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The Smiling Meditation….:0)



Hi, readers around the world.  I wanted to share with you a delightful meditation that evolved a few years ago and every now again I throw it into the mix of my disciplines. It’s called “The Smiling Meditation.”

So often in meditation, the mind is actively engaged in an intention for the meditation.  This is especially true if you’re doing a guided visual meditation.  The opposite is true if the objective is to let the mind go blank.  This often times ends up as an epic fail.  To “let go” and expect the mind to become blank, is asking it to go against its nature and usually turns out to be more frustrating than effective.  It’s no wonder people give up and quit.  To expect this of the mind is unrealistic.   Mastery of this kind usually takes many years, and even at that, I don’t think pure nothingness of the mind is achievable.  I’m not sure I want a mind of nothingness.

Amidst the mind’s busyness, a guided meditation’s objective is to hone the focus on such things as forgiveness or love for ourselves and others.  Healing an ailment, manifesting our soulmate, or maybe wanting to attract more abundance into our world are also popular meditation focal points.  These are all worthy of our intention and energies, AND, it falls under the “do” category and not the “beingness.”

Today, I’m going to suggest that we just BE.  For your next meditation, we’re going to focus on “smiling.”  Smile at everything.  Place your attention on your feet and smile.  Slowly move up your beautiful legs and smile.  That’s the only task.  As you continue through every part of your body, focus for a moment on each organ and simply smile.  No matter what comes up, even if it’s a perceived negative experience, judgment, or emotion, it’s surfacing at this particular time for a reason.  Look at the experience, make a small mental note so you can come back and revisit the issue at another time, smile at it, and keep moving.  Sometimes issues will surface when a feeling of safety is there.  Your subconscious may feel safe in letting an issue peek its head through if there’s not a threat of vulnerability at that time so don’t be surprised if this happens.  For now, your objective is to smile, even at the uncomfortable things.  

I would especially encourage you to spend a few extra moments in the areas you may not be so thrilled about.  For example: if you’re experiencing an opinion of your thighs, spend some extra time smiling at this special part of yourself.  For those with physical ailments and considerations of any kind, imagine yourself grinning from ear to ear at these areas that typically receive the bulk of our negative attention.  It’s not good for us to feel so negatively about any part of us.  It might initially feel a little strange to now smile at your thighs, but if you’re going to change your perceptions, you must do it from the inside.  Over time, you’ll adjust.  Feeling good in your own skin feels a lot better than despising one’s self.   

What I think you’ll experience is an inescapable smile on your physical face.  You can not have a smile in your heart without your entire body responding.  This is a great way to enter into sleep, especially if your days been particularly challenging.  It’s also a great way to start your day before exiting your bed.  Carry throughout your day, a smile in your heart.  I think you may find this delightful meditation will stick with you long after you’ve completed it.

Action Steps:  Put on some beautiful music, go within, and smile until your cheeks shake;0). Namaste’ 


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