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Whose thoughts are you thinking?



From the onset, one might read the question for today’s subject and without nary a consideration, jump the gun by responding “mine, of course.”  I would argue that nothing could be further from the truth.  If we’re all honest with ourselves, each of us has many voices simultaneously inside our minds, and sometimes it gets so busy in there that we can’t even hear ourselves think.  NO, that doesn’t make us schizophrenic.

From conception, we are each conditioned/programmed by the influences we’re exposed to via our environments.  Our parents and caregivers start the incredibly long-suffering task of conditioning us to take on their version of the tribal structure, adopt said religious dogmas (usually ascribed by your geography) and conform to local customs and societal norms.  We go to school to memorize the information we’re required to learn, then tested on our saturation levels and how accurately we’re able to regurgitate said information upon demand.  If you’re a good little mind controlled slave, you get an A+ on your test….Congratulations!  You then get to move on to the next level of indoctrination.

I find it peculiar how the board of education is continually “revising” textbooks and essentially rewriting our world’s history.  This, by the way, was not concluded as an adult.  I often wondered about that at as a small child in grammar school, prior to higher education.  There is much to be learned from the untainted minds of children.

“History is written by Victors.” (Credit is mistakenly given to Winston Churchill)

When curling up with a book or flipping thru a magazine, you’re reading illusions deliberately designed to steer your perceptions.  It’s called “social engineering and predictive programming.”  Every time we listen to music and watch television, we’re downloading their information into our subconscious mind, via their subliminal messages and symbolism.  Your conscious mind is being bypassed as the unconscious mind picks up every hidden nuance.

I’m sure most of us have experienced those moments when random thoughts have popped into our minds from out of the blue.  The typical response is usually, “where did that come from?”  Most people do not know themselves well enough to recognize their own thoughts, let alone pinpoint those coming from outside themselves. 

From siblings to the schoolyard bully, we’re reared thru life inundated by the conditioning of those around us.  One of the problems is, those around us responsible for our rearing, have been conditioned themselves.  Even if you had a wonderful upbringing and a close relationship with your family, you’re still conditioned by their influence.  This programming can be positive or negative, this is not a judgment, just a fact.

From the clothes we buy with all the silly fad labels to the cars we drive, the kind of food we eat, right down to the underwear you’re wearing, I’d bet dollars to donuts you did not pick these items out on your own.  In some way, you allowed yourself to be persuaded into participating in this mind control game by buying products you’ve seen on the internet, a commercial, or because someone you know has the same thing.  The scantily clad woman on the package is used because it works and it usually has nothing to do with the product inside the package.  In fact, I bet most of us have at least one item, just sitting on the shelf, that’s never been used.  

Here’s a question for you:  What is a thought?  More importantly, what are YOUR thoughts?  Okay, I’m entirely aware there are 2 questions.  Let’s just consider them qualifiers.  Many would like to believe themselves to be unique and individual but I would argue you’re just as programmed as those you try so desperately to separate yourself from.  Until you venture deep within your mind and start unearthing the nature of your thoughts and making a conscious choice as to whether or not you’re going to continue to think a certain way or change your thought processes, you are not acting or responding from your true conscious state, but from your generational conditioning.  This is called, “accepted programming.”  In this zone, you can comfortably maneuver around your family, job, church, friends, and so forth without making too many waves.  Individual enough, but going along to get along.  This is where I find a lot of inner prostitution happening.  (Read; The Inner Prostitute for more information on this archetype.)

Action Steps:  Spend time with your mind and start learning to monitor and analyze your thoughts, dissecting where they came from.  Only then will you get to know your true identity and start to free yourself from incompatible outside programming.  For more on mind control, study The Tavistock Institute and MK Ultra.

(Warning: this can be a dangerous subject. If you feel you’ve been under any form of mind control, especially trauma based, stay away from this subject and seek help from someone trained to recognize and deal with its victims.)  Namaste’


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