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The Ugly Facts on GOSSIP!!

Gossip is a curse


I’m sitting here at Paradise Bakery trying to enjoy my lunch, and the insatiable gossips behind me have inspired today’s post.  “The ugly facts of GOSSIP.”

This is perhaps one of the sneakiest, most malicious, curses we can do to another human being.  You read that correctly, GOSSIP IS A CURSE.  You may not be brewing a witches potion or consciously casting a spell, but make no mistake, gossip is absolutely a curse.  You know this in your heart to be true or else you wouldn’t pray for yourself or on behalf of others.

Gossip is a prayer in reverse.

When we pray or send out a blessing or an intention, we do so because we’re expecting at the quantum level, for those prayers to be answered and the goodness of the Multiverse to be bestowed upon that person, object, place, or event.  Since energy can neither be destroyed or created, it restructures its form and shoots through the atmosphere under command of its next destination thru creation.

The smallest measurement of particle yet to date would be the picometer, which is a 1000x smaller than the nanometer.  Dr. Masaru Emoto has spent decades researching the effects of thought, sound, music, and the written and spoken words have on water.  Under a high powered microscope, Dr. Emoto has documented the molecular changes water goes through each time it’s exposed to a different vibration (sound or influence), this includes thought and words.

Water is the universal solvent and our bodies comprise upwards of 75% water.  When we pray, it creates a physiological response in our cellular tissue that expands, lightens, and raises in vibration. (Dr. Bruce Lipton of “Biology of Belief” explains in scientific terms how and why this is).

Since early childhood, I’ve been able to see and feel some of the more subtle energies, including but not limited to auric fields.  Certain images appear in my mind’s eye, I call it my mini-movie, allowing me to see and know certain things.  When someone is gossiping, instead of sending the love, light, and wonderful blessings of goodwill, a dark, slow-moving goo heads right for the targeted person, place, or event.  This goo, as I see it, is heavy in nature and attaches to the individual like an anchor.  It not only creates a heavy emotional feeling for this person but has a physiological effect as well.

When this slow-moving goo attaches to our auric (energetic) field, our entire system is pulled down in vibration.  The ripple effect this has on our spirit demands that it responds in kind.  Most people do not have the conscious wherewithal to understand the disastrous consequences of gossip.  When we engage in speaking ill of another, we are saying, “I wish these negative things upon you.”  This energy is now set into motion, fulfilling said outcome.  Why on Earth or in the Heavens would you be so destructively cruel?

My intention is not to empower you with a dastardly weapon of a quantum portion, but to encourage you to think twice about what you’re contributing to.  Are you a destructive force in the Multiverse or a positive creator that can handle the responsibilities of contributing to the healing of our planet and all its inhabitants?  You must understand that these thoughts go into what I call, “a collective energy vat” where it then evolves into physical form.  You can’t just go around thinking and saying things willy-nilly and be so ignorant as to think there are no consequences.  We think, therefore we effect.  All actions whether individual or from the global collective began first with a thought. “In the beginning, there was the Word.”   Please think twice before opening your mouth.  It really does make a world of difference.

Action Steps:  Study Dr. Masaru Emoto & Dr. Bruce Lipton.  Namaste’

If thoughts can do that to water, IMAGINE what they could do to us…



Scientific proof thoughts have form    


Science & spirituality are not separate



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