Redefining Reality by Decoding Illusion

Two Wolves

Two Wolves


I’m going to reiterate our basic understanding that on a quantum level, like attracts like.  Whatever we focus on, is inevitably what we’ll create more of.   Along with our journey of unveiling truth, we’ve discovered that it’s not always an easy pill to swallow and I, as just a messenger, am not looking to be lynched.  One of my assignments here in this Earth projection is to transform these lower vibrational energies and to guide and direct them in a new higher state of consciousness.  Remember, energy can not be destroyed or created, it can only be reformed.

As we continue to unveil the hidden truths of dimension and the infinite energy source that each of us is, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news contributing to the illusion of doom and gloom.  Instead, join with me collectively on transmuting the vibrations from a lower frequency into a higher state.  Picture if you will, a sliding scale.  On one end is pitch black darkness, the other is pure radiant light.  Our task is to move through the different layers until we reach the radiant light.  If uninterrupted, a thought frequency, good or bad, will continue moving throughout the Multiverse at an unchanging vibratory rate unless influenced to morph into something else.  That’s our job!  To transmute its original form from a lower vibratory state into higher frequencies, even though it’s already been put out into motion.  

One of the reasons awareness of truth is so vital, hard as it may be, is because we have the power to alter the vibratory rate.  Think of this as a redirection if you will.  If we interrupt and change the scaler waves moving through the multiverse, then have the power to redirect the outcome.  This is an incredibly simple explanation of a complex process but ultimately, that’s pretty powerful stuff!

Since like does attract like, we have an opportunity to participate in this fear-based totalitarian agenda frequency or chose to shift out of fear, lifting ourselves through the truth of knowing this world has just been presented as a holographic experience and we’re not buying into the baseness of a 5 sense reality perception.

There’s an old Cherokee proverb I’d like to share with you that illustrates this point simply yet profoundly:


One evening this grandfather says to his grandson: there’s a battle in each one of us of the 2 wolves.  The Evil wolf is anger, false pride, jealousy, fear, hate, ego, lies, sorrow, envy.  The Good wolf is love, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, joy, peace, benevolence, serenity, hope, and kindness.  The little grandson pondered these words for a moment then asked, “Which one wins?”  The wise old grandfather softly replied, “The one you feed.”


Burying your head in the sand doesn’t make our global problems go away.  Our silence is our consent and interpreted as compliance with the current status quo.  As we awaken, we have a responsibility to take action and effect a real positive change.  Your thoughts and energy can and does make a difference.  As we unmask the lies and deceit of this world, I invite you to join with me in transforming these energies.  We do make a difference.  

The Evil wolf may be all around us, but we have a choice on whether or not we will join them or rise above….. and never the twain shall meet.


Action Steps:  Pay attention to the world you live in.  I know you think you walk around in a conscious state, but start looking at the world through spiritual eyes, not just your physical ones.  In a loving meditation, gather all fear based energies from the crying children of the world and hold them in a loving embrace.  Hopefully, you’ve been practicing the Violet Flame meditation.  This is an opportunity to wrap each child in its protective field. Protect your energy field first, then reach out to the world.  Namaste’

Legend of the Two Wolves

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