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What exactly is a Conspiracy?



Why does the very sound of this word connote such a negative response?  This one word has the power to shut off brains, strain relations, & destroy nations.  It’s obvious, most people don’t fully comprehend what this word means & why the media jokingly taints people from considering that those in authority over them just might not have the best intentions.  In fact, there may even be something nefarious in the air.  After all, America would be the first country ever, in all the history of the world, to not have a rogue government.  Highly unlikely I say.

So, what exactly is a conspiracy:  A secret plan by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal.  2.) An evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two
or more persons; plot.

Hmmmm….that actually seems like pretty easy criteria to meet.  Americans in particular, seem to have a short-term memory when it comes to our governments & our pasts.  We’ve fallen for the “revised” versions of his-story taught in school, but if one considers every government empire, without exception, in every civilization, you’ll find lurking behind them all, a conspiracy to control the slave workers & a plan to rule the world.  There’s the sociopathic ruling class, & then there’s us.  There are no exceptions.  That just may be the very first thing you need to wrap your head around.

Every administration, Democrat, and Republican alike is guilty of treason against its own people & guilty of war crimes against humanity.  By their own admission, they have been maneuvering us towards a New World Order & are telling us of their intentions, if you can decode their language.  Only the uneducated & willfully ignorant are foolish enough to believe that America is the only country to escape the desirous conspire for tyrannical rule.  We are the worst, in fact, as we scream the loudest at how free we are & militarily impose ourselves as global bullies.

Bullies bully, that’s what they do but we do not need to participate.  The elites may give the orders, but ask yourself who the guilty party really is when the ordering following military & police force are the ones carrying out illegal crimes….?  Let’s ask the German Brown Coats, who was the first to be thrown under the bus & executed?  Their Explanation of “just following orders” didn’t work out too well for them since they were the first to be executed.

It’s so easy to take the posture of passivity & even denial when we are under the illusion that it’s not affecting us directly, or so you tell yourself.  You can move about your life with relative freedom, & ease, driving to the 7 Eleven at any time for a high fructose corn syrup ladened Slurpee so why would you think you’re a slave?!   Well, the best type of slave is the one that thinks he’s free, but really his leash just might have a little more length to it.  We’re under a constant surveillance state & need permission  & licenses from Big Brother to do anything.  If you objectively look at all the facts & delve into our hidden history, can you honestly tell yourself that you’re free?

We’re standing on the precipice of losing our Constitution & my question to you is this: is it possible that two or more of the “ruling class” may be plotting against the people of the world, including here in the United States, for total power & control?  If the answer is yes, my question is then one of inner reflection.  Let us ask ourselves what each of us can do to come together as a human race & not allow ourselves to fall for this divide & conquer crap.  United we stand divided we fall.  In this holographic universe, it’s essential to understand we are not fractured as individuals so don’t allow yourselves to be fooled into thinking one man’s plight is his alone to bear.  Have compassion & empathy for the entire human race no matter what borders you think you live within.  I guarantee you the globalists consider us all as useless eaters & are using their various weapons of war against us all.  (Read your Slurpee label & then drink it.)

Homework Assignment:  The great apocalypse actually means the “unveiling,” not the end of the world.  It’s here folks so find one area of interest for yourself & question everything until you get to the great unveiling of the truth.  After all, the truth is stranger than fiction.  Namaste’


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