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Traders or Heroes? (Whistleblowers!)

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For the past several days, I’ve uncovered some incriminating information about our government and the world we live in.  And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I’ve pulled on a thread that’s been quite overwhelming, highly disturbing, and just one more nail in America’s coffin. At this point, I’m not ready to go into that information because it’s a leaked classified document from 1997 and I still need to wrap my head around it before I participate in sharing it with the world.  However, it brings to mind something I’ve reflected on in the past a great many times and feel particularly inspired to draw attention to at this time; Heroic Acts!

Acting morally, ethically, and even legally is not always an easy thing to do and yet many have paid dearly for their courage just for the possibility of a wrong to be made right.  Most citizens are blithely unaware of the tremendous prices that many have paid on their behalf.  Mostly because they’re too busy trying to keep up financially, are more interested in the tv, or so dumbed down they don’t have the slightest clue that our world’s in serious jeopardy.

Under this current presidential administration, there have been more whistleblowers charged with treason, than all other administrations in US history combined.  Of the 11 cases, 7 have been under Obama’s dictatorship.  Disclaimer: Although I believe many of these cases to be in the public’s best interesting in being brought to our attention, I do also know there are some government dis-informant agents with an agenda to mislead.  Always always always corroborate from multiple credible sources wherever possible.

As government racketeering spins more and more out of control, individuals from all alphabet agencies are turning whistleblower, so the average Joe, not privy to the inside, can have a better understanding of the crimes, cover-ups, treasonous acts, and misconduct perpetrated by our elected officials.  From (ex)military personnel, domestic and international journalist, corp bankers, ex-Illuminati, and so forth, these people and their families have made incredible sacrifices that you and I might be brought a little closer to the truth.  These acts of bravery and patriotism, once promised protection from a campaigning Obama (go back and check his own words), has now prosecuted more federal employees, under The Espionage Act, then all other presidents combined.  Apparently, this promise applied to most, excluding the intelligence community.  I’m sorry, but isn’t that the exact place we should have someone looking out for the public’s best interest?

Exposing a worldwide cartel with more money than God is not only risky but you’re pretty much signing your own death warrant by defying the system. Not long ago, we talked about the prostitute archetype and I asked you to consider, at what point you would compromise yourself?  Although it’s unlikely you and I will never know the names of all those who have refused to compromise their integrity, take a monetary buy out for their silence and compliance, have spent time incarcerated on trumped up charges, or responded in some heroic act so that you and I may have just a little more knowledge, I profoundly and sincerely thank those who have.

In a world filled with ugliness and colored by lies, it’s all the more important that we give credit where credit is due.  There are those selfless few, willing to stick their necks out for the collective good, almost always at great sacrifice to themselves.  Whether you call these people heroes or traitors, I would ask that you familiarize yourself with their stories, outside of mainstream spin, and then evaluate whether or not you would’ve had the courage to pay such a high price for truth?

I’m providing a list of whistleblowers for your review.  It’ll be up to you to research each individual and their story.  Just a reminder, you can’t see the entire 1000 piece puzzle from flipping over one piece.  You must consider each of these individuals as a single thread in the global tapestry.  Only then will an accurate worldview begin to emerge.

A small list of notable whistleblowers, in no particular order, and definitely not listed according to importance: (I realize I didn’t mention Edward Snowden.  He’s not the only one and I’m not 100% on board with him being legit.)

1. Jeffrey Sterling
2. Daniel Ellsberg
3. Dr. William Thompson
4. Susan Lidauer
5. Stefan Kruszewski
6. Mark Whitacre
7. Jeffrey Wigand
8. William Binney
9. John Kiriakou
10. Bradley Manning

There are countless other heroes, of which we will never hear of, sacrificing on our behave.  I wish I could name them all, past and present and give them a personal thank you.  For now, start with these individuals.  They each have a wealth of information to share with us all.  Don’t let their sacrifices be in vain.

Action Steps:  Spend at least 10 minutes in meditation/prayer sending genuine feelings of gratitude to all those in the Universe that have acted heroically in some way on your behalf, even if you don’t know their names.  Remember, they didn’t know yours when they put themselves on the
line for you.  A simple thank you will go a long way.  Namaste’



“The Government Turned Me Into a Dissident”


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