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Walmart shopping & Xmas


The holidays are upon us which means one thing…..epic CONSUMERISM!  The streets and stores are jammed with crazed shoppers, hustling about in a frenzy, trying to track down the best deals, and items are flying off the shelves faster then they’re stocked.

As for me, it’s the eleventh hour and I haven’t even started my shopping.  I’m feeling very disenchanted with our current world state and I’m having a difficult time getting on board with the commercialism of the holiday.  Each day, I listen to the plights of others not able to pay their bills, some can’t afford food, and by the end of the day, I’m exhausted by the idea of entering crazy town and spending money on items that were most likely made by a small child in some slave factory in China who works 19 hours a day, sleeping with their head down at a workstation just so they can contribute .80 a day to the family budget.

I did some research on this slave ship of a company and was not impressed with how Walmart offers lower retail wages to employees than most stores.  Walmart has been a leader in setting the pace for cutting employee hours down to part-time, hiring more pt employees to fill in the gaps, and dropping the benefits for those lucky enough to still hold full-time positions.

Sam Walton, the original owner seemed to be pretty vigilant about keeping his stores on the level.  He stayed competitive with local retailers and tried to keep stocked with goods made only here in America.  I’m wondering now if he’s turning in his grave at what his 6 heirs have done to his stores in the name of a buck.

Walmart is currently facing a lawsuit for sexual discrimination against 1.6 million women.  That’s insane!  Upper management has admittedly stated that women typically have not held higher positions within the company but this has not been done consciously.  Their store employees are well below the national average for income level and Walmart now imports more than half of all their stock from China.

Walmart alone has the financial ability to help increase our economy by supporting its own employees and moving back towards more full-time opportunities with benefits.  So why won’t they?  They refuse since this will obviously redistribute a few million dollars out of Walton’s fat pockets, to be dispersed amongst the store slave’s meager earnings.

Wise up people and realize if you took a stand, as a whole, corporations like Walmart, now subsidized by the government btw, would never get away with treating their employees and these sweatshop workers/slaves in a subhuman manner.  We teach others how to treat us.  These corporations act like this because we’re allowing it, grateful for every crumb and scrap they offer the average Joe.  If we weren’t, we’d do something about it.

I know money’s hard to come by in this economy, I’m feeling it too.  However, there is still a lot of opportunities available, so go create yours.  I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do about Christmas this year.  I may just come up with a creative alternative to this beautiful season and focus on the joy of the lights, yummy baked treats, time with my family, and last but certainly not least…the music!

Action Steps:  Think twice about how you spend this season, where you buy your gifts and why you’re participating in this commercialized paganism in the first place.  For the Christians: I’m sure Jesus will not have his feelings hurt if you choose not to overextend yourselves by wracking up credit card debt that’ll take at least the next 6 months to pay off.  Maybe we need to move away from the commercialism of this wintery time and focus on inviting closeness of family time….Just a random idea.  Namaste’


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  • Good article. I live in Canada and we just started the black Friday sales here. Since our Thanksgiving lands in the first Monday in October, Christmas has never been a big production like it is in the States. Sure some parents will kick, punch and wrestle themselves over the latest must have toy for their kid to have. But that doesn’t happen often and not in all of the cities in Canada. When we do have our black Friday sales they are take compare to yours. We only started black Friday sales here in Canada, to keep the consumer dollar here at home instead of sending our dollars to the US at that time of the year. In fact Christmas shopping doesn’t gear up until after Halloween, when I was growing up it didn’t happen until after November the 11th Remembrance Day. But if you want to know the truth Boxing Day sales are big here, the day after Christmas when you can get the gift you wanted yourself that day and on sale.

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