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Urgent info….”FunVax”

Fun Vax2


Throughout my years of research, there have been plenty of jaw-dropping cover-ups and discoveries that have changed the way I see this world projection.  As I’ve sifted through our “revised” history, mythologies, religious texts, and all the mis/disinformation on my quest to collect the hardcore facts, the picture has not always a pretty one.  In fact, it’s been downright ugly and why I’m now convinced the general populous willfully chooses ignorance.

I’ll be the first to admit, truth sleuthing can be overwhelming, leaving one feeling vulnerable, like sheep to the slaughter.  Sometimes it does seem easier to lie to ourselves by burying our heads in the sand and pretend it’s not happening, then to look evil square in the eyes and realize we’ve all been severely hoodwinked.  Tonight is one of those times.  I’m not sharing this with you to make you feel vulnerable.  The primary goal is to ultimately empower us all through awareness.  Our only shot at saving ourselves is by inner standing what’s happening in our world so we can come together and reclaim our sovereignty.

As most of us have become aware, the globalists want us dead and are sparing nothing at achieving their agenda.  They have poisoned our air, water, food, medical treatments, education, minds, and our bodies.  In their self-proclaimed superior minds, no price is too great for total control of the planet and all its resources.  

Government scientists have now discovered “The God Gene,” which they’ve named “VMAT2.”  Whether you believe in a God, a divine essence, or are an atheist, science has proven that the pineal gland, or third eye, tucked deep within our brain, is the center of spiritual connection, intuition, psychic ability, and enlightenment.  Its physical shape resembles a pine cone which is why you see religious edifices and relics adorned with this symbol of “illumination.”  (Illuminati, are you getting this? Look at the Vatican).

After the 911 fiasco that brought this fake war on terror to the forefront, these globalist have been shoving their fear propaganda down our throats and we’ve stood by & let them.  Most of us understand our beloved Constitution has been hijacked under the guise of terror and now the globalist scum have gone to the next level in creating an airborne vaccine that kills the god gene.

Everyone has this gland but at least 50% of the population has an active pineal gland, or what the Pentagon calls an “overexpression of the VMAT2.”   The “FunVax” as the Pentagon has aptly named it, has been designed to target religious fundamentalist with the objective being to “eliminate this behavior.”  Once this religious vaccine invades the pineal gland, it completely quashes the sensation of pleasure, intense beliefs (say goodbye to your respective faiths), spiritual enlightenment, and feelings of euphoria.  Instead of feeling peace and hope when reading your scriptures, meditating, or engaging in your practices, you will now be filled with feelings of disgust, displeasure, and discouragement at the very thought of a God.

 Our government has already released this virus in the Middle East and I’m not entirely certain if they haven’t released it on us.  I’m definitely open to feedback on this one.  Since we do not have transparency of government, it really is up to us to come together and open source what we know.  We outnumber them and that’s exactly what they’re afraid of.  (Look into the Georgia Guidestones and Agenda 21 & 30 for further information on depopulation.)

Over the history of Earth’s various civilizations, empires have been built and they’ve all been destroyed.  We find ourselves at a pivotal time yet again, where they are literally hell-bent on destroying the Earth and all its inhabitants.  Millions are dying right now and we may just lose millions here at home.  If “they” have it their way, we’ll lose over 7 billion people by 2030.  In all of this, there remains an immutable fact, humans are resilient.  Earth has gone through at least 3 cataclysms and still She reterraforms.  It’s not, however, without great effort and comes at a tremendous price.

Losing your spiritual connection is an enormous ordeal.  It is the epicenter of who you really are.  These globalists obviously don’t have an engorged pineal gland despite the fact they think they’re the illuminated ones, or they wouldn’t behave so inhumanly by attempting to deprive us of ours.  Whatever they do, humanity will rise up again.   If we weren’t so powerful, they wouldn’t be scared of us and work so diligently to destroy mankind and their creative powers.

Action Steps:  Research the leaked material called “Pentagon Briefing” Killing the God Gene VMAT2.  Share this with everyone. 



Secret recording of DOD briefing for destroying the God Gene


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