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Turn it off…..Discover the Silence!

Turn it off


Amidst all the hustle and bustle of everything we fill our lives with, it’s increasingly important that we schedule a time to be in stillness and silence.  Although I am no longer religiously indoctrinated, I do consider the best of the various theologies and have developed a discipline that I feel supports my own spiritual growth.

One of my all-time favorite scriptural passages is, Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I Am God.”

For those who have come to the knowledge that they are the embodiment of the Divine matrix, the microcosm of the macrocosm if you will, this passage is truly profound.  Everything you will ever need in terms of wisdom and guidance can be found here, within ourselves.  There are indeed, many wonderful gurus that have elevated humanity and have steered global consciousness through their wisdom.  However, you will have no greater master than the one that’s inside of you, the heart and mind of the Multiverse.  Each one of us has direct access to the “Information Field” and are entitled to partake equally.  Despite the magic tricks major religions have tried to fool you with, no one has the Divine right to rule over another, and they are certainly no more entitled to spiritual privilege than the rest of us.  Sorry, Pope and Prophets.  Nobody needs you to absolve us of our mediocrity.

Entitlement is not the deciding factor on who is “enlightened” and who is not.  A much larger component is self-discipline and opportunity.  We’ve become a society geared towards filling every moment with abstract stimulation of some sort.  Whether it’s tv, radio, music, or a social engagement, we’ve turned stillness into this uncomfortable and unnatural state.  Quiet is now a rare commodity and in this day and age, we have to make it happen.  As a side note, filling the silence is actually an addiction.  (NO, you don’t need drugs or a 12-step program for that…just self-control.)  Research shows we are creatures of habit, dependent on routines and stimulus.

Ask yourself if you’ve ever been so overloaded with noise that your automatic response is, “I can’t hear myself think!”  That’s no joke.  When we have excess energy waves streaming toward us from outside sources, these frequencies are literally disrupting and causing interference with our energetic fields.  Picture if you will, that you are a radio station.  Your body-mind spirit emits a signature wave that’s unique to you.  Changing the dial changes the station frequency.  The results are an entirely different message that is now being broadcast.  Our brainwaves work the same way.  That which is outside ourselves causes interference with that which is within.

I’m not suggesting monastic feats of silence, that’s not practical with our current lifestyle.  I am, however, suggesting that we spend time training our minds the way we train our bodies.  Navigating the terrain in our minds is a practice we’ve not been taught.  This is wildly unpracticed and we need to bring the pendulum back to center.  Ironic when being with ourselves should be the most natural state there is.

Learning to be in silence can be disconcerting for those who are unfamiliar with their interior self.  Turning off all the distractions leaves you only in the company of you.  If you don’t know who you are, the light and the shadow side, you will look for ways to fill the silence by keeping yourself distracted with a never-ending “to do” list.  Whether you call someone, text, check your email, or jump on Facebook, these are all highly effective ways to fill your space with frivolous distractions that take away from spending time with yourself.  If you can identify, then you need to prioritize making a date with yourself vs. needing to see the latest movie.  You are more important than any of those distractions and worth getting to know.  If you can’t stand your own company, how in the world can anyone else!  Bottom line is if you can’t hear yourself think, then…..Turn it off!!!

Action Steps:  Make time every day to turn off all distractions and be with only yourself for at least 15 minutes.  If you’re cringing at that suggestion, you better make it 2 hours!  Namaste’



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