like you’re washing away the dirt.  Enjoy!


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