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When in doubt, find out!…..FreemanFly

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Because I’m not “PC,” we’re jumping right into tonight’s topic on what an uber lazy species we have become and why it is we’re content to be told what to do and how to think in every facet of our lives.  And, if that’s truly the case, one could argue that you’re not really thinking at all.  Collectively, our heads are buried in the sand and we’ve become content with the official party line because it’s just too much trouble to seek after the truth for ourselves.  We’ve become a society of instant gratification and taking the easy road.  From religion to politics, education, to health, we have become complacently lazy and easily seduced by the lies fed to us by those who are all too eager to rule and reign over those willing to relinquish personal responsibility.  My question is, WHY?

As much as I’d like to see these globalist, as well as the heads of all major religions, punished for their mountainous crimes against humanity, and they are numerous, we must accept responsibility for allowing this bullshit state of affairs to continue mounting with each generation.  We sit in front of the “tell-a-vision” so enamored and hypnotized by those worthless reality shows, produced by the controlled media, subjecting ourselves to the “programming” and mind control from those in control of the narrative.

This may not be such a bad escape from the day to day grind if it stopped at entertainment (en-train-mind…think about that), but it doesn’t.  We are surrounded by a control grid that has tentacles in all major religions, schools and universities, the entire medical establishment, and most especially, our government.   They speak to us in code words and symbols.  Because we are not symbol literate, most will take the posture of “I stay out of politics, or I’m not very religious” because it’s too much trouble to ask questions and challenge the status quo.  To say that you’re not interested in politics is like saying you’re not interested in breathing.  

If you think you’re exempt from this line of thinking, ask yourself if you do this with your physician?  I’m guessing because the white coat tells you something, you’ll take it at face value because learning anatomy is just too time-consuming and difficult.  Little do you know, that those doctors are paid “bonuses” by pharmaceutical companies to hand out prescriptions that are designed to keep you sick.  The medical establishment has no interest in curing you.  To do so would be to lose a customer.  That’s why you’re being “treated” instead of cured.  They need you healthy enough to work, thereby continuing to generate revenue, but sick enough to need their services in the form of surgeries and pills.  You are a customer, disguised as a patient.  Don’t forget that.  

Have you ever wondered why older photographs of our founding fathers and other iconic historical figures posed with one hand oddly placed inside their overcoat?  They’re sending the world a message and it’s this: while you’re busy watching the visible hand, the hidden hand is secretly doing works you can’t see.  Ergo, this is the one you need to keep your eyes on.  This btw is one of many Freemasonic signs they’re hiding in plain sight.  These hidden messages carry on to this very day and if you educate yourself on these symbols, your level of awareness will vastly expand as you decipher the news, watch a movie and tv, read a history book, and take on your own health.




Over the centuries, we have been content in abdicating our responsibilities into the hands of anyone willing to step up and take control.  Every time our history books are “revised,” which means changed and altered, do we bother asking why?  If our history is our history, why is it continually being rewritten?  It’s not because of newly discovered information that moves us closer to understanding the past, but it’s because those in control are moving us farther and farther away from that truth.

“Give me control of the economics of a country, and I care not who makes her laws.”  Mayor Amschel Rothschild.  This was not said in passing my friends, this is the literal truth of their reality they’ve created for us and we’ve just accepted all of it as unquestioned fact.  When people start to become aware of how magnificent the lies have been, many I’ve talked to have taken a defeatist posture and feel like there’s nothing they can do to make a change.  (Obama’s permanently ruined that phrase.) But this is a convenient self-lie since you are way more powerful and creative then you realize and are willing to work for.  I promise you, those in control of the matrix are fully aware of how powerful we all are.  Why do you think they go to such lengths to keep people in a state of darkness……  If you stepped into your powers, they’d have a real fight on their hands in trying to control us.  

Stop taking everyone else’s word for it and start finding the answers for yourself.  This requires sacrifice from your television schedule, a monetary investment in your re-education, and a challenge in your belief paradigm and behaviors.  Ask yourself what the price of truth is?  I’ve always said to clients I’ve worked with, “don’t take my word for anything.”  You have the responsibility to learn what the truth is so starting asking questions.  Don’t stop until you get to the bottom line.

“When in doubt, find out!”  Yes, it’s a lot of work decoding this illusionary world but the truth really is stranger than fiction and once you pull on that thread it’s hard to stop.  If you’re a seeker of truth or are simply wondering why our world has been brought to this point and want to know what we can do to turn things around, then start digging.

There is no greater pursuit than that of truth.  For this reason, I’m passionate about providing you with the experts to aid in your research.  I have a deep seeded passion for learning, a love for humanity, a big mouth sometimes, and a sincere desire to heal our planet before its too late.  To do that requires each one of us to remove the blinders and actively reconstruct our reality.  We cannot claim to be honest when we’re lazy and willfully complicit in the deceit of those we’ve ignorantly placed in authority over us.  (More on that issue to come)  Is there something stinky in Denmark?  Then start asking questions.

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