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Trendsetting is not something to aspire to, for more often than not, it requires one to pander and compromise oneself at some level.  (Read; The Inner Prostitute!) This is what we call the “Prostitute Archetype” and has nothing to do with sex.  Neither will we be covering fashion trends or anything deemed popular, although you’ll find plenty of selling out in these genres.  What we’re covering today, is when life requires us to stand alone in our choices.  This can be a very isolating road and why many will choose to compromise rather than to go against the grain.

Like everyone, I’ve had many changes coming at me recently and needed to take time to consider circumstances and options.  I was recently involved with a new company that from all appearances, seemed to be a really good idea.  Having an entrepreneurial spirit, I love to take a concept and develop it thru to fruition.  The idea of this company was to gather a group of natural/alternative practitioners and intuitives to create a place where one could choose a more natural means of health from a variety of modalities.

In concept, this seemed like a great opportunity, especially as Obamacare continues to tank.   However, what I found were a group of baby healers, charlatans, and lying gossipers more interested in egoic games.  As I continued to participate and observe, it became blatantly obvious that many, not all, things were not as they seemed and this was not the caliber of people I wanted to be associated with.  There were problems in the inner group that included bad-mouthing, negative entities, and gossip.  (Read; The Ugly Facts of Gossip) The more I showed up for their meetings, the more I could feel and see this was not where I needed to be.

The day prior to their big launch event, I pulled out as a speaker and rendered my official resignation.  I sent a 6-page email detailing my experience of them and why I would no longer be affiliated with their group.  This was a hard letter for me to write as this was a fairly large group and I had no idea how a move like this could potentially affect my future, if at all.  I do not like confrontation and had no idea what the ramifications could mean in terms of future clientele.  I just wanted to slip away quietly but alas, that was not to be.

I had been told by a few members, that a verbal malicious maligning had been launched at me, (all of which I could feel) and I felt compelled to set the record straight.  After submitting my email and severing ties completely with this group of so-called “enlightened healers,” I felt a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  Less than a month after my resignation, I was contacted by 2 members of this organization stating they and 2 others besides themselves, have now left due to similar experiences with this company.  I was so grateful to hear from these people whom I always had positive interactions with.

My point in sharing this experience is not to badmouth this company, which will not be named, but to talk about the importance of acting in alignment with your higher-self even if you’re standing alone at the time.  One of my favorite quotes comes from Gandhi, “Even in the minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”  It was not my intention to lead people away from this phony and guileful clique.  I was acting alone and no one knew of my intentions to leave since I’m not inclined to gossip and didn’t really know any of the other participants.

As with most everything in my life, I have been the lone pioneer and what it’s resulted in, is breaking down molds and pathways for people to realize they can do the same.  This has caused much scrutiny over the years and left family and friends initially in a state of bewilderment at the time, only to have a better inner standing after the fact.

One of the most challenging aspects of humanness is finding that balance of mind and heart.  Learning to “trust” ourselves is not an easy thing to do, especially in the beginning.  However, not listening to my gut has NEVER worked out well for me.  Although I’ve never sought after being the front-runner, it always seems to end up that way.  Kicking down proverbial doors and creating new pathways can be a lonely road but what we’re here for is growth thru experience.  Get comfortable with yourself so the aloneness becomes preferable to the cost of pandering.  I may never win a popularity contest but it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever compete for one.  We’re all here to learn the human experience.  I make decisions based on provable knowledge while considering my heart influence.

Navigating life from this space facilitates the maximum from each experience without getting stuck on the karmic wheel.  I’m doing Earth one time then getting the hell out of Dodge.  Does it take guts to be the lone wolf?  You bet!  But if you don’t, you’ll be repeating these lessons one way or the other until you get it right.  It’s an adventure to trust in yourself and whether you figure that out now or put it off until later, you’ll still be required to get there.  So I say, just man up and do it now.

Action Steps:  Shift your life into bypassing the opinions of others and make your own decisions based on hardcore facts and your intuition. You just might find you prefer being in charge of your own life.  Namaste’



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